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  1. I wonder if the collectibles were left out of G2 because of storyline reasons. We all know TLG did not really put much effort into the story.
  2. I'm interested in an infected hau, the black huna, the gold hau, the proto hau nuva, the proto pakari nuva and the turaga please
  3. Just as the title says, anyone have one for sale?
  4. Do you still have the exo toa and the Muaka can I see Pics? Do you still have the exo toa and the Muaka can I see Pics?
  5. This River is Wild by The Killers
  6. Granted. It works but you never know what's on the other side of doors you unlock with it. I wish I knew what to wish for.
  7. I'm interested in sets 8911 Jaller and 8923 Hydraxon. Oh and the instructions for Gresh, Kopaka, Kopaka Nuva, and Nuparu.
  8. Buyer here. Masks came in great condition! I recommend him to do business with!
  9. What about Pohatu? Assuming he survived, he was part of the rebellion.
  10. Just got a Clear Mask of Fire and an event Skull Scorpio Mask! That counts right?
  11. My first sets were Lewa and Pohatu. My first build was Pohatu. He's still my favorite out of the 2015 sets even though I own all of the Masters now.
  12. How much for the complete set of bohrok va?
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