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  1. "yeah hold on, time out, gotta stick this whole skull in my bra so i don't, like, lose it or anything." lol, jeez.
  2. Got money for me to buy 'em in black? Besides, you need all the protection you can get if you spend most of your time mining underground.
  3. Pretty weird find, lol. Wasn't Takua an Av-Matoran? This is what they would look like without using their color-changing abilities.
  4. It seems really unlikely that it would be a Russian exclusive. I have a feeling it will be in Lego stores around Fall like the Trans-Hau came out in the Spring. There've been reports of people actually getting them from countries like Germany and such.
  5. I'd probably be a seller of goods for the empire. I would rather keep my life, lol.
  6. That would be awesome. Onua as a woman as well would be the perfect mother figure.
  7. I think Korgot being female is pretty awesome! As a cis-female, I'm glad to see how TLG is moving towards women equality.
  8. Merci! Yep, pretty much thigh-boots. Thanks a bunch, hun!
  9. Hello, folks! What's a better way to start off my first post on BZP than a MOC? 'Er she is: FRONT BACK Criticisms are much appreciated! 'Cause everything's a working progress.
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