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  1. IC: Gabriel Bliss & Jimi Stringer - Time to Finish Things With Stringer in the lead and Flames close behind, the trio made their way deeper into the heart of the Starwhale. OOC: Zippy hasn't posted in a while. I'm not sure how far we can realistically get without her, if she doesn't come back. =|
  2. IC: Gabriel Bliss - Starwhale Bliss shook his head wearily, "We'll cross that bridge when we get there." Taking the cuffs, he bound the two groaning pirates and stood back up. "Guess we'd better follow Mister Hazard," he said, gesturing after the advancing Stringer. "We need to finish this, and fast."
  3. OOC: I still check in from time to time. IC: Gabriel Bliss - Forgive & Forget Is Hard After another moment of glaring at Stringer, Bliss turned to the younger Hero. "We should probably cuff them so they stay put and then notify Stormer and the others so someone can move them where we can keep an eye on them. In the meantime, we've still got to get to the bridge..." Bliss trailed off as he fiddled with the cuffs at his waist. "Blast, looks like mine must have been damaged in that collision. Yours still work, Flames?" IC: Jimi Stringer - No Big Deal, Right? Stringer left the other two Heroes to their cuffing business and began cautiously moving further down the hallway.
  4. IC: Preston Stormer - With Anxietyman "If anyone did, it was the bad guys," Stormer told Sprocket. "An old friend of mine decided to use the 'overkill' button on his weapon. Whoever captured the Starwhale is likely in a coma by now." IC: Marrowling - Cheeeese, Gromit! The Marrowling coughed sheepishly. How could it tell Mother it needed more than old metal and breadcrumbs? It needed Quaza! Fresh and wonderful Quaza crystal! But Mother would not understand, no. Mother did not eat Quaza like Marrow did. Mother would think it was silly. The Marrowling crept forward through the tunnel and out into the basement of Hero Factory. The hunt was on. IC: Gabriel Bliss - This Kinda Hurts A few blurry moments passed before Bliss found it within himself to crawl slowly back to a sitting position and inspect the damage. The wingpack was completely unusable, so he popped all the pressure seals and disconnected it from his back with a sigh. "Gonna miss you, buddy," he said, laying the wingpack off to the side and looking around for his sword. It was laying just a few meters away. After retrieving it, he turned to Stringer. "What in the Universe were you thinking, man?!" IC: Jimi Stringer - Hehe, Whoops "Sorry about that, dude. But hey, look on the bright side! The pirates are down for the count!" Stringer pointed proudly at the groaning four-armed pirate. This did not ease Bliss's glare.
  5. IC: Preston Stormer - Hey, I Know That Sound... "He didn't?!..." Stormer said to himself, barely believing the sound he'd just heard. But there was no mistaking it. He pulled up Stringer on the comms, "Stringer, ARE YOU INSANE??" IC: What's Left of Bliss - Supreme Ow Bliss, still somewhat dazed from his own clumsiness, was picked up by the afterwave of the sonic blast and once again rammed headfirst into the wall, the damaged right fins on his wingpack shredding and tearing off completely in the process. IC: Jimi Stringer - Heh Heh, Whoops Stringer scratched his head thoughtfully. "Musta forgot to take reverb into account in here..." He winced as Stormer began yelling into his audio receptor. "Hey, calm down man! We're fighting pirates here!" IC: Marrowling - Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Marrow looked at the floor sheepishly and began chirruping in its horrible stilted screech (as quietly as it could, of course). Yes, it should have told Mother earlier, but there was so much food inside the Factory! Just imagine if they found a way in. They'd never be hungry again!
  6. IC: Preston Stormer - =| "I'm sure everything will work out in the end," Stormer lied. IC: Jimi Stringer - Hungry For Justice Soup "Bring it on!" Stringer yelled. Now that Bliss was conveniently out of the way, there was nothing holding him back. He turned a knob on the side of his blaster, setting volume to FULL. "THIS IS GONNA HURT!!" Stringer screamed in his most metal voice and pulled the trigger. IC: Dazedriel Blitzss - ?? ??? Bliss crawled back to his feet slowly, gingerly feeling around the fresh dent in his helmet. IC: Marrowling - Belly of the Beast The Marrowling whined gratingly and flapped its bone-quills at the Mother to keep things quiet. This was a delicate hunt!
  7. And now, a massive Sentient energy spike in your area!

  8. IC: Preston Stormer - someonehelpwhatdoidoplz ... IC: Jimi Stringer - Risky Business Stringer inched closer, bit by bit, trying to get a clear shot past Bliss. It was too risky to fire a sonic burst with the other Hero directly in the way. IC: Gabriel Bliss - Check This Out Seeing the hit coming just in the nick of time, Bliss fired his wingpack in a semi-circular dodge to get around behind the pirate... forgetting the holes Flames had blasted in his right-side wings. Bliss went careening sideways and slammed into a wall, dazing himself badly. IC: Marrowling - Makuhero City Makuhero City was especially quiet tonight. The hunt was good when it was quiet. The Marrowling crept slowly up from beneath the Hero Factory, from the tunnels below the surface, and into the feeble moonlight. Yesss, the scent of Quaza was in the air. It could taste the sweet, sweet energy already. The Marrowling began to open up the tiny passage into the Factory's first basement floor it had been digging for the last several weeks.
  9. IC: Preston Stormer - HQ Stormer tried to give Sprocket an awkward pat on the shoulder. IC: Jimi Stringer - Starwhale Shootout "Yeah!" Stringer yelled. "Take him down, Flames!" Turning his attention to the nearer (and bigger) pirate, he began trying to line up a shot, but Bliss was in the way... IC: Gabriel Bliss - Starwhale Beatdown As the pirate recoiled, Bliss sent a surge of burning light down his blade and made a swing at her torso with the flat of the blade, hoping to send her sprawling.
  10. OOC: Me neither. IC: Gabriel Bliss - Late Bliss hissed under his breath as several of Flames' shots punched through the wings on the right-hand side of his wingpack. That rookie was cutting things a little close. Seeing aforementioned rookie making a break for the smaller pirate, Bliss tried to sidestep into the space between the big pirate and Flames, but still caught a bit of one of the cutlasses opening a long gash through his shoulder plate. He retaliated with a shove to (hopefully) throw his opponent off balance and open her up for a better attack. IC: Stormer - HQ "Yeah, well, we don't know anything about these pirates, so they might have just taken him hostage, but-" he tried to sound a little gentler here "don't keep your hopes up too high, kiddo."
  11. IC: Gabriel Bliss - Brawl! Bliss pulled back just in time to avoid being riddled by lasers, a few grazing dangerously close and one even punching a hole through one of his wings. He aimed a low kick at the space pirate's shin. IC: Jimi Stringer - Super Smash! It took Stringer a second or two to realize that obliterating the intercom even more actually wasn't helping. Thumbing a switch on his blaster, he enabled "Sweet_Jam.mp3" and aimed it at the escaping thug. IC: Preston Stormer - Hero Qraft "Hmm... So this Lockey is undoubtedly in serious danger right now. I'll let the other Heroes know to keep an eye out for him," Stormer sent a short group text to the other Heroes.
  12. IC: Gabriel Bliss - Starwhale Beatdown Bliss slowed when Flames left the ground, but picked up speed again when he saw the goon burn her hands. When he neared, he began channeling light through his sword and took a heavy wing at the goon's torso. IC: Jimi Stringer - Starwhale Beatdown Stringer took careful aim at the thug going for the intercom and played some loud pewpewpew noises out of his gun. IC: Preston Stormer - Hero Landing Craft "Alright, well, at least you're safe. So you really didn't see anyone or hear anything? Hang on... the security team, where would we find them?"
  13. IC: Preston Stormer - Hero Dropship Stormer looked at the runt civilian. "Right. Tell me what you know." IC: Jimi Stringer - Break It Down "Someone get the dude on the comms! We can't let 'em call for backup!" Stringer yelled, firing a couple loud noises out of his sonic gun. IC: Gabriel Bliss - Pirates! Bliss dropped his sword into a defensive stance and began advancing slowly toward the big pirate with the cutlasses. OOC: Timeskip opportunity here: Things being the way they are, any and all characters not already here may skip to the Starwhale.
  14. IC: Jimi Stringer - Aggressive Negotiations One more glance at Bliss, then Stringer cleared his throat and loudly said, "Hey! You!" as he stepped into view, sonic blaster at the ready. IC: Gabriel Bliss - Monkey In The Middle Bliss whipped out his sword and stepped back a few steps to come level with Stringer as soon as the Alpha Hero made his move.
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