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  1. Vicarath

    HF RPG 2.5

    IC: Shade - AD Hanger Shade had just moved out of the recharging station when a call came through requesting all available Heroes to assemble for a priority 1 mission. Shade didn't even bother to consider his options like he usually did. After spending six months straight stealing as much information as possible with the day's construction files being the best haul in six months, he definitely needed some action. That noted, he didn't feel like listening to Zib's over-dramatized-droning-that-barely-passed-as-a-mission-briefing. He put in an order to Silke for her to prepare herself for travel while he made his way over to where she nestled in the hangar. He had a cunning plan to join in on this mission without having to go through the usual boring and time-consuming channels. IC: Silke - AD Hangar Silke began the startup sequence for departure.
  2. Vicarath

    HF RPG 2.5

    IC: Robert Shade - AD Hangar Shade put his blades down. His daily training was complete. Now low on power, he headed into the nearby recharge station.
  3. All right, I've made the necessary changes discussed to the Scalpel's profile.
  4. Thanks for the feedback; I appreciate it. I wanted to make certain that the charging time was long enough to ensure that I could never feasibly use the drive during combat. Would four minutes be reasonable, or is that still on the long side?
  5. How does this look to everyone? Propulsion/Travel Systems: Built for speed, The Scalpel has 4 hyper-boosters on the back and one attached to each wing. The wings and fin have gaps in the middle to allow the swivel turret to roll around on the track and down the sides without interference. For intergalactic travel, the ship is equipped with a powerful wormhole drive. In order to work the drive, Silke has to focus all of the ship's energy into using it, which consequently means that the turret, chameleon field, and boosters are un-powered while she opens the wormhole. It usually takes 8 minutes of feeding constant power to the drive before a wormhole is complete.
  6. Hmm... Getting rid of the numbers solves everything. That's actually a really good idea!
  7. Technically, any ship could go that fast and faster in space given enough time. Even in the best weather conditions, a ship is still in atmosphere and thus under the effect of wind resistance and gravity which will cause natural deceleration. The lack of these things in space means that an object launched into space at 3 mph will continue traveling at 3 mph indefinitely until that object eventually hits something. The only speed limit in space is the speed of light. A ship can get infinitely close to the speed of light without ever reaching it. (even to 0.9999999999c) The reason a ship (or anything with mass) can't reach the speed of light is because speed and mass are all relative. At some point, a speck of dust accelerating at millions of Gs will equal the same amount of mass as a Star Destroyer accelerating at a much much slower rate. As mass continues to accelerate, the increase in acceleration begins to decline the closer to the speed of light the mass gets. The acceleration will never hit a flat rate, but it'll never accelerate an object to c or higher. I can understand putting speed limits and allowing faster-than-light-travel devices on vehicles for game purposes, but it's worthwhile to note that that sort of limitation doesn't actually exist and those speeds are impossible in reality.
  8. Actually, it might be a good time to do some evaluations. First off, G is a unit for measuring acceleration, not speed. (italicized words are italicized for emphasis; I'm not trying to sound mad ) The equation for acceleration is: a = (V)/(T) = (V1 - V0)/(t) where V is the change of the velocity (speed) over time (T) which is equivalent to the difference between the initial speed and final speed of the object. V is equal to V1 - V0. V1 = final speed. V0 = initial speed. I'll use 8000G as an example here: 8000G = V/T = (V1 - 0 mi/s)/1s Here the total time to accelerate is 1 second and the starting speed is 0 miles per second. (I'm solving for final speed here.) 8000G is equal to 48.7485584188 mi/s² (using a conversion calculator). Now the equation looks like: 48.7485584188 mi/s² = (V1 mi/s)/1s = V1 mi/s². V1 = 48.7485584188 miles per second. Of course, by playing with different starting and ending speeds or with the elapsed time will yield different numbers. But that said, accelerating by 8000G in 1 second from a cold start of 0 mi/s will put the accelerating object at 48.749 mi/s by the time that second has passed. To put this in perspective regarding spaceships or whatnot, the speed of light is 186,299 mi/s. Just accelerating 8000G for 80 seconds starting from 0 miles per hour puts the final speed at around 14 million miles per hour. Then there's the fun stuff. For instance: there's no natural deceleration in space; a spaceship could be accelerating at a flat rate for any length of time in space,cut its engines, and would still "drift" at that same acceleration. This also means that there's no "maximum speed" in space either, unless a spaceship has safety features built in to cause deceleration in space to keep the driver safe (a normal human can't survive acceleration at 9G, though this is due to a difficulty with pumping blood). Scaling the speed down would make sense except that we're talking about intergalactic space travel. Is 5000G excessive for a starfighter? I'll leave that to you GMs. But something has to travel this fast and faster in order for the small amount of time to get heroes where they need to go during missions to make sense. In our own galaxy, the star Alioth is 80 light years away. If the heroes are limited to their own system and don't need to travel their whole galaxy, then accelerations or speeds this high aren't necessary. (most if not all the planets in our Solar System are mere light hours away from Earth) I understand that the ships have to be kept in check for things to be fair if they ever end up fighting each other, whether out in space or in atmosphere, but they also need to be adequately speedy for travel as well.
  9. Nah, let's just say it was something really awful and bad and leave it at that. Var Vicious Not Approved For one thing, as Zippy mentioned, we haven't really been allowing any kind of crossovers (if we did allow them we'd probably have more Bionicle than HF guys running around in here) so some of the wording in the profile will need to be changed so she's less "Sith" and more "Obviously-A-Sith-But-That's-Not-What-We're-Calling-Her". Also, it seems to me like she has one too many really powerful abilities; Jedi reflexes and agility, Force Lightning, limited mind-reading, and telekinesis seems like a bit much... TIE Incursor also Not Approved Because 5000g on a starfighter is excessive to say the least. Andrea Plume Approved 3/3 Delta Approved -1/3 So many problems with this guy... where to begin? Just one of the powers you gave him, even taking his inexperience into consideration, would set him at borderline OP. Throw in an infinite battery with a larger power supply than a normal Core and you've got yourself a character that makes Traferous look sort of reasonable. Delta's really, really got to be toned down a lot before we let him into the realm of mortals. But, surprisingly, because of the Mechna thing, you can actually get away with the whole time-travel thing in his bio and have a pretty decent excuse for it. Sorry that I can't approve more of these guys, but at least some of these issues need to be resolved first. =/ Um. I'm seeing a slight discrepancy here. Haha...
  10. Hmm... that's a tough one. :/ I think the easiest approach to clarifying transparency might be to find materials with varying levels of transparency and finding which one fits your character (i.e. water, wine glasses, mason jars, anything transparent/translucent). Another way to do it could be to try and understand the mathematics of using a laser to accurately measure the transparency of a material and finding something that way. The first method is way less complicated than that though.
  11. Vicarath

    HF RPG 2.5

    IC: Shade - Underwater AD Hanger Shade lounged around on a couch as he looked through some files he'd copied off of one of the construction team's computers after stealing a password. Unfortunately, it was boring and only contained information regarding how many workers and resources were required to complete the project. As he continued reading the documents, Shade found his gaze becoming more and more fixated on the framed and heavily decorated mattresses that hung on the wall. Medals thickly covered all of them because of the heroic feats performed six months ago during a mission on an alternate Mechna. Shade looked at them for a long time before giving up on the files and standing up. After tossing the files into a digital waste bin, he began to practice some fighting techniques on villains only he could see. It wasn't nearly as fun or realistic as the simulators from Ye Factory of Olde, but it was better than nothing. The destruction of the Hero Factory hadn't been good for Shade. He'd been allowed to keep a private hangar for his own, that was true, but the assassin hadn't been needed for anything in the past six months. So he had stayed here practicing fights with the air and occasionally sneaking out on sortie missions of his own decree to gather intel on anything of interest (Or, rather, trrying to obtain interesting files. Security seemed to have gotten tighter since the factory was destroyed). It bothered him that villains had attacked the Hero Factory when it had been its strongest, and yet no one had touched it in the six months when it was at its weakest. Something felt off and he would keep training to the best of his ability and continue searching for anything that might bring some light upon the inevitable strike headed Hero Factory's way.
  12. I think Shade and The Scalpel got left behind again. Forgive me if I come across as impatient; I know everyone's busy and doing a swell job. I just want to make sure these profiles aren't forgotten.
  13. That could be fun/interesting, though he'd still need to have found a way out of HF custody within six months. He was kind of on a spaceship and classified as a villain the last time we saw him. edit = grammar corrections
  14. Another angle that could be taken with Kaiba is the one utilizing the six-month time gap; something like a rehabilitation program within that time could have reaffirmed his loyalties to the Factory for his and the other Heroes' benefit. All it would take for him to be a free bot after that (I think) would be for a few higher-ups in Hero Factory to believe in him. Just an idea.
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