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  1. I summon a large dish of chicken fajitas for everyone. Dessert doesn't taste as good without something savoury to help balance it.
  2. OOC: Stormer and Zib have been green npcs throughout this entire mission. Taking into account the fact that players used to take control of Zib for their own purposes all the time without consequences, I think it's safe for Zippy to take control of Stormer as long as she doesn't have him break dance.
  3. I dump sprinkles and some chocolate syrup, that I conjured up for the very purpose, on my ice cream and then offer the chocolate sauce to anyone who might want it.
  4. 4/5. I've seen you around.
  5. I also don't mind becoming a minifigure. Of course, all of us becoming minifigures does beg the question of why a double decker couch exists in the first place due to the fact that all of us would now fit onto a normal couch.
  6. I magically transform his driving couch into a driving DOUBLE DECKER COUCH!!!
  7. He might need to leave the couch to unlock the room door so that we can finally escape. Also, if a friend calls his landline phone, he might need to get off the couch to go answer it.
  8. I give Stork a book of sudoku puzzles and crosswords with questions in it like "Name the Matoran that was actually a Great Being: 6 down." Now he can keep his mind preoccupied when he's feeling burned out.
  9. I quickly tack onto FF's statement and tell Stork that venting takes on a verbal form. I don't even want to know what might happen if he starts venting out his anger in a physical way...
  10. I take Stork by the arm and try to lead him to the couch. This also grabs his attention making him focus on me again.
  11. I put marshmallows and ice cream into the hot chocolate to make it better.
  12. I wonder about Toa Smoke Monster's shady past for knowing about TOD's boss, and then tell Makuta Stork that he's raised a good employee and that Stork can learn from TOD's example.
  13. I find some giant stage speakers and plug them into FF's phone so we can all feel the music.
  14. I was able to bring you from the dead because you were not really dead. Only MAKUTA TOD can inflict true death in MAKUTA TOD's room.
  15. Your favourite evil tree.

  16. IC: Shade - Charger Found Shade found a recharge station and plugged himself in. He'd feel better once he had more energy.
  17. OOC: I hope TOD doesn't lose kindness points if he's given a stomach ache...
  18. I put a party hat on TOD's head and pull a cracker with him. There's a paper inside with The Eagle by Alfred Lord Tennyson printed on it.
  19. Then I sing the Happy Birthday, MAKUTA TOD song.
  20. I use my magical abilities to resurrect Toa Onaku. Then for a special birthday treat, I present TOD with the ownership rights to a starship. Now he can explore the world outside his room and know what it is to be truly free.
  21. I distract TOD by offering my hand and formally introducing myself. Maybe he won't hurt me if he realizes I'm a person too.
  22. OOC: Actually, Kanohi Ko-llector gave the truck to me. All I summoned was a Muaka Kitten.
  23. I thought we were locked in a room? I join the others and offer TOD a plate of pasta with the Muaka Kitten on it.
  24. OoB: Isn't selflessness keeping more people from death before Lucina gets back? It's a twisted circle.
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