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  1. I put the kitten in the truck as a dashboard decoration, toss the keys to Naota Takizawa, and then begin hurling rainbows at TOD.
  2. There is no question in my mind: You're going to be all right.
  3. I break free of Toa Smoke Monster's grip and stand by Naota Takizawa's side while holding a Muaka kitten for MAKUTA TOD to look at.
  4. I step in front of Toa Smoke Monster and tell MAKUTA TOD that he's a bad boy.
  5. I'm no doctor, but it looks to me like you'll be all right in time; you have a good attitude towards the whole thing that lends itself well to healing. Losing a first car like that is always hard and I can only imagine how difficult that must have been to see the vehicle like that. I can but rejoice in the fact that you are alive and able to feel emotion, even if it's unwanted. You are alive and your emotional state can improve as long as you stay so.
  6. I'm technically past the 24-hour limit, but could I join anyway?
  7. That's horrific. I'm glad you both walked away from it; not everyone does. I sincerely hope you both recover from your injuries, both the physical and the emotional. Here's for hoping your first automobile accident is the last.
  8. IC: The Scalpel - Portal Silke had followed the Astral as far as she dared without getting pulled into the whirling vortex before her. She didn't like that Shade was in there and after tentatively exploring the area, she deemed it necessary to follow through. She took the plunge and found the sprawl of Mechna beneath her; the Astral too. She began looking around for a good rooftop to perch on that was away from the unsuspecting populace.
  9. I'll order slot 18 with a side of bacon.
  10. OOC: Thanks for clearing that up for me, Zippy. It makes a bit more sense now.
  11. OOC: I've been meaning to point this out; Why do life sentences exist in a world of robots? If they don't maintenance/care for mechanical villains periodically, the villains are basically under a prolonged death sentence. If they are taken care of, they can, in theory, live on indefinitely and then it would only be a matter of time before they break out and are loose again. I think in many cases, dissembling a villain would be the best move. A life sentence for organic or bio-mechanical creatures still makes sense, but life sentencing a robot seems very shortsighted on Hero Factory's side. Also, I think shorter periods of custody would typically be prescribed to villains that Hero Factory hopes will think about their mistakes and make better choices; A life sentence seems too long for that. IC: Shade - Nex's Room Shade awoke as soon as the orange Hero entered the room and got up once Nex had entered the charger. After stacking the mattresses neatly in a corner, Shade wordlessly wandered off in search of a recharge station.
  12. OOC: Here's for hoping he never finds out about the assassin's division then.
  13. IC: Shade - Waiting for Nex to Kick Him Awake Shade slept on.
  14. OOC: I don't think it's major, but are there any other secret compartments on Blader that aren't mentioned in his profile?
  15. RIP Traferous 2016: OP enough to not die, but not OP enough to escape. OOC: So this is cannon now? Brilliant. He shouldn't have ended any other way.
  16. IC: Shade - Sleeping Being capable of dreaming had always been on Shade's long-term bucket-list. Because of his designed occupation, the architects who had constructed him had removed his capacity to dream as a defense against any guilt he might feel towards past targets. Since that time whenever Shade catches some rest, he is essentially blacked out until he wakes up. He had been fine with this until he had heard a civilian telling another worker about "a dream they had last night." After some research, Shade concluded that 1: the creators were smart to take that away from him, 2: that he wouldn't build any guilty feelings/emotions towards past acts against previous marks no matter what, and 3: that he wanted to dream. To this day, Shade still hasn't found the proper method of restoring this function to working capacity. Shade continued sleeping on the makeshift bed in Nex's room.
  17. OOC: Rogue Hero then. (Although the way I understand it, Hero Factory treats criminals and Rogue Heroes alike with the same attitude, so I don't see how it makes much of a difference.)
  18. OOC: It doesn't quite make sense to me why the Recall would mention Shade by name to the criminal, especially since the villain in question was out on a revenge quest.
  19. OOC: From this, I think Traferous might be outside the confines of his profile with how often he's been shifting without having his concentration becoming an issue.
  20. IC: Shade - Nex's Room No one. Shade slipped around the door post, mattresses in hand, and stacked them against the wall. After a moment of quick thought, he grabbed the mattresses and arranged them on the floor to his liking. This done, he closed and locked Nex's door, laid down on the mattresses, and allowed himself to slip into the pleasurable bliss that comes with a quick nap on hospital-grade cushions...
  21. OOC: I must apologize profusely for forgetting to ask, but are there any cameras in the room and if so, do they have any blind spots?
  22. IC: Shade - Outside Nex's Room Shade stood in front of Nex's quarters as he plugged in the access codes he'd memorized off the MC terminal. As the door opened, he stood to the side, with the mattresses leaning against the wall next to him, and peeked around the doorpost to take stock of who (or what) might be in there.
  23. IC: Shade - Astral Corridors With the newly attained passcodes, Shade made his way back to the janitor's closet. Once there, he uncloaked and undampened, then proceeded to collect his "belongings" and began to carry them to his self-willed designation for storing them.
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