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  1. IC: Shade - Unauthorized Access to Mission Control Shade paged through and didn't find anything regarding Mr. Makuro's Quarters. He could either keep searching or he could change targets. He started a new search for Nex's quarters instead and waited for the results to load.
  2. IC: Shade - Control Room Luck was on Shade's side when he found an empty terminal belonging to one of the higher-up bots. Everyone was watching a tape play on a large screen when he had sneaked in and they were conversing (presumably over the contents of the message) now as he continued to search for the door codes to Mr. Makuro's quarters. OOC: I'll leave it up to Fishers as to whether or not Shade actually finds the codes. I don't feel comfortable having him find them myself.
  3. IC: Shade - Astral Corridors Shade was finding disappointment at every corner. It didn't appear as if someone with a sense of fun or humour had had any influence upon the building plans of this ship and there wasn't anywhere where Shade felt comfortable leaving his mattresses. The best thing he had found was a janitor's closet (it seemed clean enough). It would have to do for now while he searched for a better place. "Like Mr Makuro's Room..." Shade thought. Invisible and dampened, he headed up to mission control to try and see if he could sneak onto an unoccupied terminal and find the access codes to the Big Bot's personal quarters aboard the ship.
  4. OOC: Ah. If you look back though, Epix didn't really refer to Shade as a "Rookie" in that post, as that would've implied that he only recently started doing his job, and absolutely nothing about his actual age, as there are probably a multitude of reasons why an older Hero could still be new to actual field work itself. He merely deduced (incorrectly, I might add, since the characters themselves probably wouldn't have had the chance to interract much outside of the last mission they were on) that his behavior was partially due to his youth, and partially due to a complete disregard or slight ignorance concerning proper procedure. I should also note that I've been playing Epix as if he was only slightly younger than Stormer, so a lot of Heroes currently on the active roster would probably be quite younger than him. If you still have an issue with how I worded the post, however, then feel free to let me know, and I'll go back and edit it to the best of my ability. OOC: Everything's fine on my end. I'm absolutely fine with the concept of older bots blaming all of a younger bot's mistakes or behaviorisms on the junior bot's age. Humans do that sort of thing all the time.
  5. OOC: The way Shade behaves doesn't really have anything to do with his age. He's not a rookie, he's an assassin, (I rather fancy him a veteran, though I find that I somehow left it out of his profile looking back) who's led a very very sheltered life. He's not as old as Stormer, granted, but he's by no means young by Hero standards.
  6. IC: Shade - Med Bay Shade absorbed everything Epix told him without making a sound. He then released all the tension that had built up in his motors and servos causing him to appear to deflate a little. No Core. All this planning and there's no core. He called after Epix, "Thanks! I will keep that in mind next time!" There would be a next time. Hopefully. With less drive than he had before, he collected his now sparkling clean mattress heap and began searching for a safe place to put it.
  7. OOC: Ooh! That's a new one! Immediate + Imminent = Immenient!
  8. IC: Shade - Med Bay Shade had been standing there the whole time waiting for his mattresses to be clean and couldn't help hearing Epix's and Selphi's conversation. He walked up to them and asked, "Seeing as rehabilitation is the main objective where Blader's involved, wouldn't it be a smart move to move his core to another body; One that a hacker might use? I think it'd give him an excellent opportunity to show us that he's turned to our way of thinking while making do with a body he's not familiar with. What do you think, Epix?"
  9. IC: Shade - Astral's Med Bay Shade had finally hit the jackpot; There before him lay the Med Bay with its gorgeously shiny and clean bedsheets and sterility. He approached the nearest bot and asked them, "Hi! I need these clean as fast as possible. Do you think you could help me out?" IC: The Scalpel - Battlefield Airspace The ten second cool-down complete, Silke again fired her four second-length precision laser for its full duration at the shape-shifting villain.
  10. IC: Shade - Where's Med Bay? "I'm not in the middle of a battle!" Shade replied as he gathered up his mattresses and headed back into the Astral. He'd find med bay eventually.
  11. IC: Shade - Not Where He Should Be Shade had finally found his mattresses. They were dirty. And wet. "I need to get you guys laundered..." Shade said to them. He opened up a channel to Zib, "Zib, please tell me we have ways to get mattresses and the like cleaned on the Astral." IC: The Scalpel - Battle Ground Airspace Silke opened fire with the precision laser on the shape-shifting villain who had once had four arms.
  12. OOC: That may be his reason for wanting to revive Echo in Focus's own image, but a core that was punctured by a hardlight sword from the front with an exiting wound out the back doesn't exactly have any chances at revival. Any practical-minded Hero would know that. I'm just explaining Shade's disregarding the original core per FallenCor's question. I take no issue with how Focus is behaving.
  13. OOC: Aha. I didn't realize it was at the same time; indeed Echo's move is impossible then. IC: Echo - A Hero To The Bitter End Echo's talon sheared through the villain's leg... And Focus's sword cut right into his core. Echo let out a small gasp as the hardlight blade tore through his internal systems and exited his back into the ground underneath. Everything froze. "Why, Focus... why?" His vision blurred and all the warning lights on his HUD began to fade. He drew in a single breath of air, static crackling around the edges of the sound. "You know... there's no going back... now. You've... betrayed us. You've betrayed... us all." As the world started to fall away, Echo smiled one last time. "Give my regards... To the Recall." In Mission Control, a Hero tracking signal went dark and a small beep informed the gathered mission managers and scientists that a Hero had gone offline. Oddly enough, in the silence of the room, They could almost hear it Echo. OOC: I'm still not sure why Focus thought this core could be saved, but Shade certainly isn't that optimistic.
  14. IC: Shade - Huzzah! Shade bade her farewell, as he left at a non-suspicious pace, and then hastened down the hallway as fast as he could once he was out of her sight. He slipped a few times on the trail the corpsicle had left behind and nearly fell over altogether, but he didn't. He headed out of the ship and began searching for his lonely mattresses.
  15. IC: Shade - Lab Shade thought about it; This mortician had mentioned a service. He could steal the corpse after that (assuming it was still in relatively good working order). Besides, the body didn't do him any good by itself; He needed the core of the outdated Hero. To Selphi, he said, "All right all right, I see your point. Do you still need me for questioning, or can I go look for my hidden property now?"
  16. IC: Shade - Media Nightmare Shade just looked at her with a bemused expression as he said, "What makes you think I'm asking you to do all the inside wire jobs and procedures involved with integrating that dinosaur of a core into the corpse? All I need from you is the body in good working condition after you're done examining it. Relatively good working condition," Shade hastily amended. "As to the villain, his surrender was sudden and unpredictable. The fight looked like it could have kept going on for hours when Hero Factory needed us the most. Stormer and Epix can vouch for that."
  17. OOC: I somehow missed that. So did Shade and now he's on a long path leading to his own ultimate misery!
  18. IC: Shade - Hmm While trying to preserve the good morale of the late Hero's friends seemed a good idea, Shade really wanted to makeshift a way for prototype-Hero Kaiba Blader's core into this corpse. It would be a form of ironic justice and, if Kaiba's almost-last words had truth in them, then he wouldn't mind trying to make up for his past mistakes by taking a different body and making the most of it. Seeing as it was a different type of Hero with a different core and, more importantly, a core that wasn't dead, Shade hoped there was a way the core transplant could be accomplished. The head could be transplanted, if needed, in order to maintain the original personality. Of course, Mission Control and Epix would have to agree to that and then there was the problem with how Kaiba would feel about waking up in a different body. Shade pushed that thought aside. That would come in good time. "The core I'm thinking of isn't dead and it's old; Really old. It's one of those prototype-Hero cores. Would that work? As to the friends of the hero and their well-being, I couldn't care less." OOC: I understand fully that this fantasy of Shade's is probably impossible due to several factors beyond this character's control. Still, Shade has some bizarre ideas every now and then and tries to find all the ways for them to become reality before he gives up.
  19. IC: Shade - Slightly Relieved Shade placed the immobile block of icy-robot on the bench and then turned his full attention to Selphi. "I still think it is unnecessary for you to explore the damages on the body at all. I was there and saw most of what happened and can tell you anything you need to know. Unless, of course, you actually need the details of how damaged the hero was when it died. The reason I wish to avoid any potentially damaging meddling with the corpse is because I plan to put another... person in this particular body. Or try to in any case. I hope to have it back once you're done."
  20. IC: Shade - Anytime Now... "You mean it's going to be buried?!" Shade asked as he stepped into the room.
  21. IC: Shade - Thinking of a Quick Escape Shade waited for her to walk into the lab and asked, "Will the body be able to support another core after you're done? You won't do anything permanently damaging to it, will you?"
  22. OOC: I couldn't find a reply from Gorn to this. From what I can tell, he's acting like Saracen never tried to shoot his sword aside.
  23. IC: Shade - Corridor The thing he was holding was leaving a trail of freshly thawed ice in small puddles behind Shade. He struggled to keep it on his shoulder as he walked and asked, "So you won't be cutting it up or anything then?"
  24. OOC: I could be wrong, but it is my understanding that depending on the type of oil and how hot the flames are, the oil may not have ignited. The oil could have a relatively high flash point. Oils generally are slow to ignite, and burn even more slowly. They're not exactly like gasoline.
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