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  1. OOC: I don't know how much traffic is traversing the nearby area but, unless they're all robots, everybody and their grandmother within the near vicinity will hear a 500 lb rogue hero clanking it's metal feet against the pavement. There's not much anyone can do about that.
  2. IC: The Scalpel - Battle Airspace Silke reluctantly stood down, but kept her focus on the villain just in case. Replying to Zib, she said, "Is there anything I can help with?"
  3. IC: Shade - Fort Room With the mattresses nowhere in immediate sight and Selphi back in the room (presumably for the corpse), Shade decided to look for the mattresses later. Flint hadn't been gone all that long, so they couldn't be too far away. The current threat now came from the mortician who might want to harm the corpse Shade had a plan for. He picked the corpse up in a fireman's carry and addressed Selphi, "I have it. Where am I taking it?"
  4. OOC: I'll wait for another Flint post before having Shade do anything. He's grown rather fond/protective of his mattresses and plans on retrieving them from whatever place Flint ends up leaving them in. IC: The Scalpel - Arriving to the Battle Silke had finally managed to find the villain (or a few villains in any case), and was now looking between the possible options. There was one firing at a partially cloaked figure who appeared to be low to the ground. Simple logic dictated that the cloaked being was a Hero or an ally of some sort. Villains typically didn't take it out on each other while Heroes were around to serve as distractions. The eviloid firing appeared to have an attacking Hero coming in from behind him. He didn't look like he was long for the world of the free so Silke kept analyzing; There was one standing between a clownish Hero and Alpha Team's Bulk; No trouble from that quarter at all. Then there was the villain with four arms. He looked like a good target and he didn't appear to be occupied with anything or anyone. Silke made contact with Zib, "I have a villain with four arms in my cross hairs. Do I fire?"
  5. IC: Shade - Fort Room "No, I only just got here before starting a game of Fort with Shard here. The rest of the ship is unknown to me still."
  6. OOC: I was referring more to the fact that the mattresses were cemented in with thick slippery ice. But I digress. If he's a tank, then it's not so far fetched to imagine him getting through the ice somehow to lay hold of the mattresses.
  7. IC: Shade - Fort Room "Of course I will help as best I can. Regarding this young hero's conduct, I take full responsibility. Well.." He glanced at the frozen corpsicle, "Almost full responsibility."
  8. OOC: It may not matter, but those mattresses are caked in thick ice. They were the central support. I'm not sure if Flint would be able to throw them out that easily.
  9. IC: Shade - Entrance to Astral (aka Fort Room) Shade materialized out of the air in the corner he had been hiding in and said, "I was the eye witness of that murder. Believe me when I say that it was completely intentional. There isn't much information you could glean off that corpse that I couldn't tell you."
  10. OOC: The following is a united effort on the part of two brothers who temporarily lost their sanity. Enjoy. IC: Shade and Shard - Building a Fort Once they were inside, Shade turned to Shard, "Hey. How are you holding up now that your home is gone?" Shard looked down at his feet before looking up and answering, "Not so good." "How about you and I forget everything for a moment and play a game or something. How are you at architecture?" "I build cool stuff out of ice!" Shard had brightened at the question. "Then let's build a fort using these mattresses. Okay?" "All right! Awesome!" Together the two heroes built a fort out of mattresses and ice (to hold everything together and for adding extra fancy windows). Of course, building a fort is one thing, but playing with it? That's a different animal. For lack of a better fake-believe villain, they were using the dead hero. Shade had been the first to suggest it, but had only done so in jest. He found it more than a little strange that Shard had perked up on the idea and begun to play with the corpse shamelessly. Shard's fearsome battle against Echo's mangled body was interrupted by a sudden rapping on the door. The three Heroes froze. In Echo's case, literally. Shade tentatively opened the door and stared at Flint and Selphi for a few awkward moments, in which the sound of Shard's Splinter Cannon filled the silence, before cloaking and hiding in the corner. Shard took no notice of the newcomers and continued to send the "villain" into his icy grave. OOC: Thanks for the idea, Zippy!
  11. IC: Shade - Fort Coming Soon to an Astral Near You Shade helped Shard as best he could with one hand whilst carrying the former hero in his other arm.
  12. IC: Shade - Possibly Building a Fort in the Near Future... Shade looked the other hero up and down. If he had to guess, he'd say this one was built for frozen wasteland warfare. "I don't suppose you could help me load my cargo? It's not heavy, just bulky. I'd appreciate it."
  13. OOC: Traferous.... a little OP? That, ladies and gentlemen, is a shining example of an understatement. Not that I'm complaining about Traferous' OPness. I mean, yes, it can be annoying, but ultimately it's just going to make his eventual demise all the more satisfying. OOC: I definitely could have worded that better. In any case, my main point was that a really powerful character can still be played fairly without making unrealistic moves/dodges/attacks. Traferous certainly isn't the definition of "a little OP" in my dictionary.
  14. OOC: I'm willing to bet he could get Shard (and maybe some other heroes) to play fort with him too.
  15. OOC: I play a lot of computer game RPGs and many a time the most seemingly useless items turn out to be the keys to survival. In Shade's case, I thought: "Hey! What could it hurt for Shade to go back and grab the mattresses? Who knows when (or if) they'll ever come in handy?" Hopefully Shade wasn't wasting his time.
  16. IC: Shade - Boarding the Astral Shade had Silke land him a little ways from the Astral and then proceeded to unload his cargo outside the Astral's main hatch. He then received the call from Rune. "Silke, when I'm off with the luggage, you help them with those ships. That's an order. Contact me when the skirmish is done and over with." With the heartless corpse resting on a heap of four mattresses beside him, Shade knocked on the Astral's door. IC: The Scalpel - Following Orders Silke took off in search of the enemy. OOC: The way I see the whole Wraith situation, I think she should be given a chance. Any character can be played in an OP way even if their profile doesn't lend itself necessarily in that direction. Even characters that do look a little on the OP side (Shade or Traferous for instance) can be played fairly and reasonably. I'd like to observe Wraith in action before seeing a decision made to discard her again. (Just my two cents.)
  17. IC: Shade - Attempting Something Shade keyed the comm again when no response came, "Would it be all right if I boarded the Astral with my cargo?"
  18. IC: Shade - Makuhero City Airspace Shade opened up the comm channel Nex had just messaged him on and replied, "Excellent. Where do you want me?"
  19. IC: Shade - All Aboard! Shade made his way back to where he had left the mattresses. "Silke, when you get here, I need to put some things in the back." "Affirmative," came the reply. The ship uncloaked right in front of Shade and opened the door. "That was fast," Shade said as he loaded the four mattresses into the back with the mangled corpse of former hero Echo. This done, he climbed into the "pilot's" seat and leaned back in a relaxed position. "Silke, find out where the other heroes are rendezvousing and take us there. They'll want to know another hero survived the wreck." IC: The Scalpel - Pinging Hero Factory Silke sent a brief message with details including their cargo (four mattresses and a mangled hero), their coordinates, and their status (perfectly fine except for Shade's dented side) over the standard Hero frequency channel. While she did this, Silke cloaked the ship again and took it into the air. She felt safer that way.
  20. IC: Shade - Beach Now that he was farther away from the factory and less likely to be caught by falling debris, Shade made a call to Silke, "I need a ride. I can join the other heroes on a large spacecraft if you're still tracking the rogue." A reply came almost immediately, "He lost me in a jump to light-speed. I'm on my way." IC: The Scalpel - Nearing Makuhero Airspace Silke was almost to Shade. Just one more minute...
  21. IC: Shade - Escaping Shade suddenly remembered the fact that the Hero Factory could come apart in any direction, at any time, and he was standing right next to it. He began to run away from the factory as fast as he could after turning on his chameleon and sound dampening fields. He was running towards the beach.
  22. OOC: In that case, would it be all right if I took the flattened parts of Shade out of my post? I think four hero mattresses would stop any damage caused by impact from only a few hundred feet.
  23. OOC: You stated a while back that the medbay was probably on an upper floor, causing all the medical staff to fall out of it when it turned intangible. Unless you meant it was above the basement? OOC: It's above the basement. The thing is, I picture the medbay to be close to the hangars, in case the Heroes bring home injured, they can be treated quickly. The hangars would likely be on the second floor, so the med bay would be near there on the first, close to the assembly tower in the center of the building. The call center is the front of the ground floor. OOC: Wait, does that mean that Shade only fell a small distance opposed to the couple thousand feet I thought it was?
  24. OOC: I have to admit that I laugh every time I think of Shade just nonchalantly cutting a hole in the wall and leaning out holding four mattresses while other heroes are left in the room to ponder over the mysteries of life, the universe, and everything. IC: Shade - Best. Thing. Ever. As Shade fell, the mattresses spread beneath him under extreme G-force and slowing down the descent marginally, he thought about the next factory: Hero Factory 2.0 would never be complete; Missing some essential fundamental part of itself if... it didn't have a sky dive. With the image playing in his mind of dozens of heroes all taking turns jumping off of the top of Hero Factory one after the other in an endless loop, each one giving a whoop or a scream as they fell, Shade hit the ground wearing a smile. The mattresses pressed together as tightly as possible and Shade was lucky that he hadn't hurt himself. He lay there for a few seconds wishing that he could have stayed in the air longer, but at last stood up, did a routine check to make sure nothing was damaged, and then looked around to catch his bearings. Edit: Unflattened Shade a bit.
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