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  1. Such a simple question , but believe it or not , deciding might be harder than it looks . I've been thinking about it for days and i still cannot figure out what was the hardest game for muh . Which is why I'm passing my suffer onto you . So what do you think is the hardest game you came across ? (i meant console/PC , but you can mention mobile games) *
  2. Anotha one Anotha one Anotha one Anotha one Anotha one Anotha one Anotha one
  3. Silver the Hedgehog got his pretty little hands on some fresh armor
  4. update : they may not be entirely rare , but currently a Tan Matatu and Brown Miru . I plan to get a - Black matatu - Chrome hau - and a yellow or white kaukau
  5. no he's dead have you ever gotten in "trouble" here on BZP for something preposterous
  6. Lord Solek . All hail the mighty Lord Solek : High King of the Solekian Empire .
  7. ....UM .... YES .... NO ...... NES do you believe this ghost is real (you don't have to watch it if you're scared) Edit: WAIT WRONG VIDEO GIMME A SEC nevermind
  8. You have to be part of BZP administration or be on very very very good terms with the mods. Can I burn things instead
  9. yes : -fill water bottle -realize that you cant work out on an empty stomach -eat -get on BZPower -go "oh crep it's midnight I still need to work out" -get tired -sleep -wake up -regret your choices are you disappointed in the 2016 sets (visually) ?
  10. that would be weird , but nice would it be cool if their was a Bionicle anime
  11. you're funny do your eyes sparkle like sunrise on the waters of a crystal blue lake
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