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  1. For me personally outside of it's last two waves (brain attack and invasion from below) had the advantage of simple stories that had over arching elements. Not that bionicles story was bad or that hero factory's was superior but at times bionicle did trip over itself with how complex it was. Also CCBS is just a really good line of constraction that is nice and simple to make for younger builders (as i was like only 10 or 11 when 2.0 and 3.0 came out) honestly i love bionicle more but i personally don't really compare them too much as i feel they are good for different reasons but that's me. '
  2. That would probably make for an interesting fusion.

  3. well too bad you accidentally summon 3 i wish i was batman
  4. no but i am a kid now i am back do you like me
  5. When captain spidmerica throws his mighty shield
  6. Is my name mav station Should I make a minimalistic garnet too
  7. Maskie dude Also if someone mentions the 4th worst ship in Steven universe I swear to Mata nui I will do something
  8. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i hat that ship also i was talking about the movie(1986)
  9. i liked omniverse but no do you like my avatar i made it myself
  10. pat lee more like ummmm... cameo in ever marvel movie
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