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  1. i love your writing style quite a bit and i very much like this setting, very intriguing
  2. chapter three is up meet hashei. you know, from the prologue!
  3. CHAPTER THREE Izel and Gehad leapt over a mound of dirt and trash and huddled behind it. The Ga-Matoran peeked his head out as his friend fiddled with the cloth wrapped around the stone he carried, as it had gotten caught in his armor. "Blasted...confounded...Mata Nui-forsaken little--!" "Be quiet!" Izel snapped as he whipped his head around and put a finger to his lips. "Do you want them to find us? Let me see it." He knelt down and tugged lightly on the cloth. No good. He carefully parted the offending plates on Gehad's side and the Po-Matoran winced a bit. He pulled the cloth out and unfortunately, it tore, causing him to fall back and unwrap the stone. Its glow illuminated them both and while not blindingly bright, it wasn't exactly hard to miss. "Cover it!" Izel said, scrambling back to his friend on his hands and knees. Gehad fumbled with the stone in a panic. They hadn't noticed the sound of someone--or rather, something--walking towards them, but he certainly did notice the sharp end of a staff coming down between him and the Ga-Matoran, narrowly missing either of them. There was a beat as the pair looked up at their attacker, who had seemingly paused for effect, before yelling their Kanohi off. The machine spoke what appeared to be an automated message. "Under direct orders from the Last Toa, the Voice's Body, you are to be terminated and your contraband confiscated." The Matoran got to their feet in a flash, Gehad tucking the stone under his arm, and bolted as the Maxilos raised its staff and swung at them. It stepped over the mound with ease and relayed a message that it had found the fugitives. Nearby Maxilos mobilized, armed with various weaponry: staffs, swords, and stun rifles both short and long-ranged. Toa were a massive threat to the rule, and the possibility of the stone finding a Matoran destined to use it was frightening to Arrec, though he did not show it to his toy soldiers. Then again, the emotionless robot guardians might not have cared either way. Orders were orders. No matter how messy they might get. ~~~ A figure of small stature walked the halls of the tower, nervously regarding Maxilos units as he passed by them and ignoring the Toa-shaped shadows he had begun seeing out of the corner of his eye since Arrec had taken over. It had been some time, and yet he had still not gotten used to his new home beneath the island's malevolent ruler. Although, being kidnapped in the middle of doing your job and being given a new role as a propagandist for that same ruler would be hard for anyone to adjust to. Hashei sheepishly knocked on the big, imposing gates to Arrec's "throne room". They felt more like the doors to Karzahni itself. As he waited for an answer his eyes wandered throughout the hallway of the ornate tower, and he turned his attention to statues lining the walls representing the members of the island's main Toa team, the Kara. Its former Toa team, after the Civil War tore them apart. He looked behind him and saw the bronze visage of the team's Garai-wearing Toa of Stone and felt a weight in his stomach at the sight of it. He pushed the feeling away as the gate opened slightly and half of a Maxilos answered from behind it. "Do you have business with the Last Toa, the Voice's Body?" Stupid titles. "Yes, you dumb machine. I work here." The Maxilos stood there for a moment staring down at Hashei. The Matoran wasn't sure if it was processing what he'd just said, or taking offense at being called dumb. He was pretty sure they didn't have feelings. "Hashei. Ta-Matoran. Chronicler of Truth and only the Truth. Enter." If by 'truth,' you mean, 'whatever lies Arrec wants me to tell the island's cities this time.' He half-nodded to the Maxilos as it backed away from the gate and opened it fully. Arrec wasn't sitting at his throne made of--Hashei had to hold down his lunch for a moment--the bodies of dead Toa. He pretended he couldn't notice limbs poking out of it and hands reaching for help that wasn't there. According to what Arrec had told him, the Unseen Voice's influence was strongest near him, and that it could detect a being's thoughts and intentions. He wasn't sure if that was true, but nonetheless Hashei cleared his mind and kept any disparaging thoughts away as he passed by the gruesome scene and walked across the hallway behind it, leading out to the balcony which currently sat under a starry night sky that would have been beautiful, had something terrible not been leaning over the railing at that moment awaiting him, looking out over a stolen land. "Dear chronicler," the Toa of Shadow didn't even turn to face him, "it is good to see you again. I need you to write a decree for me." The Ta-Matoran dug through his knapsack for a tablet to write on. "What do you want me to decree, sir?" he asked, feigning loyalty. Arrec told him, and the chronicler scribbled down the gist of it. "How soon do you want this put up?" "Tonight. So that in the morning my people will see it and know: I do not tolerate pretenders." "Yes, sir." Hashei looked down at his tablet. BY DECREE OF HIS BELOVED, THE LAST TOA, AND THE VOICE'S BODY ANY CITIZEN WITH THE MEANS OR INTENTION TO BECOME A "TOA" WILL BE EXECUTED WITH NO TRIAL. IF YOU KNOW A FRIEND OR COWORKER WHO HAS BEEN ACTING SUSPICIOUSLY, REPORT TO YOUR NEAREST MAXILOS ARREC HAS SPOKEN. MAY THE VOICE'S WISDOM BE PRAISED. ... REVIEW TOPIC
  4. ohh, it's a big 'un... i love the shaping on the thighs and upper arms, and the detail of the cordak ammo belts. truly a beast of a moc, and it's a fine revamp of the original character that takes the basic concept to the most exaggerated and grandiose level. fine work. if there's any criticism i could attempt at, it's the ankles looking a bit stilt-y (although that might be an intentional choice)
  5. wasn't 'love isn't canon' a misconception in its own right? i remember someone clarifying years ago that wasn't want greg meant, but everyone just rolled with it
  6. IC: Kaen - (Ko-Wahi) Kaen awoke face down in a snowdrift. The last things he seemed to recall was escaping a fight, running through a blizzard, and tripping on a snow-covered rock. From the looks of what he could see of Ko-Koro from where he was laying, he'd missed...a bit. He slowly got to his feet, snow falling out of the openings and crevices in his armor and mask. It was deathly cold; no place for a Le-Toa. He rubbed his head. I think it's time I went somewhere warmer and got caught up. He started walking. The sky seemed darker...maybe it was just late. IC: Datrox - (Po-Wahi) The Toa of Fire stood with his hands on his sides beneath the blazing sun--the heat of the Po-Wahi desert was enough to make even a Ta-Toa sweat a bit, it seemed. Dust covered his armor. He pulled his visor back and looked around. Sand that way, rocks that way. He felt like he'd been standing there a while. His feet hurt. Wasn't someone with him? Was he alone? Oh god. At least he had his hat. ... His hat was gone. He looked behind him and saw small rahi eating it. "Son of a--" He chased them off and picked up the remains of his rootin', tootin', kane-ra skin hat. He wasn't even sure kane-ra had skin. He tossed the torn up fashion statement to the wind. He could always get a new one. With fringe! .... ..... Man, he was thirsty. And hungry. And lonely. "At least I didn't miss anything important," he mused. This was funny, because he was wrong.
  7. bahhh i might as well make a short and sweet post in the wrap-up topic just to get things oriented for my returning characters (or at least for datrox and kaen), i've been giving it some thought and feel like it would be awkward to just have them blip back into existence without regarding loose ends
  8. chapter two is up and i went back and edited chapter one slightly to clarify something and remove an awkward line (i had izel's first line end with 'he began' and then his dialogue stopped, which makes no sense), go ahead and give it a reread if you like a note, in case anyone wonders: the unseen voice is unknowable; it isn't makuta, or a makuta. think of it like the ahamkara in destiny. that isn't a spoiler, i just don't want anyone expecting a twist somewhere down the line
  9. CHAPTER TWO The pair fled the dubious safety of a Po-Kara patrolled by Maxilos units for the city's outskirts, a place that could be generously described as "rough"--this was where the criminals and so-called lowlifes of the city lived, at odds with local rahi species, which had only become more wild after the Unseen Voice made its presence known. Some concluded it must have been influencing them in some way, as part of its takeover, but Gehad had no time to ponder this as he slid down a hillside, stumbled, and rolled until he stopped face-down at its base, still holding the Stone. "Are you OK?" Izel was still standing at the top of the hill, the Po-Kara gates behind him, and the beams of distant searchlights dancing around the city. Gehad first checked if the Toa Stone was intact, and finding it was, breathed a sigh of relief and checked the rest of him. "I'm--ow--fine," he said, carefully getting to his feet. Izel looked over his shoulder nervously. "I don't think I can get down there, and there's already Maxilos and Mata Nui-knows-what-else looking for us," he said, "I don't think this was a good idea, Gehad." The Po-Matoran standing below him cracked his back, noting that something felt slightly out of place but chose to worry about it some other time. "What are you gonna do, run back home and get thrown into a pit of Zyglak or something for being out past curfew? You can't just walk away now." Unfortunately, Gehad was right. There was no turning back now and the searchlights were getting closer. Izel begrudgingly started making his way down the hill, only to stumble as well, rolling to a stop at his friend's feet. He got up and adjusted his Pakari and Gehad chuckled, patting the Ga-Matoran on the shoulder. "You alright? A fall usually hurts your pride more than anything, I say." "Yeah. And sure." "Shrug it off. Let's get moving." ~~~ The man reclined in his throne of bodies, resting his head in his hand and toying with a damaged Miru that once belonged to a Toa of Air he'd graciously slaughtered. At both his sides stood a Maxilos unit, their armor painted black to signify they were his own personal guard. The room itself was flanked by two large windows, and a hallway to a balcony extended from behind the throne. The man wore armor of gunmetal and white, and the mask upon his face was twisted and unspeakable. The voice of his master came to him, and its words were like honey as they invaded his mind. My beloved envoy, it said, I have sensed that which should not be. He shuddered. I have searched my realm inside and out and discovered a disturbance. The energy of a Toa. That light. Faint, but enough to sicken me. The voice paused, and the man felt as if its presence had shifted from his right audio receptor to his left, leaning in closer. One of those...things. A Toa Stone. It is here, on Kara-Nui. In the hands of... He sat upright, dropping the mask he held, the sound of it shattering on impact with the floor echoing through the chamber. An image formed in the man's mind of a brown-armored figure clutching something. They spoke in unison. "A Matoran." A Matoran. The doors to the chamber opened and a ebon Maxilos with white markings stepped inside, kneeling before its leader. It spoke in monotone: "Sir, two Matoran have been sighted in Po-Kara past curfew. They were last seen heading for the outskirts. Reports indicate they may be carrying contraband." Arrec smiled. "Kill them. And bring me whatever they might have." The Maxilos could not feel it, but the presence was smiling too. ... REVIEW TOPIC
  10. unfortunately this is the same thought i've been having, would be a bit...dishonest if that's the case but not surprising and based on the traffic the instagram posts got, it seems to be working but yeah, wait and see. i'm still erring on the side of caution
  11. this is the explanation that makes the most sense from a canon standpoint, and also makes the process of using alternate mask powers with gold kanohi easy to grasp visually--a gold pakari being depicted using the power of a hau would be confusing to some, i'd think, but the pakari changing into the shape of a hau first makes perfect sense and gets the information across EDIT: and i basically repeated previous info with more words, but that's a case of forumitis i suppose
  12. so now that faber's gone radio silent on it for a bit...what was up with that whole thing? is he trying to pitch the concept to lego to do a second bionicle reboot, or was he supposedly hinting at an already in-progress one? or was it tied to rebel nature and just a means of bringing attention to his original work? the logo he showed obviously spelled out 'bionicle' and the artwork sure *looked* like bionicle i guess we'll find out in 2020, i'm expecting disappointment
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