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  1. OOC: wanna mention that in the last nale post i lost track of things and forgot to mention the smoke, but it doesn't seem like that affected anything so, you know. remember, kids: there's no harm in running away <3 IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (near elevator) Maybe more emphasis on that run part rather than surrender... Things had gotten thoroughly out of hand. It was, she thought, one thing to be chased by Vahki and possibly sacrifice her chance at learning anything from Stannis about Nuparu's untimely demise. It was another for a cloud of smoke to appear out of Mata-Nui-knows-where (she didn't think Vahki could do that) and have Kanoka flying everywhere--one just barely missing Nale's Kakama by inches and striking a building somewhere behind her--and sending nearby Matoran into a panic, probably thinking the war outside had finally reached their homes based on the level of chaos happening just today. Maybe saying things had gotten out of hand was an understatement. Using her powers she flung the Vahki she had stalled to the side, focusing now on the smoke, through which she saw many eyes looking in her direction. Calling another elevator down to get to the airship was out of the question; it wasn't like she had time to wait for it with a squad of Vahki breathing down her neck. The only course of action now was to find another chute to the surface, away from the action and get to docking level 6. Another Kanoka flew by, and the squad mother was still advancing. She was outnumbered. Unfortunately for the Vahki, they didn't have the Mask of Speed. Nale sheathed her knife and zipped around the smoke cloud, careful to avoid colliding at full speed with any of the machines, then skidded and made a turn towards another elevator: this one, it seemed, she had competition for, as a Matoran-sized individual was also making a run for it, along with a strange-looking fellow and-- --oh, boy. That karzing Skakdi. A gunmetal and black blur flew by Thom and stopped just outside the chute, ahead of Vyarik. Nale was panting as she reached for the button to open the doors, holding a finger up to him. "I ... have ... to take ... this. Sorry." IC: Rose - Metru-Nui airship “Ten minutes until jump,” called a matoran over the ship’s radio. “Move to the jump pad for preparation.” The annoyed Ta-Toa got to her feet and rubbed her neck. She grabbed her case and placed it on her back as she moved towards the jump pad and it started to unfold itself around her, the sound of whirrs and clicks emanating from the complicated machinery as each plate of armor came to rest somewhere on her body. Once the suit had fully covered, Rose rolled her shoulders and smiled, clearly more at home inside of it. "Let's get moving, people," she said. "I wanna fry some League zealots."
  2. IC: Rose - Metru-Nui airship Rose was currently laying down, trying to get some well-deserved rest before busting League heads, using the carrying case for her suit as a very uncomfortable pillow. She groaned at the sound of people talking nearby. "Can't a girl get some karzin' shut-eye..." she said, audible enough for her allies to hear. OOC: Rose open for interaction, "good guy" airship gang IC: Jutori - Archives "Then uh...let's go that way, I suppose."
  3. had an idea for a character. no rayg sprite this time 'cause there's no way i'm gonna make a custom mech suit sprite. lemme know if it's too much, i guess Name: Rose Species: Toa of Fire Faction: Metru-Nui Description: Rose can be best described as the definition of "beef"--her body is bulked out, and her heavy armor makes her appear even more huge. In terms of height, she stands half a Toa taller than most, although she appears to have a slight hunch due to her large shoulder pads. She wears a Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding, which has been forged into a unique shape. Her armor color is almost entirely Mata red, save for areas of exposed muscle that are gray, and her eyes are a striking blue. Although she is naturally-muscled, her heavy armor is, in fact, a separate entity from her and functions almost like a mech suit. She can remove it entirely, revealing her actual, more form-fitting armor, and it can change shape into a slightly oversized suitcase-like carrier that she can wear on her back. Equipment: The right arm of the suit is adorned with a flamethrower which requires no fuel, as it is powered by her element. The left forearm carries a riot shield that can be folded away when not in use. A small compartment on the right thigh (which is on the front of the carrier when it is in that form) holds an all-black firework revolver that she keeps for emergencies. Personality: Rose is generally most focused on the mission at hand and has no time for friendships, treating everyone around her as simply fellow soldiers and nothing more. She has seemingly no fear of death, and will gladly rush headlong into battle, where fighting seems to be the only thing that can bring a smile to her face. Background: Rose originated from a nondescript island that was razed by the League not long after she became a Toa, and although she tried to defend it most of her friends and family were slaughtered and she was left one of the few survivors. This event changed her, and the old Rose was left bleeding on a beach somewhere, replaced by her new, colder, and more violent self. Vowing revenge, she trained to her current physical fitness and acquired her suit as a replacement for her Toa tool, which was destroyed during the attack. Now a walking weapon with an unstoppable personal vendetta, she has no qualms with crushing any opponents that side with the League. Flaws: Her penchant for running straight into danger can have adverse effects. Her suit slows her down considerably and leaves her with poor agility. Weakpoints exist at various spots on it as well, that if focused on could render it immobile or worse, destroy it.
  4. OOC: mobile posting IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (near elevator chute) "- if you aren't there before we're ready for takeoff, you're on your own." The elevator doors shut, and Nale turned to face the Vahki that were approaching her. At the moment, she was living up to the heroics she always thought Toa were supposed to be doing, but as she heard the elevator climb the chute behind her and as the machines advanced on her, she admittedly felt a little nervous. Nale knew she wouldn't be able to stick around long if she wanted to get to Knichou's airship, but she only had to stall the Vahki, and focusing her element, she magnetized the floor beneath the nearest units, rendering them immobile while she slipped her knife from its sheath. "Surrender or run," she mocked.
  5. like 3/5 but that's only 'cause of Six Kingdoms haha
  6. IC: Jutori - Archives With little incident, we had reached a crossroads. I pointed to the sign that said "under construction -- please avoid." "Maybe I'm reading too far into it," I said, shrugging slightly, "but perhaps what we're looking for lies beyond the sign telling us to avoid that path."
  7. IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (elevator) "You talk like a Turaga," she said. "Anyway, I--" She was cut off by the familiar scuttling noise of Vahki on all fours, and looked over her shoulder to see a squad rushing towards them. "--uh oh. We need to get moving." She quickened her pace and got ahead of Knichou to call the elevator. "Go ahead and get in, I can hold them off if they get any closer. It'll cost me some goodwill with Metru-Nui law, but..."
  8. i'm sure someone here can give you a recap (i'm a bit out of the loop still myself, although i only missed a couple years) but it's good to see another player return! and you can have characters go inactive without havin' them bite it off-screen, lol. although i can think of one of my own characters i should've done that with...
  9. IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru (near airship dock) She gave the Toa an odd look, then smirked. "Not unless we met in another life," she said. "If you believe in stuff like that, I guess. I've been around the block but you..." she paused, and looked into Stannis' eyes like she was searching for something, "...you look like you've been around before the block, if that makes sense. But I would think I'd recognize a ghost story when I see one, Toa Stannis. I've lived in Metru-Nui long enough to hear about you." She decided to save her questions about the other suspect, the one she'd seen him fighting, for the comfort of the airship--now seemed like as good a time as any to get to know this man a little. "I'm Nale," she continued, "Nale Vella. Have I been too familiar with you? Normally people find me...cold, I suppose." While she waited for the Toa of Stone to respond, she looked back to Knichou. "Got it. Will be nice to get away from all these crowds."
  10. IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru streets (leaving crime scene) She noticed Knichou start to walk away out of the corner of her eye. "Nevermindeverythingseemsfinerightnowactually--keep up the good work," she spat out with a quick salute, then turned on her heel and power walked up behind the Matoran, motioning for Stannis to follow. "Come on, old man," she said once they were out of earshot of the Vahki. "You've not talked much this whole time. When we get out of here, I'd like to have a chat." She looked down at Knichou. "Find what you were after?"
  11. i think you've got everything--certainly a lot to keep up with
  12. IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru streets (crime scene) She sighed. "Go get your thing, I'll make small talk with the Vahki. But once you're done," she lowered her voice, "we are getting out of here." She strolled over to the Rorzakh. "Anything else you'd like assistance with?" IC: Jutori - Archives I followed behind, my eyes darting in all directions, anticipating another beast to appear out of the dark. "If only they'd hidden it on a much...nicer level."
  13. IC: Nale Vella - Onu-Metru streets (crime scene) Nale looked to the Vahki, then back to Knichou, trying to ignore the mangled body of Nuparu. "What do you expect me to do?" she whispered, kneeling in front of the Matoran so they were at eye level. "My plan was to get you two away from the scene, not do CSI on it." She shrugged, and then added, "Alright. I'll distract this unit while you look for your iStone, or whatever it is you're looking for." Nale glanced towards Stannis. "Unless he's got any ideas."
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