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  1. i like these, i think lewa is my favorite of the three because of the concept of him being turned into a hordika--i expected based on the eye color choice for you to say he'd lost his sight over time, but unless i missed it that doesn't seem to be the case. still, i like his design a lot including that energy cannon creative use of the old eyestalk piece for onua's artificial eye, and there's some neat technique going on with tahu's arms being built off hand connectors. and as someone very impartial to parts modification, i enjoy the addition of the damaged kanohi and face to add character
  2. i would assume them being arms in the film is artistic license as usual and in reality they are tools
  3. beautifully smooth and organic build here, i especially like how the rhotuka spinner has been translated into what almost looks like a marking on its abdomen like a real spider might have. bravo
  4. chapter five is UP this one took a few days and after some personal deliberation of whether i wanted to keep writing this story, i soldiered on. this chapter has far more effort put in, after days plural writing it and changing things or fixing errors rather than a singular day of writing and hoping for the best. no more 'jesus take the wheel' writing, if i could put it in humorous terms. and hey. something actually happens i have also debated on changing the title of the epic itself if possible because that tagline is silly, but we'll see if my feelings change eventually.
  5. CHAPTER FIVE Hashei awoke with a start. At first he thought it might be morning, but a quick glance out his (tiny for the space) window and seeing stars stare back at him between the skyscrapers of Kara-Nui's hub told the truth. He let out a deep sigh and looked down at his shaking hands. Another one of those dreams. Maybe they were visions. He was, after all, a chronicler, and that job did tend to carry an air of...something. He couldn't find the word, his head was fuzzy. He tried to recall the details and grabbed a small journal out from under his pillow, the images already fading from his mind. Phrases that started to lose their words, scrambling apart. One. Truth. One Truth? No, that wasn't it. He looked over previous pages. They looked like the ravings of a madman. He'd encircled all the important things. Recurring imagery of a figure, perhaps the one speaking the words to him. A feeling of unease. The word 'truth' always coming up. He was no closer to an answer, but it all had to mean something, didn't it? Like a sweet whisper, something from the dream returned to him. A voice like silk. You are a drop in the ocean. He looked back to the stars outside. Maybe that ocean wasn't one of water, but something else. Something less knowable. Part of him worried it was the effects of that blasted Unseen Voice, trying to infiltrate his mind and sway him to Arrec's side. For some reason, when he thought about it, a new word came to him: Vorosha, but he didn't remember hearing it in the dream. Unfamiliar. Not Matoran. Another entry for the journal, he supposed. He started writing again, but a commotion outside his room and vibrations like an earthquake caught his attention, causing a couple items to fall from his shelf. He set his things aside and went to his door. For a moment, he stood there and debated if he should open it, but something told him he had to--like a hand taking his own and forcing it onto the handle. He opened the door a crack and quickly shut it, turning on his heel and slamming his back against it. There was something very large, and very green, currently walking through the tower. Through, meaning, like it wasn't even there. Tearing through its walls. Hashei slid down the door into a slump. Mata Nui wept. ~~~ Arrec paced the room, a part of the tower once used for training by the Toa Kara, dummies representing dissenting Matoran or types of rahi still scattered about. He was getting impatient. No word yet that any Matoran with Toa Stones had fallen to his machines. Surely it wasn't that hard to kill beings like that, was it? He struck a dummy in the shape of a gray Matoran wearing a noble Huna, causing it to fall over. Maybe he should have left his tower and done it himself. (He knew the island better, anyhow.) His thoughts were interrupted by the floor shaking violently. Arrec! the Voice spoke into his mind, There is something in the tower. The envoy wanted to respond sarcastically to his master stating the obvious but the floor shook again, this time more violently, and the ground beneath Arrec was shattered apart. He fell and landed on his back in a pile of rubble, in the center of the tower's main hall, his staff and other items laying beside him, dummies and equipment from upstairs surrounding him. Something large stomped near him and flung a Maxilos into a nearby wall, and the machine shattered to pieces. Matoran were scattering around him, running for the nearest exits. The Toa of Shadow's audio receptors were ringing as he slowly got up, the scrambled noise of the other Maxilos speaking to eachother and their opponent roaring coming into focus. He soon realized the tower's attacker wasn't roaring at all, as what it was saying became clearer above the cacophony of destruction. "WHERE IS HE?" The large green figure crushed another robot beneath its claws. "WHERE IS THE TOA?" its voice boomed across the damaged halls of the tower. Arrec got to his feet and retrieved his staff. A Tahtorak had invaded the city. He remembered Hashei's records saying a horde of the beasts had invaded the island hundreds of years ago, but the Toa Kara stopped them. Apparently one didn't take. The massive rahi picked up a Maxilos in its jaws and bit down on it, separating it into two pieces that fell right at Arrec's feet. "You seek a Toa?" he asked as loud as he could over the chaos, "I am this island's only Toa." The Tahtorak paused its rampage to look down on him and narrow its eyes. It studied him for a moment, before huffing and saying, "Wrong Toa." It turned and swiped its tail through a couple rooms towards Arrec, who deftly dodged it by leaping in the air and focusing his power through his weapon, sending a black and red bolt of shadow out and striking the beast in its side. It roared out in pain. "Wrong Toa, but yet you fight back? I will devour you for getting in my way." The Toa of Shadow landed and turned to a Maxilos--one of his own guards--standing nearby. "Evacuate the tower, the Matoran who work here are of no use to me dead. Especially the Chronicler, Hashei. I want double the guards escorting him." The Maxilos saluted and motioned for a pair of its kind to follow it before exiting. Arrec turned his attention back to the Tahtorak. "Let us play then, monster. I think I'll mount your head in my quarters, right next to Toa Mir's hatchet." The rahi's red eyes seemed to glow brighter at the mention of that name. "You know the Toa I seek? Perhaps I will leave you just enough alive to tell me where he is, and then bite your head off." Mir had been the Kara's Toa of Stone, and the one who killed the most Tahtorak when they first invaded the island. Truthfully, Arrec didn't know what happened to him after that. He had acquired his Toa tool from somewhere else--Mir himself had been long missing before he terminated the remaining Kara. But that was beside the point, he now understood why this rahi was here, and why it was ruining his gorgeous tower. He pointed his staff at the Tahtorak. "You have trespassed. I can only imagine what the rest of my city looks like at the moment. There is no 'perhaps,' you animal," he said, twirling his weapon for added effect and changing to a battle-ready stance, "I will kill you. When Toa Arrec makes a promise, he keeps it." The Tahtorak huffed again and then roared at him, its jaws inches away from Arrec's Kanohi. It raised its claw and swung at him, only to feel air as wisps of shadow slipped through its fingers. The Toa was gone. Confused, the rahi immediately studied the room. "Trickery! You are not clever, warrior." "No trickery," Arrec's voice came from behind the Tahtorak. He reappeared on its back out of a cloud of darkness and drove his staff into it. The sound the beast made must've echoed across the entire island, perhaps even past it. It shook its body, causing Arrec to lose balance and fall off its back. In a panic it charged forward into a pillar and another part of the upper floor came down on its head, bringing with it a Matoran and two Maxilos. The two robots quickly got up and ran to Arrec to assist him, despite one of them having lost its arm under rubble, while the Matoran simply lay unmoving. The Toa of Shadow was leaning against a pillar setting things back into place. For a moment it seemed the Tahtorak was finished, until it lifted its head. The rubble slid off and the body of the Matoran rolled onto the floor, drawing its attention for a short moment. It blinked and tilted its head quizzically, before snapping down and...well, Arrec was too preoccupied with retrieving his tool to watch it eat someone. He ordered the two Maxilos to use their stun rifles on the creature (causing a confused reaction from the one missing its arm) and pulled his arm back before launching his staff like a javelin at the Tahtorak, shadow energy crackling off of it. It turned to face them, bits of armor falling out of its jaws as two stun shots hit it causing it to pause, right before Arrec's staff hit its mark on the side of the beast's head and it cried out as a burst of shadow exploded inside its skull. The Tahtorak clawed at its wound in vain before letting out one last strained cry and collapsing. Dragon: dead. And the shadowy knight felt nothing staring at its corpse in the middle of the tower. He regarded it like a pest that had been taken care of. Arrec groaned as the adrenaline died down and he could feel everything that hurt in his body. He would have to retire to his quarters so the Voice could repair him. He ordered the surviving Maxilos units available to begin clean-up and find any workers who may have hidden away during the attack, and walked through the new archway the creature had created through its trail of destruction outside the main hall, to a large Tahtorak-shaped hole in the wall to see the sun rising over a trampled city. He cursed under his breath. Matoran were running back and forth to help their fellow man, clearing out rubble and digging for survivors. It was ironic, in a way, that the largest attack the island had faced since Arrec took power was not from some revolutionaries trying to overthrow him, but a beast with a vengeance for a missing man. A beast that couldn't use doors. Oddly, it seemed the damage began close to the tower, and he knew there had been no warning signs of the creature before it entered. It was as if it had just...manifested. He returned inside. Hashei had new material to write. ... REVIEW TOPIC
  6. jok-kor seems like a nice place wonder what that one matoran's deal was, the one getting accosted. seems he's seen some things
  7. started a nuzlocke run on pokémon x recently. at first i was gonna do a naming scheme of bionicle characters but that quickly fell apart when i had to catch a flabébé and had no idea what bionicle name would work there, so i'm just doing random ones now
  8. extremely mixed feelings on this one, will have to wait and see how it turns out
  9. i am very fine with the idea of a spiritual successor with the same concept that inspired g1, that'd honestly be better than another bionicle reboot overall and it makes sense he'd revisit an old idea and make something new out of it i'm sure if the idea works out he'd get a dedicated story team to help. i wonder if his goal is to make a show, like rebel nature, or something else? at this point we're back at the 'wait and see' portion of things. good thing 2020 isn't so far off now i suppose
  10. since datrox is back in the game for next arc we could always reunite him and cyramar
  11. i've not seen this since navigating the comments on instagram posts is almost impossible forme but i'm not surprised--doesn't exactly explain the tease with the letters, though, or why he's presenting it in a way that can be so easily misconstrued. why be so vague and teaser-y about it in the first place? definitely a 'read the room' moment it seems EDIT: i saw the comment now. still confusing, him talking about 'funding' and the name having to evolve and the like. no idea at this point what he's getting at
  12. this definitely feels more likely, it'd be a shame for it to turn out that way and have people put him on blast for supposedly leading them on about another bionicle reboot when that wasn't his intention
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