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  1. IC: Rose - Metru-Koro (Love Shack) "So what, you got am...amn...what's that word, Sky? Ambidextrous?" @Snelly@Dane IC: Jutori - Metru-Koro Gates "Exactly. Now, I've kept you stuck at the gates for too long now. Let's head in, yeah?" @Snelly IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" "I hope not," she replied. Granted, she had been trying not to think about exactly that. Nale hoped what remained of the League would stay in Metru Nui...what was left of Metru Nui, that is. "But I wouldn't dwell on it. For now, we focus on helping eachother." @Harvali
  2. IC: Rose - Metru-Koro (Love Shack) "I think you'd just end up with little fishy bits floating in the water, hun," Rose replied, tossing an MRE to Vent. The label on its packaging claimed the content was something akin to pizza, but whether the ingredients agreed with that name were up to the person eating it to decide. "You any good at fishing, kid?" @Snelly@Dane IC: Jutori - Metru-Koro Gates "Yeah! I mean, we crash-landed on another planet, and yet here we are. We're survivors." @Snelly
  3. IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" Images of Arkius' actions in the Archives, along with Nale's own...missteps flashed in her mind as Kanohi spoke of her and her kind as if they were god-given heroes. She wasn't sure they had done much else but add to body counts in their efforts to protect the Matoran and Metru Nui up until the crash, but if it eased the minds of the people, of her allies, then maybe it was better to let the illusion live on. She forced a smile. "Thank you, Kanohi. It...means a lot to hear that. You did your part, too." @Harvali IC: Rose - Metru-Koro (Love Shack) "Wasn't so bad," the Toa of Fire replied, searching around the shack's makeshift tiny kitchen for anything to eat. "You got the stomach for military rations, kid?" @Snelly@Dane IC: Jutori - Metru-Koro Gates He frowned, noticing Vashni's glance towards...the monument to their dead god. Truth be told he was just as troubled, spending most of his guard duty worrying that an ambush could happen any moment and crush the burgeoning village. Worrying that he'd fail to stop it, or warn everyone in time. "Hey, if things get real bad we'll be there to do something about it, right? We're Toa, it's kind of our job. This is our home now, and we're gonna defend it like we did our old one." @Snelly
  4. IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" "Hunting...yes, I suppose you could call it that," Nale replied, looking back to the horizon. "Arkius may be gone for a while. I wouldn't worry about it," she said somewhat cryptically. @Harvali
  5. IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" And like that, he was gone. Nale wasn't sure Arkius would ever return, but either way she'd try and cherish the time they had spent together. As she watched the horizon, as if expecting the Toa of Earth to suddenly change his mind and return, a familiar voice addressed her. Nale turned to Kanohi and smiled, then felt her face. "Ah, yes...my mask. I suppose a Kakama isn't much use when you have a bad leg. I appreciate the offer, Kanohi, but I'll be fine. I...I'll get better." She said that last part with a bit of uncertainty to her tone. @Harvali IC: Datrox Karvan - Metru-Koro Suddenly addressed, I looked down at the De-Matoran. I nodded and studied the vegetables for a brief moment, picking out a red tomato--not unlike the color of my armor, but brighter--and smiled, holding it my hand like a prized possession. "Thank you, I'm pleased to see kindness has survived the crash. What is your name?" @Toru Nui
  6. IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" Her eyes traveled to the ground. Nale gripped her spear a little tighter as she replied, "I understand." The Fa-Toa looked back up to meet Arkius' single optic. "I'd say something like 'Great Spirit be with you,' but...you know. Good...good luck, Arkius." Nale didn't want them to part, truthfully--after all that had happened, sticking together was what she wanted most. But Arkius was still a Toa, and unlike her he was still in top shape to fight. "I'll miss you." @Onaku
  7. IC: Rose - Metru-Koro "Rose, Rose...Daring, I guess? How's that work again, hun?" @Snelly@Dane IC: Korio Karasha - The Rig Zai. The closest thing Korio had as a rival when it came to Yumiwak's attention...even he knew he was a bit of a skidplate-kisser, but Zai was worse. Korio rolled his red eyes behind his goggles. "Th' mall, eh? Sounds like a right lovely trip, Miss Yumi. I b'lieve I can be of assistance, then. I'll come right along, love." @EmperorWhenua@Dane IC: Nale Vella - Refugee Camp ("Po-Koro") The world hadn't ended as much as it had crashed into another. It had been a week since she watched Metru Nui crumble, Arkius and Kilo by her side, and now they were all living in these camps, far from the fallen head of Mata Nui. Makeshift towns filled with displaced residents of the giant robot they'd all spent many, many years in all trying to eke out a living on an inhospitable island. Nale had been spending most of her time here, trying to gather her thoughts and recover from her injury. Improper treatment and running to escape the collapsing Archives wasn't exactly the best for a bad leg, and now she walked with the aid of a spear she'd crafted. Less a weapon, more a cane. The Toa of Magnetism stepped outside of the shack her and Arkius had been staying in. The Toa of Earth was preparing for something, it seemed. Preparing to leave. "What are you doing?" she asked, leaning on her spear. @Onaku
  8. IC: Rose - Metru-Koro "Riiight," she said, "come along, kid. We'll get you something to munch on." Rose turned and started walking, taking Skyra's hand as she did. @Snelly@Dane IC: Korio Karasha - The Rig The sycophantic blue Skakdi jogged up to Yumiwak. "Oi, Miss Yumi, you left me behind back there, you 'avin' a bit of internal monologue again, love? I do like me a bit of internal monologuin' from time to time, meself..." Like right now! I'm internal monologuing as we live an' breathe! Oi, what do I monologue about? Eh...oh! Yesterday, I had meself a right lovely dinner, a big fat juicy steak and blah blah blah... ...for a moment, Korio was staring off into space, grinning. "...oh, Miss Yumi, I've been tryin' to catch up with ya. What are we doin'?" @EmperorWhenua
  9. IC: Jutori - Metru-Koro "Yeah, I don't doubt it..." he replied. "Things have been pretty quiet here. I've been keeping watch over the gates to make sure nothing, uh, unwanted gets in. So far it's been clear." @Snelly
  10. IC: Jutori - Metru-Koro A familiar face met Vashni at the gates, his sledgehammer hefted over his shoulder as always. "Welcome back, Vashni," Jutori said. "How are things out there?' @Snelly
  11. Name: Jutori Species: Toa of Gravity Faction: Metru Nui Description: A Toa of average height with an overall heroic frame and appearance, Jutori's armor is mostly purple in color with black as a secondary, and his eyes are yellow. He wears a Great Mahiki, the Mask of Illusion. Equipment: A sledgehammer given to him by Knichou, now transformed into a Toa tool to focus his element. Powers: Can create and control gravity. His Kanohi allows him to create optical illusions and shapeshift into another form. He can change the way others see him and imitate voices, but cannot copy any powers the original has. Personality: Awkward as a Matoran, Jutori is still somewhat awkward as a Toa, having to adjust to his new form and abilities. At the same time, fulfilling his life-long dream of Toahood has given him a new sense of purpose and bravery. Background: Originally believing he had been dealt a bad hand in life, Jutori thought his destiny was to become a heroic Toa. Joining together with a group of varied individuals (who could possibly be referred to as an "odd company"), they discovered the Onu-Metru great disk deep in the Archives, and then merged with the crew of the Taku to uncover Po-Metru's disk. Whether his belief was true, or it has all simply been a matter of circumstance, Jutori has now gone from an odd Matoran to a heroic-looking Toa of Gravity, and now seeks to defend Metru Nui from ruin. Flaws: Still somewhat stubborn, and his greediness for power as a Matoran has developed into a greediness in combat--there's a good chance that if he believes he has the upper hand, he will go all out to secure victory. Name: Korio Karasha Species: Skakdi of Lightning Faction: Riggers; Yumiwak Powers: Suppressed elemental abilities that can only be used in conjunction with another Skakdi, and laser eye-beams. Description: Mostly Metru blue in cover, with lime green popping out in some places. His eyes are a bright crimson color, and are usually protected by goggles, although they obstruct his vision power if he forgets to take them off. Average height for a Skakdi, but has a hunch that makes him appear slightly shorter. He is also burly--his muscles are visible beneath his armor and he likes to flex them whenever he can. A thin layer of red dust covers some of his body from travelling the island. He speaks with an unplaceable accent, and won't stop calling everyone "mate." Equipment: A crossbow with a wooden grip and stock that has had the image of a scantily-clad female Skakdi carved into it, which he's nicknamed "Lady." Weird. A rudimentary hybrid sight is affixed to it, allowing him to switch between the weapon's iron sights and a magnified lens. He carries a supply of arrows, including explosive-tipped bolts he uses on special occasions, and a pair of combat knives. Personality: Charismatic. Bombastic. Friendly. Insufferable. Also a bit of a sycophant. Background: Abandoned by his parents at a young age to fend for himself in the Zakaz wilderness, Korio has little memory of his childhood before he began living off the land. He soon become a troublemaker, even by Skakdi standards, and now runs with Yumiwak, intent on helping her with her burgeoning warband. Flaws: Well, we all have flaws, don't we, mate? Korio is deathly afraid of rahi bigger than 'im, and will seize up at the sight of them. Physically, well...he's a looker, ain't he? But really, he's got a bad back (s'why he's got the hunch!) that tends to give him trouble from time to time. Ain't pretty.
  12. IC: Datrox Karvan - Somewhere in Metru-Koro I sat under the shade of tent cover, legs crossed and my hands clasped together, my eyes shut tightly, as if I was in desperate prayer. My armor looked pristine, especially compared to my surroundings, and yet I could still feel the ghosts of old wounds even now. It was all so much to take in, even after a week of debating with myself. God wasn't dead...God couldn't be dead. He was the Great Spirit, the one who'd given me my second chance...if it hadn't been for Him, I would still be lying in that Ta-Metru street, dead. Unless it was all...circumstances. I sighed deeply. Iradra had saved me, not God. And what was left of God was now a mechanical head resting in the dirt like a gravestone, staring us down in a fashion almost mocking my faith. I had come to the Light for guidance, to assist me in a time I felt most lost, and He had turned out to be nothing more than a giant robot who never even knew my name. My convictions would not be affected by this. My morals were my morals, and I would never lapse far enough to be the man I once was. I knew now it was folly to try and erase my identity from history to solve my sins. I was Datrox Karvan of the Toa Rode--I would always be Datrox Karvan of the Toa Rode. My comrades would not be forgotten, not even here in this far-off place of confusion and misery and scattered peoples looking for salvation and answers. I hoped Tanaya and Eroni were resting well after joining the fight to push back the League, the brave souls they were, now gone from this world. I hoped Kavi had survived as I had, and was here on this island somewhere seeking refuge and that we'd meet again and speak of old times. I hoped Nale, the one whose forgiveness I seeked most, had found a life better than what I could have ever offered her. I hoped that, if there was such a place (although I doubted it now), Sevrehn was burning in Karzahni. I opened my eyes, and they adjusted to the sunlight after being closed for so long. Orange optics scanned the crowd moving around me. Refugees, all trying to make life here seem...normal, now. Make life here make sense. I got to my feet. Datrox Karvan would still be needed to protect them, whether I had God with me or not. OOC: Datrox open for interaction, for anyone in Metru-Koro interested.
  13. IC: Rose - Metru-Koro She simply nodded along as her wife spoke, a smile planted on her Hau. "So how did I do? Was that a good inner monologue?" "Was great, hun," Rose replied. The Toa of Fire was out of her mechsuit, which currently sat inside their love shack they'd holed up in after...you know. "You have the best inner monologues," she continued, before turning to meet the new arrival. Looked like a Toa, but wasn't a Toa, and was wearing a noble Garai. "Uh, well, I don't have anything on me at the moment..." Rose said, then looking at Skyra, "...but we have stuff back at our place, right Sky? Wouldn't hurt to invite 'em over for a bit, I think." The pair were essentially on honeymoon in this new and...odd place. Wasn't quite the vacation Rose would've asked for, but it was certainly something. Having to leave behind what she knew was a bit hard, but this island offered a whole new experience for Rose and her wife, despite its dangers. And how did it go again? For better or for worse...
  14. Name: Nale (NAH-ley) Vella Species: Toa of Magnetism Faction: Metru Nui Refugees Description: A fit, gunmetal and black-armored female Toa. She wears a Kanohi Kakama, and her eyes are an icy blue color. Thin, cord-like "hair" extends from behind her mask and falls on her shoulders. She stands at average height for her kind. Her armor is no longer pristine, and her face bears a burn scar from a past encounter. Nale now walks with a slight limp, as well. She can thank a certain enemies-to-??? Ko-Skakdi for both of these things. Powers: Can control, create, and absorb magnetism, and her Kanohi grants her enhanced movement speed. Equipment: Her rifle she once carried was lost in the collapse of the Archives, and she now wields a spear made of scrap found near the refugee camp she resides in that doubles as a walking stick, the knife engraved KARVAN serving as its tip. Personality: Not entirely different from before, she's still stoic with a soft side. However, her relationship with the Toa Code has become more complicated and she now chooses not to wrestle with ideals. Background: Nale's life before the crash is too messed up and confusing to dwell on, for now she has settled down in a refugee camp with any allies who survived. Flaws: She avoids combat due to her current state, and because of events in the past in which she believes she went "too far." In the right circumstances, however, she might be tempted to be violent. Name: Datrox Karvan Species: Toa of Fire Faction: Metru Nui Refugees Description: A lean male figure wearing flattering, form-fitting Metru red and black armor. His face is adorned by a Noble-shaped Great Huna, Mask of Concealment. His body once bore the scars of self-harm and past battles, but after being healed by the Toa of Light, Iradra, he looks as if he just became a Toa yesterday. He abandoned his cloak in Ta-Metru and no longer wears it. His once-blazing orange eyes have now become darker, and show signs of age. His left arm has apparently been lost in the past, now replaced with an entirely black advanced prosthetic. Powers: He lost his connection with his element years ago and can no longer control it; although a passive ability of resistance to extreme heat lingers, he cannot wield fire and relies entirely on his swordsmanship to survive battles. His Kanohi grants him invisibility, although as a downside he still casts a shadow when it is active. Equipment: A long and wide sword he calls the "obsidian blade," although he appears to be the only person who does so. It resembles the volcanic glass it is named after in appearance, but is in fact made of protosteel, making it more durable than your average weapon (though not indestructible, like most canon protosteel weapons). A large sheath designed to fit it sits on his back. He also carries a dagger, with the name VELLA carved on its blade, which he keeps in a small sheath behind his waist. Personality: Datrox is reserved, tending to keep to himself. Once jovial, the loss of his powers and, apparently a lover, have darkened him. He believes the Toa Code is merely a block that keeps warriors from doing their jobs, and has renounced it for the sake of his own moral beliefs, which may prove...controversial, with others. Despite being a killer, he is a devout believer in Mata Nui, although the crash has shaken this belief. Background: Fresh start. Flaws: His lack of elemental control, along with his preference for solo work. Although he's trying to learn to control his temper, it may still flare up from time to time. He also has no qualms about killing to survive, and although in the unforgiving landscape of Zakaz that may prove necessary, to the refugees of the GSR this may be an issue. Name: Rose Species: Toa of Fire Faction: Metru Nui Refugees; her wife Description: Rose can be best described as the definition of "beef"--her body is bulked out, and her heavy armor makes her appear even more huge. In terms of height, she stands half a Toa taller than most, although she appears to have a slight hunch due to her large shoulder pads. She wears a Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding, which has been forged into a unique shape. Her armor color is almost entirely Mata red, save for areas of exposed muscle that are gray, and her eyes are a striking blue. Although she is naturally-muscled, her heavy armor is, in fact, a separate entity from her and functions almost like a mech suit. She can remove it entirely, revealing her actual, more form-fitting armor, and it can change shape into a slightly oversized suitcase-like carrier that she can wear on her back. Equipment: The right arm of the suit is adorned with a flamethrower which requires no fuel, as it is powered by her element. The left forearm carries a riot shield that can be folded away when not in use. A small compartment on the right thigh (which is on the front of the carrier when it is in that form) holds an all-black firework revolver that she keeps for emergencies. Personality: Rose is generally most focused on the mission at hand and has no time for friendships, treating everyone around her as simply fellow soldiers and nothing more. She has seemingly no fear of death, and will gladly rush headlong into battle, where fighting seems to be the only thing that can bring a smile to her face. Background: Rose has survived the war with the League, gotten her vengeance to a degree, and fallen in love with the Toa of Air Skyra Daring. The two were married by a Turaga named Sans, and now live together in Metru-Koro. Flaws: Her penchant for running straight into danger can have adverse effects. Her suit slows her down considerably and leaves her with poor agility. Weakpoints exist at various spots on it as well, that if focused on could render it immobile or worse, destroy it. Her emotions can get the best of her at times, causing her to lose sight of what's important or "safe."
  15. IC: Rose - Ko-Metru Rose immediately turned redder than red. "Ah, uhm, yeah..." she stammered out, trying not to look flustered and failing, "...that was kinda gay." She smiled. Who knew things would work out like this? "I guess the war's over, huh?" @Snelly
  16. IC: Nale Vella - Archives The structure continued to rumble and shake as the trio made their way out, exiting through the hole Arkius had made prior and finding themselves passing through the Archives' gift shop as a shortcut, kikanalo plushes scattered around the floor by the quaking. Once outside, the extent of what was happening became obvious as buildings fought to stand, and Nale wondered if this was truly the end times. She turned to Arkius, icy blue eyes meeting his. "I think...there's no better time than now to tell you what...what I was going to say before...I know we haven't known each other long but in that time we grew...closer, and...we're comrades but I think we're...well I want us to be..." She shook her head. The words weren't coming out right. A tremor almost caused her to fall, but Arkius caught her in his arms and the Fa-Toa found herself with her head resting against the taller man's chest, her audio receptor picking up his rapid heartbeat. Both of them blushed and Nale tucked her hair behind her Kakama. After all she'd been through with Datrox, and after seeing what Arkius could do in the Archives, would she be wise to try something like this again? Metru Nui was crumbling around them, and it seemed like there'd never be a chance for something like this again, however. Perhaps sometimes you had to take chances. Looking up at Arkius, she said, "Well, I suppose this would say a lot more than words..." Standing on her tippy-toes to accommodate for the larger Toa, Nale wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on Arkius' lips. She pulled away to stand beside him, taking the Onu-Toa's hand in hers and watching as buildings fell. "...it was nice knowing you, Toa Arkius." OOC: "...you've met me at a very strange time in my life."
  17. IC: Nale Vella - Archives She quickly searched and grabbed the machine's lost leg, replacing it at its connection point before taking the regeneration disk from its compartment and hitting it against Kilo. She didn't wait to see the repairs begin working, she immediately hefted the machine up and began leaving. "Arkius," she called out to the Onu-Toa, briefly pausing to look him in the eyes like she was about to say something else, "grab...grab the spear. Hurry!" With that, Nale ran out of the crumbling Archives with Kilo and, presumably, Arkius in tow.
  18. IC: Nale Vella - Archives She got on her hands and feet, fighting against the trembling floor, then slowly stood. Amidst the collapsing Archives, Kilo had managed to decimate Mantax's soldiers and even down the warlord himself. Nale made her way over to the damaged machine, passing by Thom's body, and crouched beside the Kralhi. "Can you...still function, Kilo?" she asked the machine, glancing over at the corpse of Mantax, the spear stuck in his head. @pokemonlover360@Onaku IC: Rose - Ko-Metru Rose stood over Skyra and the Turaga. "I think he's senile, hun. Oh well. That's another warlord down, at least! Things might be looking u--" the Ta-Toa was interrupted by the district shaking. "...huh, that's not good." @Snelly OOC: I lied, it wasn't the last Nale post. Never trust me.
  19. IC: Nale Vella - Archives Her aim was true, but it was only after the shot had landed that Nale realized what her actions had caused. The Archives erupted into chaos as Mantax's soldiers fought for their leader's honor, in the face of both her and Thom interrupting. And Thom, Mata Nui--even after all that had happened, seeing him die before her only served to make Nale's stomach turn. Arkius shot her a look that made her feel like she did before, on board the Taku--that same feeling of a child being caught doing something forbidden, and a sense you'd failed someone. There was no time to explain herself. As she lowered her rifle and moved to avoid the League's own counterattack, the ground shook, and this time it was clearly not Arkius' doing. Something large and cosmic was happening that they were all too small to contend with. She wanted to rush over to the Onu-Toa and embrace him, and tell him something important, because at the end of the world, where else do you want to be but in the arms of-- A tremor knocked her off already-wobbly feet, and she fell on her rear. Her rifle landed somewhere nearby and was crushed under falling rubble. The reality was beginning to set in. A change was happening, and the normalcy she'd hoped would return after the League's defeat would be farther and farther away now. Nale wondered, for a brief moment, where he was during all this. Had he perished on a far off island during the League's campaign? Had he returned to Metru Nui, and possibly crossed paths with her, and she just didn't notice? It didn't matter, what mattered now was whatever came next. IC: The Swordsman Datrox Karvan - Coliseum I braced against my sword to stay standing. For some reason, I wasn't frightened, at least not as much as the crowd of Matoran, or my Toa comrades. Perhaps this was the League's doing, or some form of rapture...yes, maybe this was God, and we were merely at His whim... Was it time for my sins to be counted? I looked to the sky, resolute and still as a statue amidst a crumbling world. IC: Jutori - Ehlek's Tower, Le-Metru (Last Call) Jutori didn't know what was going on, but clearly they had little time left to take care of their quarry. He stood beside Stannis, sledgehammer drawn and ready to smash, even as things came undone. "It's over," the Ba-Toa said in an attempt to be dramatic, unaware of how accurate he was. OOC: Last post for Nale and Datrox this game (Idlyx is somewhere off-screen, chilling), it's been fun. Not sure we'll get around to finishing up Ehlek or the Ko-Metru fight, but either way...we made it to the end.
  20. IC: Jutori - Le-Metru (Parking Garage) Jutori crept out of the tunnel slowly, eyes darting back and forth, checking for any signs of Ehlek's soldiers in the garage. "It's a little...quiet down here." @Snelly@EmperorWhenua@That Matoran with a Vahi
  21. IC: Jutori - Le-Metru The Ba-Toa coughed his way down the hole Stannis had created, following the group into Le-Metru's brand new tunnel system created by the older Po-Toa. Jutori rubbed his eyes. "That was quick thinking, Stannis," he said, coming up alongside his mentor. He hefted his sledgehammer over his shoulder and peered down the tunnel, amber optics narrowing at the thought of what they'd have to do. With the group's combined efforts, Metru Nui would have one less warlord running amok. He just wasn't sure if that meant killing Ehlek...or whatever Vashni had in mind. "Let's," he replied to both comrades before he began walking ahead. @EmperorWhenua@Snelly@That Matoran with a Vahi IC: Nale Vella - Archives The Fa-Toa stayed behind. Thom was pursuing his own destiny now, and here she was slumped against the wall, staring down her weapon like it was staring right back. All it had done was bring her trouble, and her actions with it continued to hang in the back of her mind. Nale sighed and picked it up. One last time, she thought. Nale braced the rifle's barrel against the corner, taking aim at Mantax's leg and firing, ensuring the warlord wouldn't be able to move again before the final blow was delivered against him. OOC: The floor is Kilo's. @Dane@Onaku@pokemonlover360@Unreliable Narrator
  22. IC: Rose - Ko-Metru "Thanks for the lift, hun," Rose said, Skyra's apparent exhaust from carrying her not registering with the larger woman. She turned to the two combatants, her gaze slowly pulling up towards the orb of water. "Huh." @Snelly@Azibo@Unreliable Narrator
  23. IC: The Swordsman - Coliseum "Good choice," came my reply as I walked past the surrendering soldiers, my blade drawn and ready to cut down any who might change their minds. It seemed the loyalty of the Vortixx I had interrogated earlier did not spread to his comrades, who once their leader was gone dropped their weapons, apparently directionless without the red-armored menace. I had left the warriors already present in the parade grounds to fight their battle, and the tall woman had succeeded, I thought. I came upon the arm Kalmah had left behind, and crouched beside it. "Trust me," I whispered, knowing full-well the flagellant warlord could no longer hear me, "I know how it feels." I stood and stomped the disembodied limb with my boot. "Round up these soldiers, then. I don't think their leader is coming back any time soon." @~Xemnas~@Onaku
  24. IC: Nale Vella - Archives To be honest, Nale didn't know what to do either. Her eyes were affixed on the gun sitting by her. "It isn't your only chance," she replied somewhat cryptically, but perhaps Thom detected what she meant: you can still help us. @Dane
  25. IC: Nale Vella - Archives This was going to hurt far more than a skinny Skakdi's fingers in her knee, she thought, and Nale braced herself as Thom lined up the shot. He fired and she let out a cry of pain, gripping her leg as the firework round burned her--but, as excruciating as it was, the heat successfully cauterized the wound. Didn't mean walking from here on out would be any easier, but at least the Fa-Toa wasn't bleeding out any more. Nale struggled to her feet, now leaning against the wall again as she stood on one good leg and one not-so-good leg. "I...thanks," she said to the Skakdi, amazed she was thanking him for anything after he'd tried to duel and probably kill her. It was also the second time Thom had burnt her, in completely different contexts. Meanwhile, there was still the duel doing on just around the corner. The Fa-Toa looked at the rifle at her feet and frowned. @Dane IC: Jutori - Le-Metru Jutori slapped another eelman trying to sneak up on the group away with his sledgehammer. A reddish cloud was beginning to rise around them, and soon the Ba-Toa began to feel a stinging in his eyes and throat, and then started coughing. "That's not... koff ...good..." @EmperorWhenua@Snelly@That Matoran with a Vahi
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