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  1. IC: Nale Vella - The Tranquility/Outside Metru-Koro She made her way over to Skorm, eyeing Ostrox with suspicion as he dove out of the ship before anyone else present. "I'll catch up with him," Nale said to the Twi-Toa, before stepping off into her second freefall of the day. As she left, the Toa of Magnetism muttered something else, barely audible above the wind as she jumped, but if one were to focus on it they'd hear: "You lot better make it." Nale could feel her heartrate skyrocket again as she dove straight for the rapidly approaching Zakazian landscape. She went into a glide for a bit to slow and reorient herself, before pulling her chute about halfway above the ground. The Fa-Toa then finished her descent, briefly feeling relief the moment her boots touched down on the desert. She was no longer on a crashing airship, but the fighting wasn't over yet, and the others still had to make the jump themselves. Getting the Tranquility out of the air was at least a small victory, but wouldn't mean much if her team didn't survive its crash. "I hope you're not getting any ideas," she said to Ostrox, discarding her pack as she walked over to him. "We don't leave this spot until all of my allies are accounted for." @Conway@Keeper of Kraata@TL01 NUVA@The UltimoScorp@Toru Nui IC: Rose - Pridak's Throne Room Rose prepared herself. She wasn't sure what kind of show Stannis was putting on, but the time for her and the others to make themselves known seemed to be drawing near. The Ta-Toa clenched her fists in anticipation of the things she'd do to Pridak, like taking hold of his head and crushing it like a Madu fruit... @EmperorWhenua@Snelly@Toru Nui@Kal the Guardian@~Xemnas~@Vezok's Friend
  2. IC: Nale Vella - The Tranquility Nale glanced between Irna and the rest of the group. The Fa-Toa may not have been showing it, but she was very worried she'd jump and find herself the only one on the ground. Then again, just like before with Triage (and just like with herself), she understood. The Zyglak woman wanted to stay with the person she cared about. "I...alright." Nale turned to Kat, carefully navigating the falling vessel. "This ship is a lost cause, you can try and stop it all you want, but I'm going," she said. "This is where we get off." @Conway@Keeper of Kraata@TL01 NUVA@The UltimoScorp@Toru Nui
  3. OOC: Quick mobile post. Added colors. IC: Nale Vella - The Tranquility Nale quickly donned her chute. The interference had cleared again, and so far it seemed at least one boarding had succeeded, so the Fa-Toa contacted Knichou again. Hopefully things were at least going smoother for his team... "Knichou, we've got the captain in custody, but this ship is going down. We've acquired chutes, luckily, and we're bailing. I...I'll see you on the ground." The Toa of Magnetism looked to her group. "Who's ready for another jump?" @Conway@Keeper of Kraata@TL01 NUVA@The UltimoScorp@Toru Nui@BULiK IC: Triage - The Taku The ships had stopped firing on them, that was good. Triage knew he couldn't breathe a sigh of relief just yet, but at least now they could probably move about the ship again without what happened to Suhaku and Exuze happening again. "Go check on the other crewmembers for me, see how they're doing," the medic replied. "I need to stay with these two." @ZippyWharrgarbl@Taka Nuvia
  4. IC: Nale Vella - The Tranquility Nale's plan was, almost literally, shot down upon Ostrox accidentally destroying the controls and sending the Tranquility towards the ground. On the brighter side, the League was losing one of its number, on the other...her and her allies were still onboard. Her immediate reaction was to use her element to magnetize to the deck of the bridge and keep from falling backwards, once again creating the interference from before. A ship this big should have some means of getting its passengers off safely in the case of disaster, they couldn't just jump for it and hope for the best. Even with their elemental powers, a freefall from this height would presumably end poorly. "There has to be...something we can use, first. Ostrox, listen here! I doubt you want to go down with us--does this ship have parachutes? Anything?!" @Conway@Keeper of Kraata@TL01 NUVA@The UltimoScorp@Toru Nui IC: Rose - Pridak's Throne Room Rose shuffled her feet, clearly impatient as she stood behind cover and awaited the arrival of the target. Soon she heard voices, recognizing Aurax's as he presented the mask to Pridak. The excited Ta-Toa attempted to find some sort of opening to peer through, almost hoping this plan would go wrong enough to give her the chance to go 1-on-1 with the League leader and show him just how excited she was. Almost. @EmperorWhenua@Snelly@Toru Nui@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Vezok's Friend
  5. IC: Nale Vella - The Tranquility Nale paused at the doorway to the bridge, commotion audible on the other side. The Toa of Magnetism raised her fist in a "hold" motion, gripping her spear tighter. The Toa flanking Nale seemed eager to get into some action. Maybe she was, too, but she was far more eager to end this before any more damage was done. The Fa-Toa was going to stick to her plan: deal with the crew, take control of the ship, and help the Taku and the village in any way they could. Crashing it was a last-ditch option. Her hand lowered. "Kei, take point," Nale said, voice low, then backed away from the door to give the Av-Toa space. "See if you can bring this door down." @TL01 NUVA@The UltimoScorp@Keeper of Kraata@Toru Nui IC: Korio Karasha - Wastes/The Panda Korio followed behind as the motley crew boarded the Panda, keeping an eye on Zataka as the Vo-Skakdi said he would. His crossbow remained in his grasp the entire time. As cool as her pants may have been, he didn't like this woman. @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend
  6. IC: Triage - The Taku "Correct," the medic said, wrapping bandages around any wounds still present on the pair of patients he was treating. "The captain has left the ship with a few other members of the crew and some hangers-on to board the vessels attacking us. I stayed behind to watch over M..." Triage paused, glanced to the Fa-Matoran next to him, then returned his attention to Zsann and Navu, "...you and the rest of this group. Along with the crewmembers still handling the Taku." The medic looked over Exuze and Suhaku grimly and shook his head. He felt especially apologetic towards the Lesterin who he'd guided in treating the Po-Koro survivors. "Or, I'm at least trying to." "Yaushe, meanwhile...is doing something." @ZippyWharrgarbl@Taka Nuvia@Toru Nui
  7. IC: Nale Vella - The Tranquility "If Skorm needs help, then that's our priority," Nale replied, beginning to move in the direction she assumed the bridge was. "Bringing this ship down with us on it doesn't sound too healthy, and if we can instead wrest control of it from the League, then we can use it to aid the Taku and turn this around." @The UltimoScorp@TL01 NUVA
  8. IC: Nale Vella - The Tranquility Nale was a bit ahead of Kei when she dropped into the ship, making use of that "old-fashioned" stealth she'd mentioned before as she crept through the corridor. At the sound of the Av-Toa dropping in, she whirled around, spear pointed in the direction of the noise. "Ah, Light Girl." Then Kat joined, and Nale looked around for a moment before responding. She was surprised, as well. "Not seen anyone yet. Most of the crew is probably on the bridge." The Toa of Magnetism addressed Keitara again. "You seem ready to go at it. Is Skorm...?" @Conway@Keeper of Kraata@TL01 NUVA@The UltimoScorp
  9. IC: Triage - The Taku The tired medic looked up from his patients. "I think I have something in my satchel that can calm nerves...look, Navu, the best thing you can do right now is lay low." @ZippyWharrgarbl@Toru Nui
  10. IC: Triage - The Taku The medic was rocked back and forth by the attack on the ship, falling to the ground upon a wall of the Taku being blasted open. His first thoughts were to check on Mega, but as he got to his feet and the dust began to clear, he realized that Exuze--the Lesterin who had helped him with the Po-Koro injured prior--was now in need of aid himself. Triage was, unfortunately, used to the screams and the sight of carnage like this. You had to be as a field medic, and it allowed him to quickly take stock of the situation. It didn't, however, make it any less terrible to see. He rushed to Exuze's side. He'd seen Suhaku, the Turaga, get injured as well, but at the moment couldn't help her. One at a time, he thought to himself. One at a time. The injury was grisly and the patient was going into shock. Triage fished around in his satchel for a moment, before producing a painkiller he'd perfected long ago from his own expertise and affinity with plantlife, and administering it to Exuze via injection. "This...this should help a little," the medic said, as if he was dealing with something less than a dismemberment, then put his focus on at least closing the wound so the Lesterin wouldn't bleed out, using his mask power to take care of it quickly. Getting the limb back...would be another thing. Now he had to take care of Suhaku. The medic made his way over to the Turaga. Shrapnel jutted out of her back, and Triage once again administered the same painkiller to her. Maybe it would work, maybe it was just a nice gesture. But it, hopefully, dulled the pain enough. Shrapnel was far more tricky to deal with: removing each bit of protodermic metal manually was tempting, but risky, especially while the ship was still under fire and moving. It would have probably done more harm than good at the moment, and the medic concluded the best shot would be to use his Kanohi. As the Hauora's effect passed over the wounds, the bits of shrapnel were displaced by the healing "skin" and clattered to the floor of the cargo bay. Drained by the usage of his mask, Triage forced himself to stand so as not to slump against the hull of the battered ship, lest he become the next one in need of medical aid. "M...Mega," he said, turning to the Matoran. "Help me get these two clear of the walls, they'd be better protected inside Yaushe. Just...just like Po-Koro. We're doing this just like Po-Koro." @BULiK@ZippyWharrgarbl
  11. IC: Nale Vella - On top of the Tranquility Magnet girl...? I suppose it's not the worst nickname. "This is all well and good," Nale said, getting to her feet and carefully walking over to Kat, Keitara, and the new hole in the ship's hull the former had made. "But we should probably get inside. It's a bit chilly out here, don't you all think?" The Toa of Magnetism looked to Skorm, glancing to the Taku briefly as she spoke. "Good luck with your plan. Let's hurry this along before the day gets any harder." Nale then turned her attention to Kei. "You can cloak us all once we're inside, but if it becomes too much of a strain we can just do stealth the old-fashioned way," she said, then paused once she was standing on the edge of the opening, and again placed her hand on her audio receptor. "Knichou, we've linked up with some other Taku crewmembers here, conveniently. Going dark now, I'll contact you again when we've...resolved this." With that, she dropped down inside the ship. @Conway@Keeper of Kraata@TL01 NUVA@The UltimoScorp
  12. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro Airspace/The Tranquility ("Spread your wings and fly. God be with you.") As the wind rushed past Nale's audio receptors and her heartrate skyrocketed, she tried to orient herself and the others towards their target: the largest of the League ships, the Tranquility. At the moment, it had begun rising upwards, firing on the Taku in retaliation, with Nale's team of jumpers right between the two ships. The Toa of Magnetism spread her arms and legs out into a glide formation to better aim for it and avoid any stray gunfire, while her HUD displayed all the necessary info (although this was all still new enough for her to not know what all of it meant) including her rapidly descending altitude. The numbers and icons flashing across her optics didn't obstruct her vision, but still distracted her as it sat in her peripheral, prompting her to quickly blink twice to close it out. She could eyeball it. As they neared closer to the ship, she extended her spear and aimed it towards the upper deck of the Tranquility, focusing her element through it in an attempt to draw the team closer to their target and make for a more controlled landing. At first the pull was weak, but as they quickly closed the distance it became stronger, until Nale felt they were sufficiently in range and she let go of her element. Breaking off from Skorm and Irna, she hit the surface of the airship and rolled (the thought of ending up off the side of it and impacting the ground below briefly crossing her mind), before stopping in a crouched position. It was then she noticed her HUD had become scrambled, and she couldn't retract her spear--something had, briefly, cut off the communication between her and her nanites. Once the interference cleared, a relieved Nale contacted Knichou, raising her voice to be heard above the wind and gunfire. Despite not really being necessary, she reflexively placed a hand over her audio receptor as if wearing an earpiece. "--ichou? It's Nale. We've made it to our DZ. About to find a way inside. Will update." The Fa-Toa then glanced over her shoulder to check on her companions, before looking ahead to see--what in Karzahni?!--Kat and Keitara on the ship as well. She didn't remember this part of the plan... "Fancy seeing you two," Nale said, raising her voice again. @BULiK@Conway@Keeper of Kraata@Toru Nui
  13. IC: Korio Karasha - Wastes Me instincts. Right. You got it, Miss Yumi. The Vo-Skakdi narrowed his eyes at Zataka, and his grin turned into a sneer. "This 'toy' has a body count. You can never be too careful, right? Just makin' sure we're all on the same page 'ere, s'all." Korio then shrugged slightly, and lowered his crossbow. The mark still didn't have the upper hand. She wasn't in control here. Kor just didn't want to screw things up for his queen, and once Zataka was aboard he'd be keeping an eye on her. Maybe two. Well, he only had two, but... ...the Skakdi wasn't sure where this train of thought was going. He'd be watching her, is what he meant. @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend
  14. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku She nodded to Skorm, then grabbed onto his arm with her free hand. Maybe the Twi-Toa's method had been more stealthy than the current plan, but it was a bit late to backtrack. They had to take advantage of the League ship's confusion as they tried to retaliate following Kat's opening move. The last time Nale remembered jumping from the Taku, there was solid ground for her boots to meet, and they were definitely not this high up. This would be a very different experience. The Toa of Magnetism stepped closer to the edge of the cargo bay opening once Knichou and Vulimai were off and peered over, taking a deep breath. Long way down. No time for hesitation. "OK...now!" Nale said, and stepped off into the night, feeling her stomach drop with her as they went into freefall towards their target. This is where the fun began. @Conway@Keeper of Kraata
  15. IC: Nale Vella and Triage - The Taku Triage looked at his captain for a moment, grip tightening on his satchel's strap. "Captain--Knichou, I...right. Good luck out there." The medic wanted to shake hands with the Toa of Iron, or something that felt appropriate depending on if this was the last time the two would speak, but instead he began to awkwardly raise his hand before quickly retracting it. With a curt nod, he backed away to see Mega's group again. Nale then turned to Irna and Skorm. "Looks like it," she echoed, but not returning a smile as she drew her own spear in its retracted form. "I can use my element to keep us on course, but it's still going to be a bumpy ride. From the sounds of it they're already retaliating." She got alongside Skorm. "Link up with me." @BULiK@Conway@Keeper of Kraata
  16. IC: Nale Vella and Triage - The Taku Triage weighed his options, and began to realize he really didn't have any. The medic rubbed the back of his neck nervously. This was turning out to be a one-way trip he'd signed up for. He could stay on the ship, but then what if it gets shot down in the battle? If he goes with one of the jumpers, then what if that ship goes down? And what about Mega, and her group? He followed along with Knichou to the cargo bay, Nale not far behind. He'd been in war zones before, so why did any of this feel different? Maybe, the medic thought, because there was so much more on the line now. And not just Metru-Koro, but the people he'd met. "Captain," he said, "I think I'm staying with the Taku. With...Yaushe and the others, in case anything happens." The Fa-Toa glanced between Knichou and Triage. "If this operation goes well enough we might not even need a medic," she said with the faux-confidence she was trying to uphold, trying not to focus on the fact they were essentially going on a suicide mission. Nale knew the real reason the medic wanted to stay behind, and she was here in the cargo bay with them. In situations like this...you didn't want to be apart from the people you cared for. "Are we about ready, flyboy?" @BULiK IC: Korio Karasha - Wastes "She's playin' mindgames, right, Miss Yumi? I'm smarter than that," Korio said, bringing his crossbow up again and aiming at Zataka. Their mark acting like she had the upper hand here? Not on Zakaz. "You say the word and I show her you're the boss 'round here, alright?" @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend
  17. Mostly the post-Journey's End serials never getting wrapped up, as has been said already, and G2 getting abruptly cancelled--personally, that really took my then-recently-reignited excitement for BIONICLE out of me completely, and I think contributed to me losing interest in it for a while up until late last year. These too. The connection between the Av-Matoran and the Bohrok is a bit creepy, and I like that, but it serves no purpose nor did it ever really come up in canon. Just felt like Greg throwing ideas out there.
  18. IC: Nale Vella and Triage - The Taku Nale was still next to Knichou, standing over the controls but making no effort to mess with any of them. The saboteur had done their job, it seemed, but the League ships had resumed their approach--perhaps they'd at least bought enough time for the residents of Metru-Koro to evacuate. On the outside, she was stern, focused ahead, prepared for what was going to come next with as much Toa heroics she could muster...but inside, Nale was still very nervous. The Fa-Toa looked over at the Captain, then back to the ships before them. If they didn't make it out of this, it wouldn't be for lack of trying. Triage, meanwhile, began to wonder if he'd be jumping out of an airship again. The knife he'd stowed away in his satchel had slipped his mind now that things had heated up. "Captain, what's the medic to do while we...do this? Am I staying behind, or going with someone? I'd probably be of more use for the latter." @BULiK IC: Korio Karasha - Wastes ...was it really that easy? Kor watched, somewhat in disbelief, as their mark simply began strolling over to the Panda. The Vo-Skakdi's gaze shot to Yumiwak, his crossbow now lowered completely--had he been more absentminded, he may have shot an explosive arrow into his own ###### foot, but he'd taken his finger off the trigger for a moment. "Izzat really it?" @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend
  19. IC: Korio Karasha - Wastes The Vo-Skakdi flipped up his goggles and pulled out his beloved crossbow upon his feet making contact with the ground, nocking an explosive-tipped arrow--after all, this was a special occasion. Of course, he wouldn't fire without clearance from Miss Yumi. This mark was special, he thought, and Kor had an inkling she wouldn't quite appreciate him attempting to blow them up. "Lady" would still stay trained on the large warrior as he slowly approached, just in case. As Zataka sat up, Korio suddenly paused and stiffened, lowering his crossbow only slightly as he grinned at the warrior. Cool pants. @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend
  20. IC: Rose - Coliseum Rose raised an eyebrow in response to Stannis, having expected a much different reaction. Being as quiet as one outfitted in a mechsuit could, she followed the Toa of Stone out of the elevator, not sure if they were any closer to Pridak than before. @Snelly@Toru Nui@EmperorWhenua
  21. IC: Jutori - Stone Ruins "Right..." Jutori seemed disappointed. They'd come all this way just to go back home. "I call shotgun," he said. "Are we stopping at the camp again for some shut-eye, or is this going to be an overnight trip?" @Snelly@~Xemnas~@pokemonlover360@Harvali@Onaku
  22. IC: Rose - Elevator Rose took a single step forward, which put her almost uncomfortably close to Waveahk considering the elevator's size, her impressive frame compared to him and the others on full display. He was striking a nerve--one he'd possibly regret going near, as any humor she'd had about the battle with the "kaiju" now faded. "Last I checked you weren't my CO," she replied, her optics cast down on the Steltian like he was nothing more than a stone rat crossing her path. "You know, you talk big game about the Three Virtues. Not like you ever cared about them, right?" she asked, now leaning towards him, an accusatory finger pointed at Waveahk's heartlight. "You think those three words mean anything to us, the ones who were on the frontlines? The ones who had to do what the so-called Toa back home couldn't? Getting our hands dirty, walking away from the battlefield covered in the blood of our enemies and our allies. All to protect our homes, our way of life. Running away, no matter how insurmountable the enemy was, was not what we did. The Code, the Virtues--we didn't have the luxury. We made our own unity, we had our own duty. "What kind of sick destiny is being blown to pieces on a beach far from anyone you care about?" The Ta-Toa stepped back, feeling she'd gotten her point across. "Now, we're about to attempt an assassination on the monster who took everything away from us--all of us. The last thing we need is to argue about things that don't matter. You can cry the entire elevator ride about the things I've done--what matters is what we're about to do. And Stannis," her optics switched to the Toa of Stone, "you can rebuke me all you want for what I'm saying. I know you've been at this longer than I have, but the paths we've walked couldn't be more different. I know what's waiting for me at the end, when I stop fighting and give up the ghost. There's no good place for people like me. But I'll go there knowing what I did was in service of people who needed me." With that, she ended her impassioned speech. "Now, let's kill this son of a brakas and get the karz out of here. I promise what happened in that swamp won't happen again, not with this guy." @Snelly@Toru Nui@EmperorWhenua
  23. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku Not yet aware of what Kat was doing, Nale took her hands away from the controls and exhaled, noticing the drop in temperature that was now being displayed by the crew's visible breath. "Huh... who turned up the AC?" @BULiK@Sparticus147 IC: Rose - Coliseum (Elevator/"OK, boomer...") "It's not 'irrational hatred,' fishboy," Rose replied, holding back the urge to roll her optics at Stannis' chiding. "I don't think I even know what irrational means! The giant crab hadn't done anything to me--yet--so I had no reason to hate it, not like I hate those League sons of brakas." For the briefest second, the image of slag in the shape of Carapar about to go nuclear flashed in her mind. "It was an opponent, and an opponent that was bigger than me. I respected that it had more mass, and that made me wanna kick its--" The elevator made some kind of noise (damage from the impact causing issues, most likely) that drowned out the expletive. @Snelly@Toru Nui@EmperorWhenua
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