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  1. On 12/3/2019 at 6:41 PM, Laval- Master of Energy said:

    Great model! Do you suppose you could create models for the rest of the Toa Mata? I would especially like to see Kopaka.

    I thought about it, but for now it will be best to work on bionicle characters that have different bodies.

    but it is not something that is completely discarded

  2. answering:

    Personally, I prefer to use an eye tone that fits more to the character's style, whether good or bad or cold (as kopaka), in results I look for the character to feel "alive".

    Time after having made this model, make some modifications, the objective, avoid some design problems.
    It will take a while to share 3d content, but I hope that it will be to your liking what will come next.

  3. These are amazing. :bigeek:


    You made them instantly recognizable as the characters they're supposed to represent from the game. Great job fusing the Technic and System elements in a way that seems natural. The construction of the torsos is especially impressive, with the way the angular pieces create the flowing shape of the robes. If I had to try and improve anything, I might try and think of another way to do Scorpion's upper arms. They seem just a bit gappy compared to the rest of him, and the shoulders sag just a bit compared to his chest. Other than that, love 'em, especially the little details like Scorpion's throwing knife.


    Nice custom Sektor too.

    Oh thank you very muchabout scorpion, it was quite complicated to see how the arm builds in a small space, at the moment I do not see a better alternative for the upper arm. thanks ^^

  4. Hello, I wanted to share these mocs for a long time, but until today I have missing pieces to complete some details, fortunately they are not so relevant for now.






    starting, the ninjas had started in 2015, the problem with these versions was that they were very fragile, in the end I had to decide to disarm them because there was nothing left of the figures.


    in 2017 I decided to reconstruct the figures, this time trying to apply more details and being more careful in working the structure of these.


    18543166433_2a84fd824c_n.jpg  46878841911_528ec2b778_n.jpg



    sub zerostarting with the ninja lin kuei, his design is based on the dress of Mortal Kombat X, while the base on which he is posing is inspired by the statue of the character of the same game.not to deal with the construction of elements like skin I decided to use black in those parts inspired by the version of scorpion and sub zero in the video games of injustice.

    for the spectral ninja, use the direct reference from Mortal Kombat X, applying in the same way the details of the skin in black.

    Scorpio has a pair of swords that can be placed on the back without extra accessories and its characteristic kunai.the base of the scorpion is also inspired by a figure / statue of Mortal Kombat X of the carácter
    in both cases the construction used is mixed between elements ccbs, bionicle and system.
    I hope you liked it!! Here I will leave some additional images.
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  5. This is really well made. Really, the only irk I have with it is the off-color hat (is that a hat, or is it his head?).


    I always considered Keetongu to be one of the very few characters who looked better in the movies than in set form (alongside Roodaka and Vakama Metru in LoMN).


    I am quite curious as to where his shoulder pieces are from.



    hi, thanks for comment, i dont know exactly what supose to be that piece, i think is a hat, about hat color scheme its a hard to find in yellow (i was looking for that piece in yellow but only two sets have the piece) but in sand yellow It does not look bad.

    ​the shoulder piece are from chima spedoorz. :D

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  6. 27792684311_76ffe149b5_z.jpg


    I have long wanted to make this guy, at first intended to perform a custom mask, but it was too much work, until one day testing a custom head emerged for the mask that worked wonderfully with the mask.
    torso structure is very flexible and durable and does not lose the character's base structure.
    the parts legs were more difficult to build because stability, function and aesthetics not always work well, the wings were easy to build elements thanks to previous experiences, unlike other cases I use fabric to complement the design. finally the color scheme, basically uses the same idea behind the orginal whole, however decided to use dark red for the color contrast was not so high.
    I hope you liked to see this character as much as me, it was a pleasant experience and adds to the other characters built based on movies.
    who are you looking for?
    krekka: where is nihdiki?
    teridax: don´t worry i will take you with him!!


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  7.                                                                               27771053741_6536c0bd17_z.jpg

    story: the beginning
    from the first experiments for the cyborg initiative, they tried to add the ability to install portals between realms, in order to facilitate the transport of androids, however one of those experiments led them to a completely unknown realm, facing them a cave, inside the cave a robot with the appearance of an insect damaged inside the robot seemed a kind of mask.
    the portal was collapsing so quickly as they could what had charged and brought to Earthrealm .... a new experiment had begun.
    The analyzes showed that the mask had abilities to see in the dark and tools that allow generate earthquakes, scientists did not doubt in test these abilities one of their models, which they did not know was that the mask had own mind ... .. to activate the model, the mask had won a new body ....
    the hunting:
    after the escape of Nuhvok of ordered several cyborgs to finish it or reprogram it without secktor success has established a hunt 3 to end the cyborg.
    Nuhvok while looking like returning to his old kingdom and serve who called the Bahrag
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  8. Quake beast revamp 




    It has been quite some time since the last posted creation, however they come to know more and hope you find it to your liking.
    A few months ago the images of bionicle summer sets were released and not everyone liked this concept of beasts in the sets, however, I found an interesting idea in each set, one that took my attention was the quake beast.
    two ideas came as inspiration for creating the moc, the original set and head concept from "ultimate dume"
    compared to the figure, there are not many details, only try to add items to make it look less humanoid possible, the right arm was designed as a deck, unlike the set that uses more skeletons easier to pose this arm and as a whole the left arm is normal with some modifications to make it look fair to the proportions of his opposite arm.



    I hope you liked there and see you in the next post!!  :afro:  :afro:


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  9. 23756826375_01faef4a5e.jpg

    Character history:

    the control himself, the first shadow was a god with powers both the control and management of energy and creation of beings.

    he and his brother's were devoted to the creation of several Okoto beings, lived several generations of creatures to meet and create. However he was corrupted by ambition and without premeditation he killed his brother.

    its attempt to dominate the island, was the end of the god and the emergence of the mask of control.


    about moc:

    I take long time to make a solid version, lacking ideas to give consistency to the appearance,

    the idea was to make an impressive character without the need for both golden armor.

    24381384182_aab8b218c4.jpg. 23648372932_c7bdd9f2ec.jpg



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  10. 23756572545_12b12591c7.jpg


    sure many know the story of Karzahni and despite the nine years since the creation of this character has never died (although dies in history), but it has always been the courage to pass this character drawing to physical creation.




    aspect as this model does not focus entirely to version of the book however was fundamentetal to work more easily, so even replace certain items will not remove the original essence an example of this it was to eliminate the center belt with skull but these were replaced by skull spiders "like kneepads.
    21396169926_7852cc7679_n.jpg                23388656149_0383a93aee_n.jpg
                                               previous mask designs:                                                           final version of the mask
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