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  1. Aw, darn. I was hoping to base my character off a MoC I made a while back. Ah well. What about Zamor launchers? The kind the Piraka used, not the Inika version.
  2. Bionicle... Great toys, or GREATEST toys..

  3. Name: Xavax Variation: Teleportation Level: 2 Gender: Male Gear: A pair of Cordak Blasters, an ammunition bandoleer, and a satchel filled with things he finds interesting, like little clockwork gadgets and oddly shaped crystals. Appearance: Taller than most rahkshi, with glowing blue eyes. He modified his legs to be more dog-like, and his feet are more talon-like than most. Like most teleportation Rahkshi, he has dark blue and lime green armour. Personality: Sardonic, reckless, independent, and he loves a good fight. Dislikes fighting those he doesn’t find worthy, or fighting for them. Is most comfortable as a follower, not a leader. Has a soft spot for the Fohrok. Enjoys collecting odd knick-knacks, and tends to study clockwork devices in his spare time. Hates people with unwarranted self importance. Bio: So far, Xavax has spent most of his time studying, mainly mechanics. He hasn’t had much time to make any friends, or make any real impression on anyone.
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