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  1. IC: Blink Blink had been idly flicking through some books in the library when he heard one of the Porters. Getting up, he turned and set off towards the door, teleporting in the middle of his turn and thus disorienting himself enough to almost end up face down on the ground. As he regained his footing he began darting down the hallways, using his teleportation to narrowly avoid any collisions. OOC: So yeah i'm open for interaction i guess.
  2. Right, editing that now. This is really more of a problem of me describing it badly, though, i never intended for him to be teleporting anything around independently of himself, although i do see how one would get that impression. Oh, and a quick question: Is there any limit to how often a teleportation Rahkshi can teleport, other than the obvious? (That is, to say, keep it realistic and don't godmod.)
  3. regurtitates profile ​Hey look i had a profile lying around from way back a year ago and never got around to joining this rp but it still seems to be running so without further ado i'll post my profile and begin punctuating my sentences. Name: Blink Variation: Teleportation Level: 2 Gender: Identifies as male Gear: Blink forgoes the traditional Rahkshi staff in favor of a pair of small blades, simple in appearance with naught more than handles wrapped in cheap cloth and plain blades with a slight curve to them. Additionally, he carries a small blue gemstone around. It has no real meaning or use, and is simply a trinket he carries. Appearance: Blink had made some extensive modifications to his body, mainly completely changing his colors: The neutral grey areas have been made black and his colored sections are, oddly, somewhat of a camouflage pattern, although not a very effective one, seeing as its colors are shades of light and dark blue. His previous accidents are evidenced by several scar-like scratch marks on his lower arms and legs, as well as a few on his faceplate. Personality: Blink’s personality is energetic and optimistic, seeming more like it should belong to a Toa. (Minus all the morals and heroism, of course.) He also quite prone to taking risks and thus often gets people, usually himself, into trouble, and has gotten himself hurt more than once. Bio: Blink’s time at the academy has essentially been an accident conga line. Academically he’s remarkably average, when he’s not off getting his face fixed up. (Again.)
  4. wee look at me i take unannounced hiatuses for half a year

  5. OOC: Ergh i should stop procrastinating and do something with the character i posted like 2 months ago.​
  6. The post editor doesent like Edge methinks.

  7. 30 minutes late. I'm currently crying in a corner.
  8. Bandwagon: a party, cause, movement, etc., that by its mass appeal or strength readily attracts many followers​. I'm voting for ghidora
  9. OOC: So, time to stop stalling for time and just do it. Insert obligatory shia labeuf just do it pun here. (That is, if my computer can stop bluescreening for like five seconds.) IC: Amalgamation Location: Villain Storage In a cell, once high priority but now simply just another metal case, what seemed to simply be a heap of old hero parts and scrap metal was present, the only life sign present being one light. One blinking, red light. Suddenly, as its cell turned intangible, one light turned to some, which then turned to many. The slumbering villain was finally awakening. After spending a brief time spent adjusting to the new, updated villain storage and then another brief moment adjusting to the fact that everything was intangible, it turned toward the nearby heroes and began shuffling along with surprising speed, considering the fact that he was moving along on four mismatched legs. OOC: Bla bla bla, constructive criticism welcome and whatnot. Also, i am not mistaken about the whole katherine/breaker/whoever else fight being in villain containment, right? If i'm mistaken, please forgive me and such, i was writing this in the aftermath of a double all-nighter, which is my way of saying i spent way too much time reading the posts i hadnt quite caught to and even then didnt quite get it. Will reread it all once i'm not falling asleep at my keyboard.
  10. OOC: Random question, but i thought maybe since Hero Factory went intangible and all that nonsense i could assume my (unintroduced/not yet in the rp but already approved) villain character had already been locked up previously? Just seems like a good idea to me.
  11. I run your minivan over with a not-so-minivan Got ya
  12. OOC: My character would most likely be outside HF hunting heroes, since that's both appropriate considering their backstory and a great way to join in on the RP. Also, BBCode seems to be broken for me, so couldnt use quotes. ​
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