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    ZENTO-NUI (CH 0)

    WELCOME, To ZENTO-NUI Long ago, During the battle for the mask of light, There was an island know as Zento-Nui. There was 6 Turaga named after colors, Crimson Red, Navy Blue, Envy Green, Pearl White, Abyss Black, and Beige Tan. These Turaga tell the matoran the story of Karadez Dragon IX,The Dragon of Light. He kept order of the island,flying over to keep danger away. There was 9 Dragons,1-8 turned into the shadows. They de-throned Karadez IX to Rule the Island... Little did they know,they were greedy. Dragons would use their energy to create Rahi to battle the other tribes. But hope changed as 6 Toa's arrived. Rahku:Toa of Fire,Tsuna:Toa of water,Genji:Toa of Air,Boboa:Toa of Earth,Zizeki:Toa of Ice, and Zumah:Toa of Stone. they each wore mask of the Mata,but in different colors, Rahku was Pikari,Zizeki was hau, Tsuna was miru,Zumba was kaukau, Genji was akaku, and Boboa was kakama. We will start with Rahku...
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    Hello, I am Dawson. I have been a huge Bionicle Fan for a long time. I wanted to make my own story with an Island of Zento-Nui. In this Island, There is no mask of light or, darkness...But Dragons, Rule the land. There was one that was good, but the other 9, Dethroned him and put hin into a stone rest... Now it is up to the Toa to fight new rahi, Discover their mask, and Defeat the 9 Dragons of Chaos! Good idea huh​?
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