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  1. Thank you for the feedback. I considered a hammer but I needed the gun to form the front of the jet mode. If I make a second version I would consider making a hammer. Thank you.
  2. Ekimu Prime Ekimu Prime: Toa mode by Toa TimeLord, on Flickr "I am creations last stand. Toa Roll out." This is my first time trying to create a Bioformer. So I tried to incorporate the as much Transformer like features as possible. Such as a Matrix a smooth transformation and a weapon that can be stored in vehicle mode.
  3. Maxilos Maxilos G2 by Toa TimeLord, on Flickr "This is Maxilos. Being completely mechanical, he is the perfect guard, for he cannot be bribed or deceived. His reflexes are faster than any living being." This is my take on Maxilos character if he appeared in G2
  4. The Bookcase The Bookcase by Toa TimeLord, on Flickr Just a simple build focusing on details of woodwork and function. This MOC is build to a CCBS figure scale and has a working drawer.
  5. Thank you. I really tried to make her torso naturally flow with the Nuva armor.
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