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  1. You are...How to say that...Quiete optimistic if you think anyone would pay that much for them.
  2. Sorry to ruin your imaginations, but most things you want are atleast rare and you want to trade for almost worthless pieces.
  3. 4kocour4

    G3 bionicle

    Now this is interesting...
  4. I guess you are not selling them separatly, but out of curiosity, do you have Art of Bionicle?
  5. How much for shipping to Czech Republic and how long could you hold those two yellow Komaus?
  6. Sorry but you won't sell Nuju for 15$...Maybe like for 7$, max. But those masks looks interesting, wish me luck xD
  7. Hey Im really not sure what you are talking about, but I know only about 2 Rurus- one with Z-07 code, Purple Dave from site we who knows why we don't mention and the same guy had one without Z-07 and he sold it to, or someone else who he had sold it to fifi2004, who unfortunately sell it to guy off site :/ I used to sell replicas, but I don't have any now.
  8. I am not exactly sure, but I think there is only about 3 known Vohtarak shells and 1 Keelerakh. But the PLG Krahkaan? They have been sold over here pretty often.
  9. I do indeed have one spare PLG Ignika. I would trade for red and green Ruru. Do you have some other items?
  10. I don´t actually want it, it was just...Not right for me to reply to FS and not to bid.. Oh and 46$ and Im keeping my mouth shut now xD
  11. Ready to finish our deal, sent you PM Also 43$
  12. Bit out of topic but...Bionicles exist roughly about 15 years.... And you want SSKK and VMKKs? No problem, just prepare anywhere from 3000-5000$ and lot of patience, they will eventualy pop up.
  13. I wanted to sell it at first when I thought it was Lego misprint/proto (who wouldn't want extra 500-1500$ right? xD), but I think Ill keep it. But I will remember on you if Ill ever decide to sell one. Maybe I would consider trade for Doomsday bootleg (I can't remember the brand right now, it was the blue one)
  14. I can tell that it's true, I was thinking that I have some sweet prototype parts in my hands, unfortunateoy it were these bootlegs. But Im not complaining, not at all. I think that I have like 4 of the silver legs and white Mahiki, which is, except for different code and not so sharp nose (from the inside) and of course colour, same as the Lego one.
  15. I guess there isn't anything I could get for 50-60$, eh?
  16. I made same mistake with Visorak shell. It just looked so much like PLG! Well, but I got top of the Visorak siege machine and dark gold Visorak shell for 7$
  17. That definitively doesn't look like PLG Krahkaan.
  18. No, they were made by some company making Bionicle bootlegs in 2003. (I think it was Bella?) My collectible making skill is still not sellable, so far I have only 1 succesful Krana.
  19. Heeey, Flinthey, could you messega me about those bootlegs, or, if you are not interested anymore?
  20. Hi. So, as Im in need for cash, I decided to sell few rarer items from my collection. All auctions end 9.11.2016- 12:00 AM, if there wasn´t any bid in last 24 hours. There is few options- Buy it now- You can buy it and Ill send right after payment Auction- Self explenatory Buy it now/Auction- If you don´t mind waiting, you can get it for lower price in auction. Or, if you don´t mind higher price, then you can buy it immediately. Auction/ Buy it now (reserve)- That means that there is reserved price, or I won´t sell it unless this topic make enough money) Images: https://postimg.org/gallery/ierxcuoy/599877d9/ https://postimg.org/gallery/ue535w2g/86218f99/ (Or I can send them via PM) Misprint black Skrall shields -BUY IT NOW- 7$/piece, 5$/piece when 3 and more Masks -BUY IT NOW- 1.50$ piece, except: Brown Hau- 2.5$ Silver Kakama- 3$ Gold Akaku- 3$ Protodermis Miru Nuva- 3.5$ Exclusive Ultimate Dume Krahkaan- 7$ Disk of Time -BUY IT NOW- 10$ Bootleg Vakama Disk -AUCTION- starting 10$, no reserved price All 6 Shadow Kraata -AUCTION/BUY IT NOW- 25$ auction, 30$ Buy it now Custom painted Metru Blue Matatu- Bit lighter than Metru Blue- AUCTION- 3.50 (No reserve) Custom painted Gold Ignika -Auction- 30$ (No reserve) PLG Gold Ignika -Auction- 20$ (Reserve) White Matatu -Auction- 15$ (Reserve) Bootleg Masks, Kraata and Krana -Buy it now- 5$ each. Flintsmith wanted these, but he went silent, so here they are again (Two Krana at the top- Rubbery like bubblegum, 3 underneath- Like regular, 2 bottom rows- Solid Plastic) Kraata- Solid plastic Other Items: Cyberstrikers figure- Buy it now, make me offer. PS3 Slim 500Gb with controller, Move camera, 1 Move controller, 1 AC adapter, 1 cable for PS3 -> Controller, 1 HDMI, 2 Games (MOVE Sports and Dragon Age: Origins)- Buy it now- 200$ Im looking for cash mainly, but I may trade for: 2001 Misprints (Ruru, Kaukau, Matatu) 2001 Jala, Maku, Kongu Trans-Clear CC Hau Trans-Neon Skul Scorpio mask Other rare items/misprints/prototypes? Mega bloks Ultra Rare series 4 Cortana (Transparent one) If you feel that some prices are high, go make me an offer
  21. That sweet feeling when you got TMN for 25$ and another PLG Ignika for 6$ xDDD
  22. I have both of those masks about 3 times spare but I like them a lot xD do you have some Mega Bloks Halo figs? But Max sounds interesting too...
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