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    Probably dimension-hopping or something , I dunno
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    Let's see...

    Anime: RWBY and Gurren Lagann are wonderful. I recommend both. Great shows with great soundtracks.

    Books: Anything by Rick Riordan is fantastic, especially Heroes of Olympus. Harry Potter is another favorite of mine, it's a modern-day classic.

    Comics: I like most Marvel stuff.

    Movies: Star Wars, MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter... I've seen a lot of good ones. (Side note: HP has probably the most faithful book-to-film adaption ever.)

    TV Shows: Doctor Who is just epic. (But it's no longer on Netflix, I has a sad ;-;)

    Transformers Prime is also very good, although it's been quite a while since I watched it. (Steve Blum Starscream FTW.)

    Music: I like all sorts of music. Bonus points if it's from the 80's. :P No, really. One of the radio stations where I live plays all 80's music on the weekends, and it's awesome. ^_^ I also like hard rock, especially Skillet.

    Video Games: I don't do a ton of gaming, but when I do, I dig Minecraft. (See what I did there? I said dig while talking about Minecraft. Heh. *sigh* I'll show myself out.) Halo's a fun one too, it's one of the few FPS games that I actually like.

    Hobbies: I like to draw and write stories. Who knows, maybe one day I can write a graphic novel and get it published. ^_^

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    Nope, but I like to put my face in a book!
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    I don't have a channel, but that's subject to change.
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    Might get one.
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    Don't have one. If I did, I still wouldn't put it here because safety reasons.
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    http://I don't have a website. (yet...)
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About Me

Why, hello there! My name is FrozenPancake_, and this is my About Me page!  ^_^


I am a TFOL with Asperger's Syndrome. For those of you who don't know, Asperger's Syndrome is a high-functioning form of autism. We Aspies can function just as well as neurotypicals in most areas, but we are typically awkward in social situations and when communicating, so it's hard to do so effectively. Folks with Asperger's also tend to have all-absorbing interests in specific topics. (And then we tend to ramble on and on about said topics...)


So, you're probably curious as to how I got into Bionicle. Well, I got Skrall for Christmas in 2008. I built the thing (but it was really frustrating because my fine motor skills weren't very good in those days), and I loved it. (My favorite thing was the buzzsaw shield.) I went on to the Bionicle website, and I subsequently became enamored with the sets and story. Of course, that led to more collecting. I was disappointed when it ended in 2010, but I moved on to Hero Factory. Through the past few years, I collected HF, Ninjago, and Chima on and off, and I forgot about Bionicle and eventually went through the 'dark age' that most Lego fans go through at some point. Then, the LEGO Movie happened, sparking my interest again. I was checking out some stuff about it on YouTube, when I came across a mysterious video titled: "BIONICLE 2015 sets (maybe) leaked?" I thought, "Whoa, Bionicle could return? Aw man, that's sweet! I loved those things! They're gonna be even cooler in CCBS!" I had become a fan once again. I watched tons of videos on YouTube, and I particularly enjoyed "The Chronicles of Jaller". (Funniest BioTube series ever...) I also rebuilt my collection out of nostalgia and bought a couple G1 sets off of BrickLink.   Then, January 2015 came around. I bought Tahu, Lewa, Kopaka, and Pohatu to kick things off. Keeping with most folks' tradition, I built Tahu first. :P (And then I bought all the other sets later.) That's it for how I got into Bionicle (twice).


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