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  1. As others have mentioned, Boba Fett here is one cute little dude. I'm also a fan of the carbonite Han, but the Slave I itself is the crown jewel of this design. I really like that the figure and carbonite both fit, and that the ship is instantly recognizable!
  2. This is pretty cool! You certainly rose to the challenge with that head design, and it's a well-constructed, striking figure.
  3. Alrighty, here are my two widgets: If Bionicle gets a second reboot, anything could work as long as the sets, story, and marketing have plenty of effort put into them. The story should be neither as complicated as G1, nor as simplistic as G2. Bring back the 'dictionary', but there shouldn't be a bunch of characters running around without getting a set at some point. Also, no serials. Flesh out whatever world G3 is in, but keep it open for the fans to make up their own stuff. A G1 continuation Beast Wars-style (but not with animal Toa ) would work, since it wouldn't be necessary to read the G1 lore, but it paints a bigger picture and would please even hardcore G1 fans. (Maybe.) The sets should be slick, fun to play with, and affordable. I think that G2 ended because of poor marketing and overpriced sets, which created an overall lack of consumer interest. Thus, I feel that smaller sets (like $10 Toa, not unlike 2001. Think Mata-meets-Master in terms of design.) would be the best, because kids are more likely to be drawn to the main protagonists of the series. If they can pick 'em up for a decent price, ka-ching! Plenty of profit will be generated, but only if LEGO markets it properly, which brings us to the last bit. Marketing should consist of commercials for sets of each price point (impulse, canister [also, bring back canisters pls], titan), a full-length TV show on CN or Nick (tone wise, it should be something like TF Prime IMO), several Flash games (maybe something like MNOG?), and plenty of advertising on LEGO.com. That's it.
  4. Umarak the Hunter is fantastic. He was my first 2016 set, and for good reason.
  5. One could construct it using parts from Tahu Uniter, Onua Uniter, Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder, and Umarak the Hunter. (And the additional parts such as the MOUP.)
  6. It might stick around for a year or so. Who knows what the future may bring.
  7. Whoa. I really need to read this book now, if Gali has somebody to fight. I'll definitely be MOCing her Skull enemy.
  8. I personally find the blue eyes on most of the Toa (Uniters) out of place. If only the colors were consistent with last year...
  9. Today I finished The Burning Bridge, the second novel in the Ranger's Apprentice series. It's a very good series, and I recommend it to anyone who likes medieval fantasy stories.
  10. I quite like Velika. I'm glad that this raffle is free.
  11. I'd have loved a soft reboot, personally. I think it would've been super cool if the Toa Nuva (including Takanuva) were Turaga, and the new Toa (Toa Magna?) were... The Chronicler's Company.
  12. Nah. They've definitely got an ace up their sleeves for when it does end.
  13. I personally imagine the eyes to be mechanical optics with some of the inner workings exposed, kinda like the characters in Transformers. They could blink in order to lubricate the mechanicals and keep the optics working properly.
  14. Not to say you're wrong for wanting this, but there is a reason why bronze and/or copper armor doesn't appear in Bionicle sets: because LEGO no longer makes parts in bronze or copper plastic. I'm assuming that by "bronze" you mean the color like the original Takanuva and Lhikan sets used (officially, 147 Sand Yellow Metallic), which was discontinued between 2005 and 2006. It and other gold colors (like 127 Gold and 189 Reddish Gold) were all replaced with 297 Warm Gold, the color that is still used for golden masks in G2. LEGO has had lots of colors that could be considered "copper", and annoyingly BrickLink considers just about all versions of copper the same, but the only copper color that's still around is 334 Copper Ink. It is sometimes sprayed or lacquered on as a coating for pieces, so it's not impossible to get "copper" Bionicle pieces, just unlikely (no Bionicle parts have ever had a sprayed or lacquered coat and only one, the Kanohi Hau/Rua from the Power Pack in 2001, has ever had a chromed/metalized coat). Copper Ink HAS been used in G2 Bionicle once: as one of the colors printed on Skull Grinder's chest plate. I actually meant bronze and copper, but flat gold would be awesome as well. I just really want LEGO to start using those colors again.
  15. This oughta be interesting. I like how the Toa are implied to be fictional superheroes in this AU.
  16. It looks like the Balrog crossed with Lava Beast, and I love it. That head is very well-designed. May I ask how you connected all those flame bits?
  17. Samurai Kopaka, anyone? I honestly don't know how I feel about giving Kopaka red and gold, but it's unique. The usage of the minifig backpack as a belt pouch is great. The torso build is superb. My one critique is the custom hand design; it's a little odd to me, having only two fingers and a thumb. I suppose it resembles the large two-fingered Mata hands in a way, so if that's what you were going for, it works. Also, congrats on getting featured!
  18. It could honestly go either way. It depends on how small each character is. Say, if we were to get a Bingzak figure, he'd probably have one-bone limbs because he's a child character. In order to better fit the $10 price tag, he could come with something functional to add more playability, such as a small catapult. On the flip side, Harvali would end up being full-sized, being an adult character. (I at least assume so.) Therefore, she likely wouldn't come with a function or mini-build. Besides, giving the villagers gear functions wouldn't make much sense to me, since the Protectors didn't have any, and they're relatively stronger than a simple villager.
  19. Ooh, let's see: Ekimu and Makuta seem to be well-developed, what with the latest graphic novel and all. (Which I haven't read yet...)Bingzak. He's the closest thing to Takua that we have in the canon. Umarak. He nearly beat the Toa, which says a lot about his competence and power level. Pohatu. He has potential to be a character with some layers. Gathering of The Toa is one of the few times we get to see the harsh, gruff Toa of Stone's softer side. The fact that he's shaping up to be a developed character is quite nice. While I somewhat disagree, the expression on the character in your profile pic matches your comment perfectly, I must say.
  20. In terms of new parts for future waves of G2, I'd like to see the following: NO golden masks. Golden Toa masks have gotten really stale, in my opinion. I would much prefer fully translucent masks. Silver or bronze masks would be cool as well. Just no gold. I want the masks to stand out on all the Toa next year. The MOUP would be really nifty if it had trans-black, trans-purple, or trans-red 'flame' emanating from it. I'd especially love it if the flames were detachable, thus allowing one to show it 'active' and 'inactive'. But it's already a very strange yet cool mask, which is why it's my current profile picture. Trans-RED armor. I don't want Makuta's titan form to have any neon-orange on it. He'd look better with armor that makes him stand out from other villain sets.Bronze and/or copper armor. I want to see more metallic colors that don't get used a lot. New bone pieces, such as a standard-length bone piece with a ball joint on each end. Unique villager masks, perhaps? As for sets, I just want a good set of Toa, Makuta as a Mask Maker and an imposing titan, and some solid villain sets. (G2 Rahkshi, anyone?) Some villager sets would be very nice to see as well. Or maybe some System sets, a la 2006? I've been itching to have a miniature City of the Mask Makers for ages now. Regarding the story, I just hope that it's well written and makes sense.
  21. Some of it could just be creative liberties. But additionally, part of me feels like this version of Makuta is based on an upcoming set. There are some things about his construction and the construction of his hammer that wouldn't make a whole lot of sense if there weren't a set of him planned (since previous depictions of him show him mostly looking like an Ekimu palette swap, which would be a LOT easier for the character designers and animators to manage if they weren't basing this new portrayal on something specific). It's not unheard of for a character or object to appear one way before a finalized version is available for reference, and another way afterwards. Sometimes there will be a story reason for this discrepancy (like the Mask of Life's ability to shapeshift explaining the many), while other times the discrepancy will just be ignored. I think that the chestplate design more or less confirms that the Makuta design might be the final version. However, minor tweaks are not unheard of, since many of the G2 sets had minor changes from the preliminary designs. G2 has already had visual discrepancies with the Mask of Time, so the same thing could be happening with Makuta. Who knows.
  22. Possibly, though I hope not. Maybe it's the tackiness or the insane popularity, but I have an innate irrational repulsion towards Ninjago. Eugh. I really hope that once G2 is over, Lego will roll out an entirely new and original CCBS theme that isn't licensed or based on another line. I also hope it is blatantly sci-fi. Like, space opera, power armor and aliens sci-fi. I also hope it isn't HF G2. I also hope it will have heavy technic integration. I have many unlikely hopes. You're not the only one. I too have a repulsion towards Ninjago. Whenever I'm at a toy store I try not to look at Ninjago sets because there is something that I don't like about them, something that causes me an annoyance - merely by looking at those things. It is similar to how I try to not look at turds on a sidewalk - simply ewwww The ironic thing about this is that this is how a lot of AFOLs (especially older AFOLs) seem to feel about Bionicle. To many AFOLs it'll always be that confusing, tacky, newfangled thing that only the young whippersnappers really like or understand. With more Bionicle fans growing up and joining the AFOL community it's not quite as toxic to Bionicle fans as it once was, but a lot of people from that community are still repulsed by the Bionicle sets or don't think they count as "real LEGO". Kinda good to keep that perspective in mind when thinking about other themes. Every popular theme means to somebody what Bionicle means to you, and conversely, when you think badly of other themes there's probably somebody out there who feels the same way about themes you like. Well, they're welcome do to so. To each their own, and by no means am I saying that Ninjago is bad. The popularity of the line disproves that anyway. I just personally dislike it to a fault. Plus, I kinda get where the anti-Bionicle crowd is coming from. When it first came about, it was very different from anything else Lego has ever done before, and large deviations like that will always ruffle some jimmies. And then there is the fact that Bionicle is literally the only thing related to Lego that I care about and follow. Of course, that wasn't the case when I was a "young whippersnapper". I was like, what, 4, when Bionicle started out? Between then and 2010, I was a massive fan of all things Lego, but Bionicle was my main favorite. I never got as invested in any other line. Now that I've recently entered AFOLhood, I occasionally check out what the other Lego lines are like out of curiosity, but I somehow never feel the nostalgia I expect. I used to be all over Lego Star Wars, all Sci-Fi themes like the various Space themes, I also loved the fantasy settings (never got into contemporary stuff like City. Too boring.). But now? I'm like yeah, cool cool but nothing beyond that. Bionicle still gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I guess part of my revulsion towards Ninjago is that it fills the spot in today's KFOL generation that Bionicle G1 filled when I was a KFOL. I don't know how it was abroad, but back in G1's heyday, it was the coolest thing for the target audience where I lived. Here in Hungary, every 6-14 kid had to have all the bonkels. It was all we talked about. We RP'd being Toa on the school yard. System lines never had the same popularity, not even Star Wars. Today, I see all the kids acting like that towards Ninjago and I'm like "no, this is all wrong. You should feel like that about Bionicle.". But that's nostalgia and growing "old" for you I guess. Talk about going off topic... That's basically how I feel, although I'm only a younger TFOL and I grew up with both Bionicle and Ninjago. I appreciate both franchises, I'm just starting to absolutely despise the latter, since it's getting all the attention. Oh well. I guess kiddos these days prefer elemental ninjas over elemental biomechanical knights. (Off topic indeed, let's get back on topic. Just wanted to throw in a couple widgets.)
  23. If Takanuva were in G2, died in battle, and was resurrected to fight on Kulta's side... he'd probably look something like this. Here's an idea - make him a corrupted/turned evil/undead/skeleton version of the 2016 summer wave Ekimu. Backstory-wise, I mean. That would explain the gold, the trans light blue and the Skull-Grinder weapon. Maybe he overthrew Grinder and took his weapon as a trophy, but modified it? This all fits the whole gold skull mask, maybe it was what corrupted him. Just a thought. Ooooh, I like that idea too. Either way, this is a cool MOC! Can't wait to see the real thing. Also, congrats on your win in the raffle.
  24. I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it for future use?
  25. I could see it. When G2 ends, I'm OK with it. Maybe constraction would regain its former popularity if Ninjago got sets in that medium. These days, kids will be all over something if you slap the Ninjago logo on it and call it a day. It's that popular.
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