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  1. 'Xactly. The face especially looks like those matoran faces in the first movie.
  2. Absolutely agree with this. I count up to five different colours, disregarding the trans-blue in this toa, but the colours flow together so well! The silver manages to draw the eyes to the claws as well, thanks to their contrast. Beautiful colour scheme.
  3. Oh now I get it. You can still turn the gear whereas normally the axle would get stuck in the axle-hole. have you tried using those minifgure-size lightsaber-blade pieces? Technically they can be inserted in axle-holes and turn, albeit with great friction.
  4. I really can't imagine a proper reason to use the former. To begin with the build looks too big to ever properly hide, but most importantly, I don't see when one would need to drive antennae instead of axles through a metru torso. The second thing does seem lovely. It doesn't seem to be usable as a trap door considering the gears would get in the way. Wouldn't know if it could work as some mechanism that has something pop out, considering the gears would yet again get in the way. But perhaps as some kind of catapult? Perhaps something to illustrate a steady looking floor breaking apart, like an earthquake happening?
  5. The light is supposed to be his eye, in order to fit with the aesthetic set by the previous MOC. Someone did point out to me that the holes do look like eyes and mouth. I can assure you though, that was completely unintentional Shame seeing how the face formed just above the eye looks much more like that of a brute, than the mouth-less one-eyed one, to me. Nice job on the lights btw.
  6. ? The large angled white sections between the yellow and dark grey are very visible eyes... Yeah but they're not shaped like eye's at all. They're too far removed from the shape of an eye for me to consider them acceptably good. I think the shape's fine, it's just that the eyes don't really pop out due to their colour. The yellow kinda hides them. I don't know what piece was used for the eyes, but should the eyes be blue or red I think they'd pop out more.
  7. Yeah it's a Wyvern. 'Cause it has no arms, right?
  8. I don't have Herculean strength. It won't let go.
  9. Your method is similar to mine, but mine takes much quicker, and doesn't involve any pressure on the eyes. I take my Swiss army knife, using one of the bottle openers (As it is thin, but gets thicker. this is quite crucial), I stick it between the eyes and head, and simply push it through. since my utensil gets thicker, it pushes the eyes out enough where I can now grasp it and wiggle it out. Only the most stubborn of eyes take more than 15 seconds or so. Maybe I should make a video or take some photos.... Toa Han Yes, video please! And thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
  10. Yes you can actually. My brother and I have done this many times. Overtime, they can get a bit looser, but I haven't had any issues yet. Toa Han Any tips? I can't get the things to let go.
  11. Does it work if the head has an eyestalk? I don't believe those things can be removed once they're "clicked" in.
  12. The wings seem awfully small. I don't get the feeling they'd support him if he wanted to fly.
  13. Repeating this because I feel like we missed the memo. Move on. Isn't the backstory part of the moc? I guess it isn't completely made up by the builder, seeing how part of it is non-fiction, thus violating the 'my' in 'my-own-creation', but I say we should still be able to discuss the moc. It's not like there aren't any mocs that aren't completely original.
  14. You posted it here, but didn't want feedback? I'd leave some and not derail the topic further, but only after I know the answer to the previous question.
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