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  1. Yo Ghiddy where are you man?

  2. Yeah I haven't seen any either. I have looked, but since there haven't been any Mahri game released and there's no rogue Lego worker who's sent out the 3d models for the toys (which is illegal), I doubt we'll find any unless it's hand modeled.
  3. Recently, @Vahkiti on Twitter posted the 3d models for Bionicle: Legend of Mata Nui. I decided to take the liberty to convert those to .stl files and post them on Thingiverse for ya. I uploaded all six toa (4 without masks), all the in game kanohi, the Toa Kaita, The Chronicler, tohunga without mask, all the ingame rahi, and the elemental bosses in the game (which are... very interesting looking). Additionally, I did the same for the Bionicle: The Game models and a life size fan Bionicle mask/armor cosplay by PunkDrunk-182. I'm particularly excited about the Rahi's because there's a number that I've never heard of and some unnamed rahi. You can see the models here: https://www.thingiverse.com/Clyce/designs I recommend adding custom supports and 10-20% infill. Let me know if you have any problems printing any of them. I've printed Gali and tahu this far without problems. Enjoy'!
  4. The memes just keep getting danker and danker. This topic needs to always be.
  5. Gentlemen, you must never be afraid to dream bigger. How about... The Element of Surprise! AHAH! Didn't expect that did you?
  6. I couldn't of said it better myself. Greg F has been a one of a kind author and I really appreciate how much he's put into the community as well as the universe. Hail Denmark!
  7. Bricks amino is a nother good app that has a good bionicle community presence.
  8. Yeah I wondering what people would value the collection to be. No I was not fortunate enough to get the art book either.
  9. So I am just 4 books away from having every single Bionicle book released (except Kres Podrozy (Journey's End) because that book's a ghost) and they'll be in the mail soon. I have all Graphic novels 1-9 Chronicles 1-4, MoL, Adventures 1-10, Legends 1-11, Raid on Vulcanus, Legend Reborn, All 9 Bionicle guides/encyclopedias, the 4 level 3 reader books, all 3 of the G2 books, and both G2 graphic novels. Now the condition on them varies, but all of them are in good-new condition. That being said, I'm curious how much the entire Bionicle storyline would sell for and if there is anyone in the market?
  10. Daaaaang! I'd love to get my hands on one of those. Personally I think that the trans blue should have been on the standard set because of how it matches the original. I don't have $900+ on me, but I'll spread the word.
  11. That's awesome! You're going to raise the next generation of Bionicle fans. Maybe by the time he grows up LEGO will give Bionicle another try.
  12. Just wanted to put this story out there, but I work at Target and as you can imagine this time of the year toys are flying on shelves. While helping out the toy department clean up after close I found hidden against the back of the shelf a lonely 2015 Pohatu. I scanned the bar code and, as you can imagine the toy was very cheap. Feeling that it was my duty as a BZ Power member, I decided that rather than taking the Pohatu for myself I would place him next to the Star Wars constraction sets and displayed him so that a parent would find him and share the joy of Bionicle with their kid. Sadly the next day all the SW sets around the set were sold, except him, but after a few days he was purchased by a parent for their kid. I fell like I have done a good deed.
  13. Well that kinda depends on what Christmas means to them. I could see them celebrating a gift exchange for something such as the reuniting of the planets or something, but if their universe and ours had somehow melded and they celebrated the religious holiday of Christmas then I could see something of the sorts.
  14. Dang it's pretty close between Metru-Nui and Mata-Nui for me, but I think I would more so enjoy living in either Ga-Koro or Le-Koro. I would say Metru-Nui, but with all the things that happens to the people that live there like the war, the latter oppressive government, and the visorak, I think I'll pass. Welp that rules Metru Nui out then. I'm the biggest anti-communist I've ever met For me, probably Mata Nui, since I live in the South, nature is my thing. I'd love to wander like Takua, or live in the Ta-Wahi beach. Heck, maybe even Metru Nui minus communism. I'd love to live in Le-Metru, just to see the Test Tracks and Moto Hub, and vacation at the Ga-Metru temples. Or what he said.
  15. I have one of the larger hardcover versions, but I managed to grab it on eBay this year for $6 in like-new condition. I'd say I made of with a steel.
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