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  1. Lol, this: https://dreager1.com/2013/09/27/lewa-vs-reidak/comment-page-1/#comment-52622 Lewa fanboy is clearly biased. Firstoff, Lewa's Midak Skyblaster, Air Katanas, and Air Axe are all from different forms, and it is unfair to pit him with 3 forms worth of kit against Reidak with one, especially since Lewa can't just shift between forms at will. Aside from this, in the canon, Reidak easily snaps his Air Katanas, rendering them useless until they are later repaired, his Air Axe, being from a weaker form, would likely suffer such critical damage just as easily, if not easier. Finally, his Skyblaster fires light energy, which is great against shadow based beings, like Makuta, which is the whole reason he uses it against them in that part of the story... while it would certainly do damage to Reidak, it wouldn't deal nearly as much to him as a Makuta, and since it alone didn't have enough stopping power to just obliterate a Makuta, it wouldn't be enough to be a finisher against the Skakdi either. The blogger forgot entirely to mention the sword Lewa wields in his Phantoka form as well. Furthermore, Reidak is a BEAST of a tank, he is probably one of, if not THE tankiest character in the franchise, and Lewa is typically depicted as a speed user, high speed and quick strikes, but little power. Lewa simply does not have the sheer force to even phase Reidak WHICH IS EXACTLY why Lewa loses to him in the canon. No, I am not a Reidak fanboy. I just find it extremely annoying when I see "who would win" outcomes that fail at all to acknowledge anything about the characters or how they fight, or pit them against each other on a level playingfield. Long story short, Lewa should only get the benefits, including equipment, of one form, and the characters' abilities and fighting styles need to be considered beforehand, not just "I think Lewa could win because I like Lewa". =\
  2. Of COURSE I feel conflicted about opening it, I don't think any collector in their right mind wouldn't, but as I said above, my own thoughts regarding putting them on display I've put aside for the moment. First and foremost, I want to prove the set's legitimacy, so that it can be added to Brickipedia, however I need to do that. If I need to open it on video or something in order to, then that solves the moral dilemma for me. If not, and there is a way to go about it that does not involve opening it to view the contents, then I will have to think long and hard about it. Personally... I was never too fond of the idea of 'collector's value' 'if it is in the box it is worth more' anyway. I don't see a point to owning a rare item that... you will never actually get the opportunity to even so much as see, and while certain things like barbie dolls come with windows in the packaging to at least give some credence to the thought... Bionicle does not. This is only my general thought on the matter, however. The rarity of the item in question definitely is making me think a lot more on the matter. As an update, I have myself made a Brickipedia page regarding this pack, and added all the information I've been able to find about the pack to it http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/65025_Bionicle_Collector_Pack . So far the only key information missing is its original price. What is more unhelpful is that there are four regions, though, being an exclusive, it may have only even been available in one region for all I know. Edit: Double post merged. -Wind-
  3. After contacting the seller, I can confirm that the collector packs are exceedingly rare, as they have been selling Bionicle and other Lego sets for well over a decade, and this is the only one that they have ever come across. If an Akamai set is out there, I am guessing it is just as rare. It seems I've stumbled on a gem . Idk what procedures would be necessary to prove the legitimacy of the set in order to have it uploaded to Brickipedia, but to be sure I have made plans to go about that before I worry about anything else, such as my display. Assuming this set is truly that uncommon, I feel that I need to make sure it is known at least to exist.
  4. I will preface what i'm about to say by adding that I did not read your entire article. Nothing against you particularly, but after the first several paragraphs I pretty much get the idea (I stopped reading where you mention rebooting it a second time as a comic exclusive). To put it bluntly, I find a lot of nostalgia blinders with this opening idea, and I have them too! I just this week ordered replacement sets of the original Toa Mata to put on display after coming to the conclusion that my original childhood sets were far too damaged. But love for the old should not necessarily mean disdain for the new. To put it simply... success comes with time. Developed story comes with time. The one thing that the reboot does not currently have is... time. The original story of Bionicle was just as, if not more simplistic than the new one. You had 6 heroes which represent the elements (protagonists: check), destined to save the inhabitants of Mata Nui (Innocent bystanders: check), from Makuta (antagonist: check), who is using his infected kanohi (gimmick: check) to control Rahi (lesser enemies: check). G2 has all of this... with some improvements. For example, the new Matoran analogue (whom idk the name of, as I have not partaken in G2 lore) seems to me, off of first impressions, to be far from the 'helpless' Matoran inhabitants of the originals, but even more primarily, we have actual identifiable bad guys, Skull slicer, Lord of skull spiders, Skull Basher, Skull Scorpio, etc. We have enemies with a face, rather than 'oh, we are fighting miscellaneous animals'. To put it simply... the expansion of the G1 Bionicle universe happened over a multitude of years, starting with the Turaga reveal in the end of 2003/beginning of 2004... THREE YEARS after their initial release, and here we are complaining that G2 isn't as developed only 1 year in? I think you are sadly mistaken. I think the big problem with generation 2, and its success rate compared to the originals is... the original fanbase is, largely, no longer around. As I mentioned above, I haven't partaken in any of G2's lore at all yet... so my knowledge of it is limited, however this isn't because I dislike the figures, or the story concept, or even the execution... it's because I grew up. Bionicle will always have a place in my heart, and I do not believe 'oh you are too old for that', but the story was concluded... and with it an entire chapter of my life, I moved on. While I admittedly know little of the content, and cannot comment directly on its quality, I can say this for sure, it should not be dismissed because it has changed... especially when we have too.
  5. Hi. In the interest of putting up a display of the Toa Mata in a display case, I recently went about combing through every single one of my childhood legos (yes, one by one... took weeks), to try to gather all of the pieces necessary to rebuild them. Sadly, being the toy-abusive child I was, many of the key components (I.E. things other than axles that are unique to the sets) are missing. Pic. related. If you guys are observant you will also notice damage to Lewa's torso at the shoulder, and more significantly, a complete break in Onua's arm (held together by an axle connector piece temporarily). This has prompted me to go about replacing them, and to go about reconstructing the Toa Nuva in this manner instead, being that I had two of each of them, and thus their pieces are more common in my old bins. Today I went about purchasing a collector pack containing Toa Mata Lewa, Gali, and Kopaka, as well as their respective Turaga, specifically set 65025, which to my understanding was a 2001 Costco exclusive. It is scheduled to arrive on the 16th, however searches regarding a similar collector pack for the other 3 original Toa have yielded nothing. To summarize my way too long-winded post... Does a Collector pack for Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua, including their respective Turaga counterparts, even exist? I find it weird that they would make a combo pack for the Kaita Wairuha Toa, and not Akamai's... Edit: Fixed a few minor grammar issues.
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