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  1. lets talk about knock offs does fake produced bionicle sets with weak parts
  2. onu-koro used candles too they put it on their heads for some reason and whenua had a whole pillar of wax lined with candles
  3. yeah i just wondered from what came the candles whenuas mysterios altar and the ussal wav (i know thats just error in switching matoran syllables for x and v just thought its funny but still for volunteraly going in hive is not so stange since its canon that le-koro gukko force did use the rama us steeds with the gukko,kewa and kahu would rather use a smoke too get them out of their hive and come in and take it out of there then jump on their backs and try to control them
  4. nui rama wax nui rama wax ta-matoran sell candles but where they come only bee rahi on matanui is nui rama do they produce wax and maybe honey what do you think
  5. teridax wanted to become the great spirit he needed them to keep him alive piraka used matoran us slaves and did not wanted have their claws dirty and manz of them died in chamber of truth pridak dropped sarda to his doom and ehlek wanted to destroy whole mahri nui
  6. well this book was cancelled and many people wanted it to be relased becase there were many plotwists and information about things we don,t realy know about like connections between the krana and zyglak or how krana where made and all other there was campaign on this site bzpower for the book to be saved and realised but due to the poor book sales scholastic realised only three books rather than four and prisoners of the pit ended up as seventh book and i think that it would be cool if had a book about mahri traveling fro the cord
  7. G2 mask of ultimate power should be on this list to. Who puts it on becomes insane and that darn thing has all powers of G2 universe and it's like that darn mask rather wears it's wearer and makuta of G2 never had bad intentions and the masks power was to great for him to control it and it corupted him And it seems that the mask has its own will like in graphic novel 2 battle of mask makers makuta said that he would build great citys And he didn't said that he will destroy half of Okoto but when he put it on he started creating earthquakes but it wasn't him was it it was the mask and it's insane power Lesson from this is never get more power than you can control and don't allow power to control you And also on this list should be shadowed one and darkness Think about it dark hunters it's a organization of powerful bounty hunters with variations abilitys and skills but any of members cannot defeat shadowed one except darkness who can only defeat him when shadowed one makes a mistake or isn't prepared and also darkness has the biggest variation of abilitys and no one knows the full list of them except darkness himself
  8. Name-kriax Variation-rahi control Level-2 Gender-male Gear-staff of rahi control,two small hatchets Aperance-Magenta body and limbs Personality-he's creative in thinking and an introvert, he hates quick changes and is quite inteligent,when he meet's someone he first doesn,t trust him/her but later knowing him/her he can start very likeing him/ her Bio-when he was created with another kraata he was put in a vat. Throo goo he was sieng very blouring but he cold little bit see and he Saw like the another kraata was put in silver pool. From pool rised an armor he was taken from the wat and puttet in the armor when learned to stand up move he was taken to corpus rahkshi academy Ic-in character
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