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  1. I'm not saying LEGO WANTED to disappoint us. I just said that if the stars were actually GOOD, then Bionicle fans would have gotten REALLY mad at LEGO. Plus, I really don't like the 2009-10 sets because of how easily the parts break. My Stars Piraka has cracks on his shoulder, and my Mata Nui (Small scale one, not the big one whose mask was just a recolor of it's 2008 mold) has it's right thigh socket broken. However my Tahu mata and Matoran Balta are both perfectly fine.
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  3. You've likely heard about how Bionicle Stars was a bad way to say goodbye to Bionicle. However, I pose that LEGO WANTED these sets to be horrible, and hopefully by the time you finish reading this, you'll agree. Please note that this post will contain nerdy stuff involving how the human brain works. To start off, the human brain actually has a function that decides whether a conclusion(, any kind of conclusion, from the end of a book, to even the end of the day,) is satisfiable or not. Whether or not the conclusion is satisfiable can trigger emotions, but the type of emotion you have depends on certain factors. If and ending is satisfactory, you'll feel good right? Well what if this ending was a sendoff to a beloved childhood franchise of yours? You'd be sad, right? And what if the ending/sendoff was horrible? You'd probably feel either puzzled or relieved. Part of you would be like, "Why is the finale so terrible?" and another part would be like, "Good riddance!" Now, with that out of the way, it's time for a scenario. Imagine one world where the Stars sets were good, and another where the Stars were bad. Which one would have made you more upset about Bionicle's departure?... Exactly! The scenario in which the Stars were good! And it's not just the Stars. All of years 2009-10 were slowly getting less and less cool, with less Titans, a HUGE cliffhanger ending, and, of course, the repeated use of the infamous Inika torso(,cause Mata Nui forbid we use the Piraka Torso).
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