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  1. This just makes me wish the '04 arc kept its initial direction. It's got the mysterious, pre-2004 feel that Bionicle really shoulda kept until Mata Nui awoke.
  2. Stuff like this is why Sonics is a dumb element. Just make a Kinesis element or lump in sonic powers with the physical elements and be done with it.
  3. Which is why I brought a Toa of Psionics into the mix. If Krana are alive, can't a being with the Psionics element just mind-control it to make it use its powers? This isn't useful for most Krana, since they're either redundant to the Psionics element or Bohrok-specific; but I'm more interested in the "can this be done" aspect of it.
  4. So here's a crazy thought that just hit me: Krana mind-control beings that have them on their face, right? So could a Toa of Psionics, or even some being with similar powers, resist that mind-control entirely? And, if they can use Kanohi, could they then use that Krana's powers as a Bohrok would, effectively using it as a Kanohi?
  5. I don't think its true potential has yet been realized, certainly not with Mario. Mindstorms makes good use of it by letting you program your own robots, and HS is the potential start of more complex and interesting things; but the Mario theme just feels too restricted in scope to really capitalize on its digital component, or even to lead to things that can. I think that digital Lego needs to run with the same principles of System: something whose value lies in what you can figure out how to do with it than in what prepackaged functionality it comes with.
  6. It's a little hard to try and say what a man of such a disposition does in that scenario. To test it, we'd have to take a white supremacist, teleport him to a dimension where there are no white people, and observe his response. (To be clear, I'm not trying to make this political, just drawing an analogy because I literally cannot think of a better analogue.)
  7. Isn't he, like...super OP? And super xenophobic? I feel like he'd just curbstomp literally everyone. I know jack all about W40K but I've heard the GEoM is the greatest anime villain of all time, or something.
  8. They didn't buy it because the popularity of Bionicle was dwindling due to increasingly being harder to get into and the sets entering a state of relative uniformity, and the only major story material for '09 (the movie) sucked.
  9. Perhaps not shows, but films. "Comedy" as a genre doesn't mean "humor and literally no substance," else classic Simpsons wouldn't be comedic at all. It merely entails a high emphasis on humor. The movies I named have actual plots and evoke actual emotions, but they still put a lot of emphasis on the comic component, which makes them comedies. That's not what went wrong with the Ninjago movie--the characters were. Lloyd is the only character who is both coherent and given importance in the film; Garm is super inconsistent, while the supporting cast is mostly just...there. No arcs, no real personalities, no meaningful dialogue...they just exist except for Wu and (to a lesser extent) Lloyd's mom.
  10. No, but I vaguely recall seeing it floating around when IFB was new. Right, but if they got someone better than Greg to do the writing, they'd have a stronger story. I still maintain that an RPG of any kind is the best route. Not only would it be the best medium for Bionicle as a narrative and setting, but it'd have a lot of mass appeal. Something like Skyrim is a bit ambitious, so I'd bet on something like Octopath in terms of scope and direction. That game's also good in how it handles having multiple protagonists, even if some of them (COUGHCOUGHalfynCOUGH) kinda suck. I actually had vidya in mind. Honestly, I'd love to see Bionicle get a movie/game adaptation after being handed off from Lego, then Lego making sets based on the IP that they ditched. Not happening, of course, but that would be something.
  11. The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie. I--what? Alright, I guess you, uh...don't find things funny? I can't recommend you anything comedic if you just don't like comedy, unless you've somehow never seen a good comedy.
  12. None of that excuses poor writing and storytelling. Kids' comedy doesn't have to entail low quality; heck, look at TLM and TLBM, both strong films regardless of their genre or target audience. A story doesn't have to be serious to be worth taking seriously or for the writers to take their work seriously.
  13. I'm saying it can be highly beneficial to Bionicle as a narrative because of the added creative freedom. It doesn't need to go that route, but if it did, it would open up new storytelling venues and remove unnecessary baggage, which I've explained in a previous post. We're talking about a hypothetical scenario where Bionicle exists without a toyline and the story comes first. My point is that there are lots of franchises that consist solely of the work of fiction used to deliver their narrative and nothing else, save for some merch which other companies acquired the rights to sell. ...because of Greg's personal failures as a writer and decision to give up entirely. Unless you mean the financial viability of the story and not its quality; in which case, Lego didn't even try to profit from the serials, so that's the chief reason why they didn't produce any moolah.
  14. Uh...it can't? And I never said it could? And my entire point was that it doesn't have to be? I dunno, how does any movie/TV/vidya franchise make bank? Greg's also not a good writer, and he kinda gave up on the serials entirely, so that didn't help.
  15. I didn't necessarily mean Faber, just anyone qualified. Hopefully, Faber has the sense to hire a writer who has proven his/her mettle. And it's quite likely that nobody in charge of IFB actually put in any, well...effort into the thing. I feel like apathy more than incompetence was the driving force there. I hope not, subscription models are incredibly sleazy. Just let me buy the game once and charge me for DLC/skins/whatever, as long as it's not P2W or lootboxes. So...P2W? Imma pass, chief.
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