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  1. I think it's safe to say Faber's entering his final form and we can expect to learn more about 3IONICLE soon™. The very earliest we might see it is early January; if it's much longer than that, it's weird that Faber would act as if he were ramping up the teases.
  2. Faber posted a photo of a VR headset a while ago, but IIRC he didn't mention 3ION in that post and it was more for RN as far as anyone knew. I can't find the post now, so I can't verify that he didn't name the project, though.
  3. So, he's definitely going into VR for something, but it's likely that RN will benefit from it, too. That he keeps evoking Bionicle suggests that it's probably 2 separate projects, but I can't imagine what's going on, here. 3IONICLE could just be some sort of proof-of-concept project.
  4. Oh, wow, I didn't even realize that's what those were. They look super flat from this angle.
  5. How'd you get all the "rays" to attach to those flex pipes?
  6. Plot twist: the whole thing started out as an April Fools' joke, but people thought it was legit and Faber didn't have the heart to tell us, so he's scrambling to make something real behind the scenes.
  7. Now he's just straight-up quoting the Barraki trailer. This is DEFINITELY Bionicle-related; we just don't know the direction, scope, or medium of the project. So, uh...anything substantial about it, really. But this post comes pretty quickly after the last one, and we are closing in on 2020 now, so we might finally get something out of the man soon.
  8. "Light," scientifically-speaking, encompasses everything from radio waves to gamma radiation. What a Toa of Light can do depends on what the in-universe definition of "light" is. If he cannot make lasers, though, he doesn't have much offensive power, just illusions and blinding peeps. Shadow is honestly a dumb idea for an element. Shadows are just where light isn't; what power set comes from that? It feels like a bit of a "wastebin" element, much like Psionics, where a bunch of unrelated powers are thrown in for coolness. "Creation" is a woefully nebulous term, but "Life" is easier to pin down. It deals with imbuing things with sentience and willpower and manipulating the structure of organic entities. Time--and I'm being bold here, but just hear me out--should actually be lumped in with Gravity as a "spacetime" element; let's call it "Aether." See, gravity is caused by the warping of spacetime, and it affects time as well as space, which we can tell because time gets messy around black holes. So, therefore, a Toa of Aether should have *very* limited control over time; though not as much as the Vahi would grant. And then maybe they can make wormholes, too. Sadly, Lego did not do this admittedly epic thing.
  9. It's still a reboot even if Lego doesn't officially sanction it. At worst, it'll be a spiritual successor to Bionicle, which still isn't a reboot, but also unlikely given that the project is named "BION-" something. Faber's doing something, and it's somehow linked to Bionicle; it cannot be "absolutely nothing" unless he quits.
  10. Absolutely nothing Faber has posted indicates a continuation. This looks, for all the world, to be a fresh start. In any case, the future of Bionicle is in reboots, not continuations. G1 was a mess at its conclusion and there's no need to follow up on that.
  11. So I think this is a good baseline for how to think about elements, and it's a good idea to consider that some elements can be multiple things, but I don't agree with where you've put some of the stuff. Given the choice, I'd group them like this: Energy-based: Fire, Light (it's literally just energy in wave form), Lightning, Magnetism (comes from the same force as electricity) Earthly: Earth (duh), Stone, Iron, The Green, Ice (debatable, but it does technically form part of the "land" at the poles) Fluid: Water, Air, Plasma (it's not energy, it's still physical stuff, just really hot stuff) Immaterial: Sonics (not sure where to put this tbh, it's kind of a dumb element idea), Psionics, Gravity, Shadow
  12. Wh--how? How is electricity derived from water? Plasma is Air except spicy.
  13. One thing I think it's worth considering is that a lot of real-world languages have strange, offshoot dialects. Treespeak wasn't bad in and of itself, but it was handled poorly in much of the media it featured in, and it came across as unnecessary and blatant. "If you ride with me, there'll be no foot-walking--just air-flying!" is a good example. The treespeak doesn't change the meaning of the sentence at all. It should have been exclusively used to succinctly convey more complex meanings. A more fluid use is: "Word is, deep-wood, that you seek the seventh Toa!" Here, "deep-wood" is just a shortening of "deep in the woods," and sounds like it could almost be a normal compound word. Words like "huge-big," "terrible-bad," and "rapid-quick" are useless and should have been cut from the dialect; while stuff like "wrong-turn," "bog-foot," and "life-dawn" sound like something that, given time, could be part of an actual English dialect. So, rather than just eliminating some of the lore, it makes more sense to retool it into something more believable.
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