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  1. IC:Kodran- New Atero, Soup Kitchen It felt strange to Kodran. It felt like so much time had passed, and yet simultaneously, only a few seconds had gone by. Taking a bowl of soup for himself, he placed a couple widgets down upon the counter and began to consume his meal. A shudder ran through the Glatorian as his body was overwhelmed by the intoxicating flavor...Before realizing that perhaps he was overreacting a bit, given that it was just soup. "Hrmm...Might have to head off soon. I think I may have gotten some orders...Possibly from Cliffside or Tesara or somewhere..."
  2. IC:Kodran- Soup Kitchen, New Atero "I'll gladly take one, if yer' still offering."
  3. IC:Kodran- New Atero, Soup Kitchen. "True...I just figured I'd want to pay at some point to thank you for what smells like amazing soup." It smelled amazing, definitely. And the person who was currently nursing a burnt mouth seemed to enjoy it..For now, he simply stood behind Rakin, waiting his turn.
  4. IC:Kodran-New Atero, Soup Kitchen. The mechanic looked over at the person who just...consumed practically an entire bowl of soup in one gulp. She seemed.....pained? Slowly, he turned to look at the owner of the soup stall. "Are we allowed to pay you if we want to?"
  5. IC: Kodran- Soup Kitchen The scent of the soup was making the mechanic drool a little bit. Wiping it away, he stood in place, simply prepared to wait his turn. As he did, he went through a small mental checklist. There hadn't been too many orders today...Come to think of it, aside from Rakim's request for a tool, he really hadn't gotten anything. Maybe he'd find some orders when he got back.
  6. IC:Kodran- New Atero The Glatorian followed, expression unreadable as he followed the military mechanic. A glance up to the sky allowed him to be lost in thought. Perhaps he should go out for a ride after their meal. Check and see if there's any repairs that would need him to travel....Hopefully not. He'd rather just have some smooth sailing...flying..whatever they call it.
  7. IC: Kodran- New Atero, Blood Forge "I don't see why not. Would do this body of mine some good to get out and deal with the fresh air and not have it be for a house call." Picking up the widgets, Kodran placed them into a small bag on his toolbelt before walking to the door. With a flick of his wrist, the sign was turned to say 'CLOSED', a small part pulled down to say 'OUT FOR LUNCH'. "Shall we, sir?"
  8. IC:Kodran- New Atero, Blood Forge Grumbling noises could be heard from the back as he threw a few more rods out of the back room, before finding one. Seemed to extend....and retract....He threw it onto the desk. "Try that one!" He turned back, before a grumbling could be heard. "....Alright, I think I might need to grab some grub."
  9. IC:Kodran-New Atero, Blood Forge Now that was a deal if the Fire Tribe Glatorian had ever heard one. Holding up a finger, he ducked into the back. A cacophany of crashing and rustling around could be heard before a metal stick was tossed out, landing on the desk. "That work? If not, I can keep searching!"
  10. IC:Kodran- New Atero, Blood Forge "Hrmm....20 widgets should be fine, I think." Kodran scratched the back of his helmet, unsure of a good price. That seemed reasonable enough to him, though.
  11. IC: Kodran- New Atero, Blood Forge A Brakas? Interesting. "A friend of yours, I assume?" Scratching his head, the Glatorian took the launcher, placing it in it's special spot under the register. Walking into the back room, he came out with a small tool box. "Not much, but you did want some tools for sale, right? Got some spares."
  12. IC: Kodran-New Atero, Blood Forge At first, Kodran was sure that this mechanic knew what he was doing....Then he smacked the gun with a wrench, causing the Glatorian to twitch. If this customer broke the thing he'd cram a Thornax fruit so far up their- "....." Grabbing the Launcher, he gave it a quick test fire, nodding in approval. Everything seemed to be in order. "Warn a guy next time ya try slappin' 'is launcher, would ya? But..thank you."
  13. IC: Kodran - Blood Forge. The work ground to a halt as Kodran looked over at his fellow mechanic, blinking. On one hand, he was rather protective of his gun, and there was a strange sense of irritation that this random individual could somehow find and solve the problem. That being said, he had been working on a military airship. That was not a job one was simply handed. With a sigh, Kodran backed off. "Just..be careful. I have a lot of good memories with that Launcher."
  14. IC: Kodran-Blood Forge "Ah, this? My old launcher....Been using it as a way to defend my shop from intruders or unwanted guests...That being said....I think it needs a bit of fine tuning." Lifting it up once more, he fired the empty Launcher, before setting it back down, an annoyed groan erupting from the Glatorian. "It's close, and yet..."
  15. IC: Kodran- New Atero, Blood Forge "Huh...Ya don't say. Sounds like a nice time. I wouldn't mind checking out the engine of one of those big ships. See what makes it tick." Lifting the Thornax Launcher, he pulled the trigger, watching the empty weapon work it's magic before putting it back down and going back to it. Maybe if he tightened that....
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