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  1. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- The knockback that Hestala received from her hook being deflected caused her to stumble back a little, thus avoiding the brunt of the Vorox's stinger strike. It did succeed in giving her a solid nick on the back of her right shoulder, however; she let out a small cry of pain and started wishing that she had invested in some chest armor that completely covered her back, too. The price of stylishness was pain, apparently. Not to be deterred, however, she took the opportunity to sidestep the next approaching blow and rush forward in an almost crouch, wrapping the curve of her hook around her assailant's ankle. The intent was to pull his feet out from under him as she charged forward to intercept the creatures that were approaching the Vista Baby. - - - --IC: Bacchus: The Wastes, en route to the Arena-- Much lower to the ground than his two peers, Bacchus trundled merrily along as fast as his little skyfighter would take him, leaving a trail of tossed-up sand and black smoke in his wake. Every so often, he would look upward to catch Juno's distinctive striped Rockoh make some sort of course adjustment, an adjustment he would follow her in making very soon after. Part of him wished that he could be higher up in the sky, feeling the wind on his face... and then the part of him that was afraid of heights shut that desire down completely.
  2. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Bacchus beamed as he saw Kaenis' wave, way up there in the sky, before his attention was diverted by the sound of another ship taking off, this one another Rockoh, but painted in stripes. In the pilot's seat, he saw a familiar flash of dark armor- Juno. Gesturing to Kaenis again, he made a sweeping motion with his arm indicating that that ship was the one to follow, and gunned his Horse with No Name onward as fast as it would go in pursuit. It was time they were off. - - - --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- Hestala rolled her eyes in disgust. "Robbery, is it?" she muttered. "You've got to be joking. You're not doing it properly at all." Suddenly, both hands went to her hook handle as she aimed a hard swing at the head of one of the Vorox blocking her path. With luck, she'd catch him by complete surprise, and the blunt end of the hook's curve would inflict some good old-fashioned blunt force trauma.
  3. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- Hestala stopped and planted a hand on her hip, her brows beetling. "You can take all that," she snipped, pointing to the wrecked Rockoh. She pointed again, this time to the Vista Baby, and continued, "That one's mine, you can't take it." The hand still gripping a hook clenched tighter around its handle. "No barter."
  4. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- "You think I don't know that?" the Vortixx woman whispered harshly back to her rival. "Now be a dear and pull on that corner." When the Vorox leader stepped forward and ordered them to stand aside, Hestala was only too happy to oblige; she took her hands and her hooks immediately away from the wrecked Rockoh and stepped quickly back, allowing the creatures an uninhibited view of the bare innards of the ship. Bone, steel, engine parts, fuel, weapons: plenty of things scavengers like them could have a potential interest in. For good measure she tossed one of her money bags onto the pile (the one with the least amount of widgets in it). "Come on, dahling," she said quietly, tugging her rival slowly but firmly back toward the Vista Baby. "Best we leave these fellows alone."
  5. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- "To... rrrgh... to make it easier for you to take. You can't very well lug this big large thing around with that little manpower, can you? No... rrrgh. But you can lug around a bunch of smaller pieces." - - - --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Left temporarily alone again while both of his partners retrieved their ships, Bacchus ran through his notebook one more time, repeating the words of the strange missive quietly to himself. "The Beacon beckons... the Arena awaits... find that which is missing, and the puzzle will be complete..." The words were just as enticing now as they were when he first found them on the notice board. Potential meanings to these words bounced around in his head, colliding with other thoughts and producing unholy thought offspring. Perhaps he was a bit too determined to solve this mystery, as his focus on it had caused him to become a bit scatterbrained today in regards to other matters. The Rock Agori stuffed his notebook back into his pocket and started to boot up the Horse with No Name. It sputtered to life, kicking up a lot of sand and smoke as it lurched forward, almost ramming into the notice board before it finally climbed to its maximum cruising height... which was about as high as Bacchus himself was tall. The Horse was a shabby piece of equipment, but it was his shabby piece of equipment, and he loved it for what it was. Easing it away from its near collision, he started slowly directing it along the path that Juno had taken to retrieve her ship. He shadowed his brow again as he spotted the pontoons of Kaenis' Rockoh in the sky above, waving enthusiastically at it as if to say, "Yes! I'm right here!"
  6. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- Her rival's call made Hestala pause in tugging on the corner of a particularly large sheet of steel plating. "Yeah, that'd be appreciated, dahling," she replied. "Could you give me a big, strong hand... rrrgh... with this sheet? Just this one." But in all honesty, it probably wasn't going to be just that one.
  7. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- As soon as the words had left the creature's mouth, Hestala wasted no time in gathering up many of the bones that had been knocked off of her rival's Rockoh in its crash. Bones counted as resources, right? They could be broken and crafted into weapons, or eaten in dire situations. Good source of calcium, bones. For good measure, she pulled out the horn that had gotten stuck in her Vista Baby's hull, revealing a nasty gap in between the steel panels. Steel panels... steel! Everybody could use some steel! Lots of things could be done with it. She didn't know what, exactly, but she knew that steel definitely counted as a resource. But she wouldn't give the creatures any steel from her ship, oh no no. Instead, she approached her rival's ship and began whacking away at it with her hooks, using the points to probe the gaps of the hull and pry off any loose panels. His ship was wrecked. He had no further need for it. So why let it go to waste?
  8. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Bacchus clapped his hands together, and then clapped the small hold of his Horse with No Name closed. "Yes! Let's be off!" He was excited to begin really digging into this mystery! He straddled the seat of the skyfighter awkwardly and mimed a heroic pose, pointing off into the distance. "To the Arena!" he cried, temporarily unaware that he was pointing in the wrong direction. - - - --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- The Vortixx woman paused mid-swing and lowered her hook as the lead Vorox (she guessed)... spoke? Asking for resources and supplies. Right away, she pointed at her rival. "Get your stuff from him, dahling, he has the better loot." This was, of course, not true, but her base greed refused to allow her to immediately give up any of her riches. If bad came to worse, then maybe she'd consider giving these... creatures a paltry sum.
  9. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- For all her boasting about taking home her rival's weapon, Hestala hadn't actually been able to get it completely off the ground, which would be pretty necessary if she wanted to get it into the Vista Baby at all. As such, when he suddenly came charging at her and she once again just barely managed to dance out of the way (though one of his horns almost caught on her gold chain), she let the axe fall heavily back onto the sand. And then the harsh buzzing finally reached her ears, and her eyes were met with flying Karzing Vorox. She blanched slightly at the sight and wanted to swear, but that would have been very unladylike. "Alright, dahling, you can keep your axe for now," she called to her rival as she gave her hooks an experimental swing. Their handles were of a medium length, so they should give her a decent range. Beginning to retreat back to the Vista Baby, she swung one of her hooks at the first one to get too close to her.
  10. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- "Juno! Right," Bacchus exclaimed, trying and failing to play off the fact that, up until then, he had not known the map dealers- Juno's- name. Quietly, he extended his hand for her to shake. "And I'm Bacchus, for future reference." - - - --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- This fellow was being awfully polite about this whole situation. Perhaps he was only a big stupid cow when he was in the heat of battle? "What? You want this?" Hestala asked mockingly, holding the axe behind her at arms length, away from her rival's immediate reach. "This paltry little trinket? Look at those over there." She pointed with the axe to the dents and scars left in the Vista Baby's side hull, which exactly matched the shape and sixe of the axe and which subsequently could only have been produced by swinging it at the ship. "Those... deformities were left on my precious airship because you swung this around like a madman. Or mad cow. If I take it, then next time we meet- if there is a next time- I won't have to worry about you using it to wreck my ship again. You must understand, this is purely for insurance's sake, dahling."
  11. @Smudge8 ay lad, hestala took kane-oma's axe.
  12. yo i really need to get back to work on my epics, it's been a hot minute since i've updated either of them

  13. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- The Vortixx woman gave a condescending chuckle as she stepped off of her rival's wrist and proceeded to loot through the wreckage of his ship, casting glances back at him every so often to make sure that he didn't go anywhere. Just as he said, there was a sum of widgets stashed in the dashboard box; not as much as she would have liked, but enough to temporarily sate her until her next thieving opportunity. For good measure, she also snatched up a decorative bone that had been cast aside in the Rockoh's crash. Hestala was now done with her rival. She had stranded him in the middle of the Wastes and robbed him, albeit in a way that was a very far cry from her usual methods. That was all she could have really hoped to do with him; he was now useless to her. Best to let him go and just be done with him. Pocketing her loot, she went back to him and removed the remaining hook restraining him, but not before picking up the lovely axe that he had just left over there all alone. "All right, dahling, get up. No need for anything more between us; best we both get a move on." - - - --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- "Forsooth!" Bacchus cried as the map dealer arrived at the rendezvous point. "Our third party member arrives!" From Kaenis' sudden shyness and the map dealer's expression (or about as much of an expression as he could discern behind her Volitak), it seemed as if introductions were in order. "Map dealer! This is Kaenis," he said, indicating his tall amphibian companion. "And Kaenis! This is, uh..." Indicating the map dealer, he suddenly realized that he had never asked for the latter's name, nor had he provided his to her. He felt slightly awkward.
  14. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- "It's for you!" the Rock Agori exclaimed as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "The way you're colored, you're extremely likely to blend in with the sand or disappear in the haze when you're far away. With this on you, in case we ever get separated in the Wastes, I can just look for the spot of blue and think, 'oh, there you are!'" - - - --OOC:-- I didn't really have a specific wrist in mind for her to stomp on. I'll say that she stomped on his right one, leaving his left arm free to grab at her. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- Hestala just barely registered what was going on- her adversary had tugged free of her hook handle restraint and was now swiping at her leg- before dancing juuuuust enough out of the way to keep herself out of his grip. Though his fingers did brush rather heavily against her shin. In her movement, she took her foot off of his other wrist. Picking up the hook that had become dislodged, she stomped again on his wrist, this time the one that had been freed, and leaned forward, resting her elbows on her now-bent knee. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed some mysterious flapping shapes seeming to approach, but her main focus was on this naughty fellow. "Come on, dahling, don't be like that. Just give me all the widgets you have on your person and I'll leave you alone, okay?" It was rare for her to ask for permission to rob anyone, but then, her normal targets weren't usually paying too much proper attention to her.
  15. out comes a tube of steroids. in go all the capital letters i don't use anymore.
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