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  1. a link to much better art than mine, right under art that is also much better than mine
  2. despair was involved, but it didn't come from those who beheld his works...
  3. it's hard to find a good custom torso design that incorporates the nuva chestpiece

    1. King of Kings

      King of Kings

      just slap that baby on an inika torso. only the masters do this


  4. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- As her rival stuffed ammunition into the open hatch, the weapon systems of the Vista Baby let out a soft whir and a satisfying thunk as the internal mechanics shunted the heavy light-and-steel spheres into place in their clips. Those spheres were subsequently rapidly emptied from their clips as Hestala waggled her aiming yoke so that the skyblasters were pointed at the oncoming convoy of Vorox and fired. The small fry around them could wait. That cannon didn't look good at all. "Keep going, dahling!" she called back to her rival. A steady stream of ammo would help them out immensely, and she had plenty of it.
  5. catina still exists, guys. just thought i'd let you know.
  6. figured i'd do one of these and actually contribute something slightly meaningful to this site. here's a kiina i recently did, which is actually a redraw of a kiina design i sketched several years ago, just in my current art style. the first in a series of bionicle waifus i'm gifting to my mates soon.
  7. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- As he did that, Hestala fiddled with the controls of the Vista Baby, slowly willing it to begin rising up from the ground. The damage that had been incurred on it in the dogfight caused things to be a little more jittery than usual, but at least the airship still functioned. She prepped the weapon systems while she was at it, the Skyblasters whirring and clanking into a ready position. "Still waiting on that ammo, dahling!" - - - --IC: Bacchus: The Arena-- Bacchus was so absorbed in recording the strange writing on the dais, trying to puzzle out what they could possibly be saying, that he did not hear Drukann's statement, nor did he notice Kaenis' seeming disappearance or the giant woman's approach: he was too absorbed in his work. But as the symbol of the Three Virtues lit up, his face did too. Only then did he notice the closer presence of the giant woman. "Forsooth!" he cried excitedly, scribbling in his notebook. "Three Virtues, three people!" But what else were they missing, he wondered? Clearly the light show was the only thing that they were going to get as they currently were. Maybe the missing piece that the missive referred to had something to do with the words on the dais? --OOC:-- Sorry for the wait, guys.
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