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  1. --IC: Hestala: Tesara-- Above her pink aviators, Hestala shadowed her brow and peered around for the specific number of the bay she had parked the Vista Baby in. "Number 42, on the outskirts. I'll expect to see you there tout suite, dahling!" - - - --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- If setting up roots and growing potentially involved more Agori becoming twisted and tormented like this one, Catina wasn't so sure he would take kindly to having this plant around. He mentally asked the plant if this root situation it was currently in would be the exception or the rule.
  2. --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- Polite had never been Catina's style, not since his crash. But regardless, he still did not pull the trigger; he kept the launcher where it was and mentally asked the plant (why of his own volition, despite his extreme disgust, he didn't know) what he meant by not meaning them any harm.
  3. --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- The poor Agori was in clear pain. He? She? It just wanted to be put out of its misery; that would be the pragmatic thing to do. Would this plant survive if its host were killed? Would it puppeteer the corpse around as it was now doing with the live body? Or would it perish, and its mind reading with it? Catina raised his launcher, but he did not aim it at the more concentrated areas of plant. He pointed it at the crying Agori's head... and waited.
  4. --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- The last word seemed to slam Catina back into the door frame. It was reading his mind, there was no other explanation for it. Never mind how a grotesque plant parasite inside an Agori's husk had learned to communicate- somehow it was invading his mind and rustling through his thoughts without permission. And as a Glatorian who liked his privacy, in all forms, this did not sit well with him at all. Could the beast see as well as speak and think other's thoughts? The knight errant tried his best to close off his mind so that it would not perceive his hand going slowly for his Thornax launcher...
  5. --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- He reeled back slightly. He had not said a word- he was physically incapable of saying a word- only asking his question with a thought and an expression. And the creature had given an answer out loud. How was this possible? Catina thought briefly. How could it know what I asked, without me asking it?
  6. --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- Catina flexed his hands experimentally, tested the limits of the soft throbbing pain that filled his stitches. They would hold, and they would hold well. It was very good. The knight errant stood awkwardly for a moment, unsure of his next step. The doctor said that he was free to go; was that true? Would he not ask for money in exchange for his service? Should he, Catina, offer some of his meager store of widgets unprompted? Ultimately, he decided to give a nod of acknowledgement before he caught the doctor's aside glance, toward the strange Agori-plant creature. He quirked an eyebrow, as if to ask, "What exactly is that?"
  7. snowmen genetically engineered to survive in greener climates, at the expense of looking like diseased children
  8. --IC: Bacchus: The Arena-- Bacchus tapped his bushy chin with the stem of his pipe as he mulled over what he had said to the giant woman. As he had said, his idea that the six-pointed symbol represented Bota Magna was just that- an idea. But its persistent red color, coupled with the fact that it definitely looked more like a star than a symbol for a jungle planet, made him start further considering the idea that it represented the Red Star. In his explorations, he had heard snippets of rumors and stories that something- be it strange creatures or actual people- lived on that small glowing piece of the cosmos, but he had discounted them. He wished now that he had taken the time to remember some of those snippets; they might be worth considering in his passing theory. The Rock Agori was just about to reply to the giant woman's offer to find a Bota Magna native to see if that made a difference, when Kaenis cut in with a discouragement. "Why not?" he asked. "What's wrong with Bota Magna? Or do you mean that we lack the ability to go there?" - - - --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- The doctor seemed not to know what Catina's gesture meant, so the knight errant tried something else. He pointed to the doctor, then to the stitching in his own hands, and followed that with a thumbs-up. It was intended to mean, "You fixed my hands. It is good work." - - - --IC: Hestala: Tesara-- The Vortixx woman cocked a hip and planted her hand on it, an annoyed expression on her face. "Weren't you paying attention? I said I want you to fix my airship; it's just gotten out of a rather unfortunate dogfight and I can't bear to look at the damage anymore. I have more than enough widgets that might help you start getting back on your feet. Will you do it? Or do I have to repeat myself again?"
  9. --IC: Hestala: Tesara-- "Oh, for-" Hestala muttered, completely unused to being ignored in this way. She pounded more emphatically on the door. "Do you like money?" she called to the apparently very grumpy individual in the building. "I have lots of it. You can have some, and whatever else you want, if you fix my airship." - - - --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- The needle stung slightly as it pierced his flesh, and the sensation of the thread drawing his flesh back together was strange. But it was not so uncomfortable as to draw protest. Catina sat still as the doctor did his work, and when the needle was taken away, he gently flexed his hands, testing the thread's strength. It held well. Catina made a movement in the doctor's direction, one of the few pieces of a sign language he had picked up on his travels. The gesture meant, "Thank you."
  10. --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- The doctor turned out to be much better at removing the bandages than Catina, and why shouldn't he be? Catina was more used to self-applied, quick-and-dirty treatments; professional medics were not widely available in the Wastes. He was not unused to pain, and accepted the doctor's need to stitch the more severe wounds closed with a simple nod. He would not make a sound. The strange plant creature uttered a word, causing the knight errant's eyes to dart reflexively to it. Now he was closer, he could see that it was hideous. - - - --IC: Hestala: Tesara-- Hestala clapped her hands excitedly. "You do?" she asked. "Oh, that's just excellent! See, this is why I hired you- you can be my guide in places I've never been. Lead the way, dahling."
  11. --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- Catina gratefully complied. He stood just inside the door and struggled to remove his poor bandaging, reopening some of the wounds in the process but allowing the Iron Glatorian easier access to them for treatment. He kept a wary eye on the plant-Agori monster still standing motionless in the office, in case it decided to try anything. If it did, he would pull Thunder Manibus out whether his hands were properly bandaged or not.
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