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  1. Glad you like it! As long as your mic records clear, fairly crisp audio, I'll accept it.
  2. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

  3. Due to the complicated nature of the project, I have decided to use voice actors for most of the characters instead of my sister and I doing them all. Some Background on this Universe: As some of you may know, on my channel, Surge is an ax-crazy, anti social idiot who loves electricity and has no regard for the safety of others, simply because he doesn't know he's endangering them. Also, characters from other constraction themes interact with each other, primarily the Toa Mata/Nuva and Alpha Team. To get more background on this universe, simply go to my YouTube Channel (link in bio). Most videos are simply done for fun, this will feature stopmotion and hand-free live action. Basic Plot In this film/special, Surge suddenly grows in size and power. Alpha Team attempts to stop him but fails, locking themselves underground to avoid Surge's detection. The Toa Mata, stranded on the planet, decide to stop Surge once and for all. **HOW TO APPLY** 1. Record yourself saying a quote from the character, or something you think they would say. 2. Send it to toabioniclefactory@gmail.com with the subject "BvsHF: AoA." 3. You can do multiple characters, just as long as it's hard to tell it's you for both. 4. If you are selected (and when the script is 100% complete), then i will send you a copy of it. **SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Halloween 2016** This is going to be a massive project for me, so I want to choose all the voice actors by Halloween so I can have all of the dialogue recorded by Thanksgiving. All Available Characters: The numbered list tells you what kind of voice you can do for that character. They are listed according to my personal preference for which one I would like the most. You can do any version or combination of versions, or submit your own version the way you think they would sound. For those who don't know, COTC is Chronicles of the Chronicler, a series by an old BioTuber. You should be able to find it without much issue. For the Toa's voices, I would recommend watching COTC 3 for Tahu and Pohatu (and Gali if you want). COTC 4 may be a better option for Tahu because he's more of a main character in that one. Tahu: 1. COTC 2. Toned down MoL 3. Toned down Heronexous/ CallanLoF's MATA Gali: MoL, your normal voice, or whatever you want. In this case, I don't care. Pohatu: 1. COTC 2. CallanLoF 3. Toned down MoL **Toa Kaita**: Fusions of the component Toa's voices. This will be done like the BIONICLE ANP did their Kaita voices. Baselines will be done by me, since I know how I want the lines to be said. Akamai’s baseline is Onua and Wairuha's baseline is Kopaka. Nex: Obvious Australian accent, just like the HF specials. Voltix: HF special Goons: All you have to do is various grunt noises (OOF, ow, etc), so you'll get the role no matter what, since I don't know how many I'll need.Electro/Energy (1999 Slizer/Throwbot): Based on the “I'm so stoked my dudes” meme. I may end up doing this one myself because it's so specific. **Keep in mind that other people will be trying out for for these roles and you are not guaranteed the part.**
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