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  1. Hello again, It has been a while since my last post. Here I present to you all some images I took of the glorious inhabitants of Le Wahi. Lewa observing a Shrine. Vira conversing with a fellow Le-Matoran. Makuta... Lehvak emerging from the darkness. Matau giving out instructions. Nuhvok in the depths of the Fau Swamp. Lehvak attacking. I do hope you enjoyed them. Please comment!
  2. Most impressive. My favourite has to be Pahrak-Kal. That is truly a most inventive and unique shot. The lighting is very accurate. I love it!
  3. Here some images I took of the Rahkshi and Bohrok-Kal. I haven't posted much recently, so I felt compelled to do so now. I hope you enjoy. Rahkshi Vorahk in the outskirts of Onu-Wahi. Nuhvok-Kal patrolling Le-Wahi's Surface. Lehvak-Kal lying in wait, hidden amongst the thick undergrowth. Rahkshi Lerahk watching from high above. Nuhvok-Kal observing the area. Nuhvok-Kal trudging through the thick swamps of Le-Wahi. Lehvak-Kal tearing through the Fau Swamp.
  4. It is rare that you get truly wonderful bionicle photos. The Nokama and Bordahk one is absolutely beautiful. You don't often see Metru Nui pictures and this one was made very well. Takua and Jaller's was also very nice.
  5. Nice images! I have to say the Gahlok one is my favourite. I recommend taking pictures from more obscure angles. That way you can capture a more real look. But keep up the good work!
  6. This is the second part of my 2006 Scenery Images series. I was inspired by the supporting comments from my last post to make the 2006 Scenery Images a Series. He are some more pictures. Enjoy! ​ Balta watches from a high cliff in the Green Belt. Velika and Garan discuss their next move against the Piraka. Vezok rests on a small ledge overlooking a stormy Voya Nui Bay. Reidak emerges from a small pond after a devastating battle with the Toa Inika. ​The Kardas Dragon has escaped the Volcano and begun it's journey.
  7. After my last post, I decided to challenge myself a little bit more. Here are some of my latest pictures. Note that they have had some minor adjustments. Check out my latest 2006 Scenery Images here: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/25173-2006-scenery-images-2/ Dalu, Kazi and Piruk struggle to make their way across the large cliff overlooking Voya Nui Bay. Piruk looks for a way up the cliff but comes across the ruthless Avak. Piruk enjoying some time alone, looking out across the desolate sea. Toa Matoro battles Vezok on the harsh coast of Voya Nui.
  8. I made a few changes to that picture on a photo editing program
  9. Why would you make a human version of Gali? She is meant to be a mechanical Toa of Water.
  10. It has been a very long time since my last post. I took a long break from bionicle but I watched the Piraka Animations and I'm back into it. So I took a few pictures. Toa Nuparu visiting an isolated lake in Voya Nui. Toa Nuparu flying above the Desert of Sorrows. Reidak the beastly Piraka in pursuit of Dalu.
  11. This is thrilling!!!! > < O I've always wanted to see this. Thanks so much for uploading!
  12. I have recently decided to start taking pictures of my bionicles in real life scenes. Since my last post (http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/23951-lewas-kanohi-akaku/#entry1107540) I have updated my collection of pictures. Here are some more... Lehvak receives a new Krana... Lerahk observing Le-Wahi...
  13. After seeing others take pictures of their bionicles in real life landscapes I was inspired to try it out myself. Please let me know what you think.
  14. Sorry about that, I didn't know how to post pictures next to the text. I've uploaded what I meant to show.
  15. A common lava creature found in the volcanic region of fire. The lava toad has the ability to spit lava and magma from his gaping jaws. They feed on parasites and ash which are found pretty much everywhere in the region of fire. Lava Toads have huge mouths and have a very complicated digestive system. A large capable beast which roams the icy plains of Okoto. It bears huge claws for creating grip when trudging along in the ice and snow. They are found in herds which have been known to make numerous attacks on Islanders passing by. The Seabirds are common elegant birds. They fly in flocks and have a rather gentle way of flying. Seabirds dive at impossible speeds into the water to fish out small inhabitants of the sea. Seabirds have excellent vision and can spot the slightest movement from a mile away. Stone Ussals are strong dangerous creatures. They have the strength to take down a full-size Toa. On their back the have a large spiky crystal. This could bring down a cave and the Ussal would emerge unarmed. Luckily, these creatures dwell deep down in large caverns. Islanders who mine sometimes come across them and few are lucky enough to escape alive. Sand Syrens are extremely rare and quite unpredictable. They have a huge third leg with a flat foot. This helps them to trudge along the sand in their herds. So far only two herds have been seen by Islanders but there are believed to be others. Many have returned without their hearing abilities due to the Syrens' ear-splitting call.
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