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  1. I'm not sure how much shipping would be for international, i'm not really sure how to estimate shipping costs for these masks
  2. Hey Everyone, I'd like to thank everyone that partakes on this forum, a lot of great of information on here. Due to financial troubles I have to let go of some of my masks. I feel posting on here will help get these masks in the right person's hands. Please help me identify/find potential buyers & outlets for these masks. I have collected these since a kid, it's hard to let them go... but I feel some collector would appreciate these more. I Will include pictures below. Thanks for your help everybody! Ps. All masks are for sale, including the mask storage case itself. I have more masks that i'm looking for & will update once i find them. Here a Link to The Gallery For The Pictures Below FOR A LARGER SIZE OF MASKS BELOW: https://postimg.org/gallery/2gocp721s/ Link to these 2 new full size images gallery^^^:https://postimg.org/gallery/24ulcsswu/ ***********UPDATED! 01/11/17 *****************
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