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  1. Hey man. BZP is giving me issues looking at my messages. Do you know my email address from last time? Or can you try sending me another message? Thanks,
  2. Hello, I have every original series Bionicle set. Just let me know which you want (I can't follow that chart...) and we can make a deal. I have many listed here. Some prices are negotiable. https://store.bricklink.com/Yo_Yo_Flamingo#/shop
  3. I recently got a duplicate Pearl Gold Visorak Head (I know the pictures are in sucky lighting, but it is legitimately pearl gold) in a lot, so I'm offering it for sale here. It is played with with small amounts of wear. Asking $70 via paypal friends and family.
  4. I have some silver Ignika keychains/charms for sale. They are new in package, and I'm not sure were ever released in the USA. I'm asking $10 each, with bulk deals possible.
  5. I have several of each four types (identified by their number stamps) of Poisoned Hau Nuva masks, all new (some still packaged with their German comics). I'm asking $10 each for them. I also have pretty much every other mask ever made for sale, but don't want to list them all.
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