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    I like Bionicle and games, and I also like to build Bionicle related creations which I would share if I ever remembered to charge my camera.

    My former username was Bionicle36.
  1. Bionicle Hero's may not have been the best game, but nobody can deny it had good music :

  2. I present you with an overly complex array of burgers, fries, truffles, and rare cheese with wine and mt. dew, you see this array of food and lose yourself in gluttony. Your body rejects the massive amount of food you forced upon it and you become sick. I steal the mask. My Mask.
  3. Location: Motara Desert IC: Yert had been walking for two days now and still found nothing but sand. But something wasn't right, he was hearing birds. What would birds be doing if there was no water? He started to run forward as fast as he could in hopes of finding water. And he found what he was looking for, but not in the way he intended. Yert was so exited by the fact that he might have found water he didn't notice until to late a cliff was in front of him. He tried to slow down but it was to late and he fell off into the sea.
  4. Location: Motara Desert IC: Yert had been walking for about a day now and found absolutely nothing but sand. He had come to far to stop so he kept walking forward in hopes that eventually he would find something.
  5. Any Hero Factory Pictures I make in Lego digital design will be put here, if anyone wants to they can add theirs too. First One: Second One: Third: Fourth one (based off of Rotor):
  6. Location: Leva Bay IC: A green and gold armored piraka woke up on the shore. He didn't know were he was or why he was there. He heard something making noises nearby "Yert-Yert-Yert". He decided he liked that sound so he named himself Yert. Not knowing what else to do he began to walk around. Not too far away from were he washed up Yert found a red sword. He felt like the sword had belonged to him already and that he had used it before, but he couldn't remember anything more. He decided to stop trying to remember the past and instead chose to move forward. And began walking.
  7. I shoot you with a squid launcher and take the mask. My Mask.
  8. Good Guy helps me get the mask. My Mask. (Yes Good Guy is a real character but he was never in the story: http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/6934_Good_Guy)
  9. You are attacked by super snails and die from their poison. My mask.
  10. You forgot to flush and fall unconscious because of the smell. My Mask.
  11. You are arrested for owning unprocessed cheese. My Mask.
  12. I had an idea for an RPG that takes place after the main bionicle story. Story : After the fight between Mata Nui and Makuta Teridax, Spherus Magna had been reformed. With everything in chaos the element lords took over (by now they had learned their lesson about not trying to use planet juice) The element lords represent the elements of : Stone, Earth, Fire, Ice, water, and Jungle. The Dark Hunters are also still present and are still led by the Shadowed One (because he moved to Spherus Magna). As of recently tension has begun the elemental lord of Jungle suspects that the elemental lord of Water is hiding something. And the elemental lord of Fire is rumored to have found a way to create energized protodermis. The Dark Hunters are also causing many problems for the other inhabitants of Spherus Magna. Elements : Crystal, Electricity, Air, Earth, Stone, Fire, Water, Ice, Iron, Gravity, Sonics, Plasma, Jungle, Light, and Shadow. Places : The Great Jungle (Bota Magna) - Ruled by the elemental lord of Jungle, There are many villages in the trees due to all the vicious Rahi that roam below, Many Agori and Skakdi live in The Great Jungle. The Ocean (Aqua Magna) - Ruled by the elemental lord of Water, The Barraki also inhabit the deepest sections of the ocean, An underwater city is also rumored to be there but the elemental lord of Water denies it. The Wasteland (Bara Magna) - Ruled by the elemental lord of Stone, A great city carved of stone resides here, As well as a massive dessert. The Crystal Fields - A city of Vortixx is here they manufacture weapons and sell it to whoever buys, The Great Crystal the largest crystal of them all and is the size of a mountain. The Underground Cave system - Ruled by the elemental lord of Earth, There are many tunnels here and one of them leads to an underground city, The makuta fled to these caves and haven't been seen since. The Volcano Fields - Ruled by the elemental lord of Fire, A city resides next to the lava lakes they forge the best masks and armor or at least that's what they say, Lava lakes massive pools of lava flowing straight out of the volcanoes. The Frozen Mountains - Ruled by the elemental lord of Ice, Many villages of ice are here, A hidden vault containing great treasures is rumored to be hidden somewhere in the mountains. And A Few Archipelago's (groups of islands) - A few villages are here, One of the islands also contains the Dark Hunter base. There are also new inhabitants on Spherus Magna, here is a list of all the species that would be present : Agori, Glatorian, Matoran, Toa, Skakdi, Vortixx, Makuta, Zyglak, Rahkshi, Skrall, Bohrok, Barraki, and Rahi. The character sheet: Name : Species : Description : Gender : Powers and/or weapons :: Weakness : Alignment : History : Personality : Rules :Regular BZPRPG rules ( I decided to end this idea because of a few things: 1. Bara Magna is a huge place, way to big to keep track of. 2. It lacks proper story elements. 3. And it would take a ridiculous amount of time to travel due to Bara Magna's size.)
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