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  1. Gathered Friends... Listen to my legend... of the Bionicle... In the time before time, in the far-off and distant land of the TFW2005 Funnies Forum, a place much like this, and yet so different, a young comic-creator grew somewhat bored with the typical storyline he had set up in his fancomic, Transformers Nexus. Then he had the strange idea of including the characters of Bionicle into a storyline that, for the most part, grappled with the interpolitical stories of massive mechanical aliens fighting in a civil war, whilst humanity prepared to stand between them. This comic is partially the result of the inevitable story disconnect between the Bionicle Storyline and everything else occurring in the comic, and partially an effort of the creator to set up a somewhat long-reaching storyline to expand on plots and ideas he could not fully expand in TF Nexus either due to time constraints or mere forgetfulness. But in the face of busy schedules, short attention spans, and problematic memory issues, will that effort alone be enough... for legends? STORY ONE: AWAKENING >>> https://biototn.tumblr.com/post/161609984194/more MORE TO BE POSTED ON A SPORADIC BASIS
  2. Hey, look, it's that old rahkshi drawing I made a few years ago. Neat.

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