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  1. Hey just wondering if you're able to check yet or getting to a point where you can. Thanks.
  2. Are you able to dye rurus? How much would that cost to buy?
  3. You'd likely have to buy the full prototype so you'd probably be spending several thousand dollars if you can even find someone to sell one. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Just had my hopes crushed earlier today when I found out one of the yellow Rurus sold just a few months ago.
  4. Is this still available? I've got some toa kanohi I can trade.
  5. I really appreciate that. I'll be sure to get back to you if not. Also, you are correct about the limited edition packs. There's one on eBay right now for $10 if you want to try your luck!
  6. I have a complete collection, and might have spares of those. Only problem is, I'm at school and won't be able to go home to check for about two months. Do you happen to have any of the promo toa cards with the silver writing? Regardless of if I have spares, I'm dying to get the silver letter Kopaka, Pohatu and Onua cards, and might be open to a trade.No sorry about that I don't own any promos
  7. I've exhausted every other resource I could. I can not find these cards (at least not for less than $40). Does anyone have any of the tarakava story cards? Specifically cards 221, 259, 260, or 262? Or the Kopaka card where he is with the mctoran? Thanks! Edit: figure it might be worth mentioning that I do own a lot of cards already if you're looking to trade rather than sell. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll see if I have it and post a picture.
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