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    I have loved BIONICLE since they came out in 2001 when I was 6 years old!! I also love music, art, exercise, nature and food!!
  1. Okay I will literally ship this game to an admin who will see there are SEVERAL fully playable demos on the disk beside harry Potter and are all equal to harry Potter somehow. if you don't believe me just ask ill ship it. why would I lie? you got a version without the demos since they do exist.
  2. im super super sorry for the double post, but Im hoping this RQ individual would be cool with me mailing him the disc with the demo. I cant find any member named RQ but I was told to contact this person. I have downloaded a recommended iso burner called imgburner but it tried to give my computer a virus. I tried from a different download mirror but same thing until I quit trying it. I tried another, active iso burner, but it said "Creator HP is non writable and non erasable" and just wouldn't let me burn it into an iso file. Seeing as im having so much trouble and I have this for real, is there any mod or trustworthy admin who I can mail this disk to for analysis on the demo which never loads? just because it never loads doesn't mean it isnt in there right? the data can be extracted?
  3. The title is The Legend Of Mata Nui and all the other demos are playable it seems oddly, to a full extent. I played knights kingdom and Vikings. its as if they are on the disk as well. I build stuff and place it and everything. ill make the iso and post the link
  4. Last summer I was at a yard sale in Vestal New York. I bought some pc games and among them was Lego Creator Harry Potter. I couldn't play it cause my computer was too modern and the game couldn't be played on any version past a certain point of windows. So I kept it in my closet. I recently finally got what ive been looking everywhere for: a new in boxes 2002 windows desktop computer. Its the old white ones that get dirty so easy and stain with dust. I wanted it new cause with the models age who knows what was on it? I installed old windows on it and played all the old games I bought. I just put in Lego Creator Harry Potter and I saw after installing it that on the main menu there are demos of other games like Knights Kingdom and Vikings and get this: Bionicle: Legends Of Mata Nui!!! I clicked it and my mouse cursor became a spinning Kini Nui Mata Nui Stone (rotating 360 degrees like it was loading!) but after taking forever, I got a white box that said a kind of error that it wont let me copy and paste the whole thing here. what does this mean?
  5. I swear its a legitimate post. I'm a very serious person.
  6. Hello everyone, I am 23 years old and have loved Bionicle my entire life, well since I was 6 that is.I have a relative who rarely visits my family who my family loves and looks up to.he is a long time freemason and member of the Illuminati. When he visited me at age 17 he saw all of my Bionicles and said they were interesting and asked me to tell him about them. I told him everything I could and he listened to me go on and on and on and on.after hearing a summary of the entire storyline, he told me that everything is energy in real life, that its just in different forms. He said there are beings from a place called Nibiru that have a tradition where they are literally so advanced that they create a new universe in a parallel reality they open up by cloning void space and overlapping it on all planes of existence but in its own "slot" and then they make a big bang in it by placing an explosive energy vortex that is just entangled energy containing different roots of elemental potential that is destined to explode outward. He said its like if we were to have a chemistry set and mix chemicals that after three seconds create an explosion but we teleport it to a new reality just before it explodes but its way more complex than that and instead of 3 seconds its actually millions of years but they can then predict exactly what kind of explosion and where all the ingredients will scatter and end up. He said that we are one of these and that sometimes certain beloved storylines that people get attached to because they're special, like movies or tv shows, are written by special people who write them and try to get them broadcast or published as a mission from the Illuminati but not all of them get approved or broadcast but some do like Star Wars. He said it is put on our screens and our pages to fire our imagination and belief of what is possible and is a glimpse into a reality not our own but in the form of a story. He said whatever the story versions are it was much scarier and gorier and sadder and desperate than they show it but it is glorified and changed for us to be able to tolerate it and relate to it more. He said war and struggle is never cool but we should view ones like Bionicle Toa as heroes who went through a lot and honor them. He said maybe they have humans on their screens and think we are so cool and say "my favorite villain is Hitler" without realizing he is as awful and sick and twisted as a Makuta. He told me to deeply think about those words and then went to talk to my parents and left.
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