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  1. It's difficult to quantify beyond saying "It's magic". The other users above me seem to have put it into words much better!
  2. Great to see this question circulating again. I guess it's just one of the great mysteries of the universe.
  3. I can imagine Makuta would find his way onto the enterprise and start possessing people so he can spread his conquest to the rest of the galaxy. I'm sure Dr McCoy would have some brilliant quips to make about Bionicle characters. It'd actually be a pretty fun episode!!
  4. I hope this is just a silent change of leadership, if they change the fundamentals of the website I will be heartbroken.
  5. Hello again BZPower! I've recently finished my latest stop-motion film so I thought that I'd share it with you all. This is Desolate Shrine, the third film in my adventure series. You can watch the first two installments"Desolate Sands" and "Desolate Jewel" through the following links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MMb8InKYDQ - Desolate Sands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZQDpwKNmJY - Desolate Jewel Deslate Shrine, the third installment in my adventure series. Trapped hundreds of feet underground, with enemies closing in on all sides, can our Hero escape the desert tomb and retrieve the artifact intact? Please do share your thoughts on the film! I'd love to hear them!
  6. I think the films get better as they go on to be honest. Web of Shadows is actually brilliant and The Legend Reborn is much nicer to look at than the odd designs in Mask of Light. Also, The Legend Reborn felt as though it was working with the rest of the franchise, whereas Mask of Light in particular felt like it was set in a different universe entirely.
  7. Axonn and Brutaka... ...in the end, anyway
  8. It all seems like a waste of time considering Bionicle isn't coming back, either way thanks for reporting!
  9. Pretty cool! The satellite polybag is perhaps the best they've ever done at that scale, and the figure in the sterile lab clothing looks awesomely accurate! That poor alien
  10. That is totally epic! I love it! Great work building this beautiful robot!
  11. Fairly recently someone made a whole mystery guessing game about the supposed prototype they had "collected". It turned out pretty quick that they had just used some stock footage from a behind the scenes lego video and did not own the prototpye. It was quite the farce: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/26711-i-got-a-mysterious-bionicle/ There was also that time I thought I had realised something disturbing about Jaller's death: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/26542-something-weird-i-noticed/
  12. This website hasn't worked since I started following G2, way back. It is gonna be interesting seeing it in action.
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