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  1. I didnt know about this. its cool to see things like this.
  2. Dark Souls 3 Epilogue by Yuka Kitamura
  3. stone I always liked brown and deserts. as for which one currently describes me at this moment. its fire
  4. I would say some anniversary sets like star wars got. but most of the molds from both G1 and G2 have probably been destroyed. a entirely system based set seems likely if it is being celebrated. perhaps letting Greg or Faber say more story stuff in a book or something. any of the system based projects currently on ideas would make good anniversary sets. I hope it is celebrated in some way.
  5. oh then the Makuta probably win most of them. as there's not a lot the assassins' can do to rakshi as they are just normal humans albeit slightly to near perfection level humans but still humans. though if the bh assassins have access to Isu weapons then they can probably hold on for a while but still fall as they are still mortal humans except for Alexios/Kasandra when they have the magic make me immortal staff (which is Isu weaponry.) its the same for the bh of steel as well though they hold out longer since they have power suits and are the remnants of the US military and tech departments. if they can capture a Rakshi or Makuta and make new weapons from it before they get over run they stand a better chance. as for the mutants that's trickier. as they are above human and have some insane powers of their own though I don't know much about them perhaps someone who is a bigger marvel fan then me can answer that. overall I give the odds to the Makuta these are more even match ups then some of your other ones. (Also bh stands for brotherhood didn't feel like typing it a bunch of times.)
  6. the assassin brotherhood has access to ancient alien god level tech if I remember correctly. which would turn the tide in their favor as the aliens that make that tech are also the villains and run simulations in simulations and are a danger to reality itself. so their artifacts would be pretty powerful. otherwise its a bunch of humans in fancy robes fighting super human machines. though all of the protags together...might come out victorious, but probably not. it depends on whether or not they use those artifacts that would affect the outcome I think. as for the brotherhood of steel they are techno religious people so might have a decent understanding of their enemy. and I believe they are the most tech advanced faction in the game so they have range on their side which the makuta lack. though they are a small group so the makuta probably win unless steel gets their hands on one of their number and makes new weapons from them. though a fallout fan would have a better grip. the mutants I have no idea a marvel fan would have a better idea. bonus round: the non mechanicals win, larger force, more range weaponry, more tech (especially if steel gets their hands on Isu tech), and the mutant powers would likely overwhelm the Makuta. are all these rounds including the respective armies and is it just the brotherhood of Makuta or do they get their armies as well. lastly you should also post these on the space battles vs forums so you get more opinions, other than the 3 or 4 people here that comment on them.
  7. I think they would've programed the agori language into the matoran if they thought that far in advance. though the cultural differences would be greater I imagine.
  8. the beast masks must have been bigger then as it cant fit over Umarak's head like that. I wonder how they would've accomplished that if it was made official.
  9. don't know if its in the wrong place but it looks more interesting than the official one. for instance how does that head work. is it Umarak head with a best mask on it? and which one is it? as it looks like lava beasts mask but I am not quite sure. and that tail.
  10. that would explain it. I don't build vehicles very often. it fires great but for my purposes it was a bad launcher.
  11. the midak sky blaster. that thing was to heavy for most of my mocs and I still cant find a use for it.
  12. the entire zeon army? well then giant robots with machine guns (that use either regular or beam ammo) will win the day. Also the Zabis are not the nicest people they will have no problem with wiping Spherues Magna off the map. elemental powers will only do so much in the face of flying giant robots fighter planes tanks several ace pilots (Char, Ramba Ral, the Black tri stars, Johnny Ridden ect), and both poison gas and nukes. Zeon and the Feds signed a pact to not use nuclear and bio weapons against each other in the Antarctica treaty after millions upon millions died in the opening weeks of the war due to those weapons... a treaty which doesn't cover aliens on a different planet. Also factor in the shock factor for most of the residents of Shperus Magna would feel when seeing flying machines shooting big bullets at them.
  13. the first round maybe but it will be a tough fight still. the second round no they cant defeat melkor, the source of all evil in middle earth powerful as the rest of the primordial beings that were made before the world and even imprisoned and having lost a lot of power Melkor is still far more powerful than anything the Matoran universe has ever seen. also Sauron isn't the only powerful one there. as Saruman, Gandalf, and the rest of the wizards are re incarnated primordial spirits. so the matoran universe will have a tough fight in the first scenario and a near impossible fight in the second as even if they win Melkor's evil will still infest the land and will never be gone.
  14. if you don't mind me asking. how did you attach the mask to her torso? I have been trying to do something similar but I cant figure out a way to do so.
  15. Also in the unlikely event that Melkor is defeated he will never be killed. as long as evil and the world exist so will he. if he spreads his evil in the MU then he will persist there forever until the end of creation when he will be killed after destroying everything. even after his imprisonment and exile his influence was still felt in middle earth even after the last war of the ring.
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