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    I imagine that he is referring to no new Bionicle sets from lego. as aren't they already valuable as its been 5 years since G2 and 20 years since G1?
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    that's what I want to know. I have more questions than answers.
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    wait is Lego involved? what do you mean ball joints are done for? is CCBS no longer a thing?
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    why is he using the coronavirus symbol?
  5. it depends on how good he is at politicking with the organic beings. since legends before Phantom Menace that means the jedi do have access to some stuff to help them and sith weapons like the black wing virus, and the weapon on Moraband ect. His empire would be something but what I don't know if he forms it at all. if he hates organic beings he could make a droid republic or empire. The problem with predicting this is that your plopping Teridax down in an out of context situation even with palps knowledge he still has to adapt and that would take time. and he may very well alter palps plans and not form the empire. the rebellion may not even happen as it happened because Palpatine overturned the Republic and even then it took nearly 20 years for it to form. and if it does form then he could defeat it if he either adapts himself to resist blaster fire and lightsaber strikes or stays off the battlefield completely. it gets harder the more jedi are around as said before if he doesn't have a way to hid his dark energy then the jedi find him rather quick and end him as they will eventually notice the chancellor is literally made of shaodws and investigate. if he can get force powers he still has to learn them and that takes time as he is not used to it, time he may not have. In conclusion I think he does well if he can successfully politick with the senate and I don't think he forms the empire as Teridax strikes me as a lead from the shadows guy.
  6. round 1 he likely loses as he has no knowledge and has a mostly melee force against armies who basic infantry weapons can fire from range. I am willing to bet Makuta and Rakshi armor cant stand up to concentrated blaster fire or shots from the various tanks, or resist a lightsaber slash. while I am confident that Makuta and Rakshi could kill scores of clones and droids they are still out gunned and out flight as the Galactic republic would have air superiority. I don't see Makuta wining in a straight fight. his best bet is to lay low and hope that nobody figures out who he is or what he is capable of though I don't think Makuta can take on multiple jedi with force powers all at once especially the council. Round 2- he does signifyingly better with Palps knowledge and is able to avoid direct fights he would likely lose and able to manipulate the galactic community to his ends though both scenarios hinge on Makuta being able to understand and navigate completely organic beings. Round 3- unless he is able to play the galactic community and upgrade himself and the brotherhood its the same as 1 likely gets killed by multiple jedi masters when they figure out what is going on. As for Anikan I don't see him turning to the dark side unless Padme's life is in danger as her life was his prime reason for turning (the jedi corruption was also a factor but not as much as his wife's potential death). the star wars saga definitely changes. is this legends or canon please specify as legend jedi are more op than their canon counterparts and Makuta does better in one universe than then the other. Also is Makuta force sensitive? Palpatine was able to hide because he could disguise his dark energy from the jedi even the likes of Yoda. unless Makuta has that ability then I think the jedi figure him out rather quick and end him.
  7. I don't think the MU islands (at least the Matoran and Toa) would help the south as I am pretty sure Slavery and racism are against the three virtues. The order of Mata Nui would also not want to interfere in Human affairs while fighting the brotherhood and dark hunters. the only ones that I think would consider helping the south would be the skaldi, the dark hunters and the Brotherhood. the west aside from America and Mexico really didn't care about the natives anymore since the Europeans were booted out of the New world. also like I said Europe was at war during this time as well so they really wouldn't care about the natives the natives are a non factor in your scenario. the Polynesian cultures probably rejoice though. If America is still fighting they probably wouldn't be able to do or interact much with the new islands. the Makuta probably alter their plan and try to take control of the world from the European Powers. This is getting a little to real world history for this forum though.
  8. though Africa might be spared from the colonization and oppression of the 1880s so that's good. history will change alright. I think the MU residents also do good here as there not so technologically out matched and this is still the time when armies would still use infantry charges and Calvary. forgive me if my comments break some rules here.
  9. well since you put them in the 19th century the time of the European powers not wanting to give up their empires, I say war happens as the European monarchy's try to colonize the MU islands for its tech and for more land. this is also about 6 years from the formation of the German Empire which supplanted England as the most powerful nation after defeating France who also had the most powerful army at the time. so I imagine German unification happening a lot quicker as the various German states realize they have a common enemy in the MU residents. I don't think contact stays peaceful for long since Europe was... less than tolerant to people that were not Protestant/Catholic/European. America is also reacts the same way as Europe I think as we were also not that tolerant to people that weren't Protestant or had European origins. that may be getting a little to real though. have you heard of spacebattles by chance?
  10. now that the go ahead has been given. I think this will come down to whether or not the ammo during ww2 can pierce the armor of the MU residents. if most ammo types cant pierce the armor of the MU residents then they win if the ammo can then the Axis win since they have the range advantage and charging infantry into machine gun nests is a very bad idea. though toa of stone and earth would be helpful in taking the ground out from under the axis infantry and tanks so even if the human bullets do pierce the armor the MU residents are not as helpless as before. The Japanese navy could also fire artillery from the ships or use planes and bombs to blast the MU residents from long range. unless the MU inhabitants have some kind of long range artillery type weapons or AA guns then the Japanese win from shelling them out of range of whatever range weapons they have. another thing that could swing it to the MU is the morale of the Human soldiers suddenly being teleported to an alien world and being set upon by mechanical demons (form the human point of view) using the land against them. like I said before it will ultimately come down to how resistant their armor is to Human bullets and bombs. if there resistant than the MU can win with few casualties but if the armor is not resistant than they take a lot of casualties and likely lose.
  11. Well from what I have seen on Wikipedia (so don't know if its entirely true) but they appear to be about the same as their predecessors but the heavy weapon Dalek will be a lot of trouble. Can the imperials fly? I think that's the deciding factor if they can fly and hover out of range of Matoran Universe weapons then they still likely win as they still seem technology superior to the MU inhabitants.
  12. Daleks win round 1 easily. flight and lasers that can affect every thing regardless of armor will win the day for them. Daleks also win round 2 for the same reasons. Bonus round Doctor helps the Matoran Universe win due to the Daleks becoming stupid when he is around. and for the fact that when he is around they focus on him solely. the doctor is there ultimate evil. Dalek is not auto corrected but Matoran is? The Dalek armor can withstand most of what the Matoran Universe can through at it. I think you need to vastly limit what the Daleks have access to for the Matoran Universe to win. and pin point which Dalek breed it is. the first where they are defeated by stairs doable. Time War era Daleks? no chance in the Matoran win against them. the new power ranger Daleks? probably doable as well though I don't know a lot about that specific breed. Daleks also can not be reasoned with as they hate everything that's not them. they really HATE everything that's not them. so much as to the point they would've used the crucible a space station/weapon they created to erase everything except themselves. and I don't mean just living beings I mean erase everything. and they almost succeeded.
  13. it would be interesting until they shoot it for being a xeno. I don't think even the full might of the makuta armies could take Terra it has to many defenses last I checked. and then there are the weapons the Imperium use. I think the tech gap is just to large for the makuta to win or get anywhere close to the emperor and then there is the emperor himself he is no push over even in his condition. I remember reading (on a thread similar to this one on the space battles forum) that a rando soldier tried to talk to the emperor and got erased (by the emperor himself accidently) for being near him. if he can kill people by accident just for being near him then what could he do if he wanted someone dead. though if they do kill him somehow then they are really boned when Chaos comes out due to the emperor dying. that would be an interesting reaction as well.
  14. considering what Humanity has to deal with on a regular basis and can bring to bear in 40k I don't think there is any way Bionicle can win here. I think this deserves a vlad tepes award. the imperium is incredibly xenophobic I don't think any matoran universe beings will survive the war especially if they attack terra itself. the brotherhood would likely get taken over by the warp and daemons if I understand how they (daemons and the warp) function.
  15. well as much as the Romans were powerful they are still humans with swords and spears fighting against cyborgs that can manipulate everything around the soldiers. the romans might very well flee back through the portal rather than fight from their perspective what are essentially elemental demons. not to mention all the rahi that would very likley scare them back through the portal. everything in the MU would potentially be hostile to humans. I don't think the Romans can win. also when did we become space battles?
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