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  1. What about the 2001 Power Pack? It seems pretty hard to come by and has Mctoran Hafu.
  2. This is a really good chance to spread the word about our little theme and get more recognition.
  3. Maybe the 2001 promotional Kabaya Turaga that were only released in Japan?
  4. That all the Toa teams were the same people (Toa Mata/Nuva) and that Makuta Vamprah was a female.
  5. On your way back to the closet you trip on a book causing the mask to fly from your hands. My dog catches it and runs off. My dogs mask.
  6. Turns out the entire thread has been my surreal dream. I wake up to the comfort of the mask in my arms. My Mask
  7. I garb myself in this armor from Knights of the Old Republic to hide my now scarred face. I proceed to knock you down with my shield and take the mask. My Mask.
  8. Months have passed as I have recovered my strength from past battles. Now that Toa Smoke Monster is unaware of the danger he is in I knock him unconscious and take the mask for myself! My mask
  9. Right after the Matoran return to Metru Nui the Fire Nation homeland with all its forces is teleported off the coast of the Southern Continent. They seek to conquer all of the MU and will not align with any MU faction. The Fire Nation is at peak strength after the eclipse in season 3. How will this affect the situation in the MU? How does this change Teridaxs plans? How does the Order of Mata Nui respond?
  10. Round 1: The entire Brotherhood of Makuta vs the Assassin Brotherhood (Assassins Creed). Battle takes place at Masyaf. This will be every assassin from the games timeline. Round 2: The entire Brotherhood of Makuta vs the Brotherhood of Steel (Fallout). Battle takes place in the Capitol Wasteland. This will be every Brotherhood of Steel member in America combined to defend the Pentagon. Round 3: The entire Brotherhood of Makuta vs the Brotherhood of Mutants (Marvel comics). Battle takes place on Genosha. Everyone who was at one time a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants will be present. Bonus round: All the Brotherhoods from rounds 1-3 will be assaulting Artidax.
  11. They could just take all the sets like the Beatles, Stranger Things, and all those Lego Ideas sitcom sets and put them in their own theme. I think it would be hard for lego to have a Warhammer 40k theme.
  12. The object of this game is for you to post what you think would be a hard theme for lego to pull off, then the next poster tells how they think lego could pull it off. To start it out: I think it would be hard for lego to make a theme with dragon protagonists.
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