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  1. This is during the Voya Nui year, Mata nui is asleep and dying at this time.
  2. I fixed the general vagueness of the Matoran Universe, the Universe isn't initially aware of the Romans; also they are not united some people might also seek to exploit this situation to their advantage. I shudder at the thought of Romans dealing with Stelt. They also get the Eastern Roman empire or Byzantine empire which lasted until 1453, and had canons and Greek fire (aka ancient napalm).
  3. A series of portals open in the southern islands, sending out a composite Roman Empire bent on conquest of the Matoran Universe. The Romans start out on a decent sized uninhabited island in the southern islands, they get Constantinople circa 1453 (and its population and armies) as a home base. The Roman army consists of the army and navy of Rome at the time of Caesar Augustus and the Byzantine army and navy at the time of the first crusade. The Romans are led by Emperor Justinian, the military commanders are Scipio Africanus and Belisarius. Roman victory is achieved if they conquer Metru Nui. Matoran universe victory is achieved if they stop the Romans from conquering Metru Nui. However, the Matoran Universe is not united and some (such as the Vortixx and Teridax) may seek to use this to their advantage. The time is after the Mata Nui Matoran return to Metru Nui. Feel free to discuss why you think your choice would win.
  4. I know Greg Farshtey has said some things about what would have happened in those serials that were never finished. Perhaps we can construct a timeline showing what will happen in Bionicles future. Civil War of the Great Beings Takanuva achieves his destiny during the Civil War of the Great Beings, most likely becomes a Turaga Unknown: Toa Krakua is the lone defender of a fortress island
  5. I feel like for me the first half of the decade was great. The feel and aesthetics of the early Ninjago years were great, Chima was great and had great sets and a intriguing world. Hero Factory was good in hindsight, and G2 glimmered for a short 2 years; not to mention the plethora of original themes like Atlantis, Power Miners, Pharaohs Quest and others. However I feel that after G2 ended Lego had left a golden age strange licensed themes no one really asked for became more prevalent, the few new themes like Hidden Side and Nexo Knights put story and sets on the backburner in favor of app based gimmicks, and Ninjago became less a mysterious theme about an ancient Japan inspired world and became more of a superhero theme(in a world already oversaturated with superheroes). So maybe the trend will change in the new roaring 20s, but I feel like we have witnessed the end of a golden age of Lego storytelling.
  6. I remember trying to allegorically do Bionicle to represent my Christian beliefs too, I wonder if anyone else did?
  7. So what would happen if everyone just ignored the Prime Directive like in every other episode?
  8. Didn't Captain Kirk break the Prime Directive several times?
  9. The interdimensional Armada is also falling-into Earth. I brace for eminent doom between the impact and the mutineer stormtroopers and Daleks who have boarded the Reliant. Suddenly I see Kardas falling in front of the viewscreen I direct the ship on a collision course with Kardas, this might be the end for me but I am taking Kardas down with me.
  10. Scenario 1: The Enterprise of Star Trek Enterprise discovers current Spherus Magna Scenario 2: The Enterprise of the Original Series discovers current Spherus Magna Scenario 3: The Enterprise of The Next Generation discovers current Spherus Magna Scenario 4: Current Spherus Magna is discovered by the Voyager from Star Trek Voyager Scenario 5: Q teleports current Spherus Magna into the same system as Deep Space 9 Scenario 6: Current Spherus Magna is discovered by the Discovery Bonus Scenario: Current Spherus Magna is discovered in the mirror universe Discuss what you think would happen if Bionicle was placed in Star Trek. The Scenarios are placed above.
  11. I return from Mustafar to my fleet. I see my forces in chaos and civil war I also see Vader Guy leading an army of clones turned stormtroopers and say to myself with a shudder "Always two there are, no more no less,". As soon as I say this a giant hologram appears in front of everyone. We see a familiar face, "Greetings", the hologram says "I am DARTH PLAGUEISS or as some of you may know me as MAKUTA TERIDAX, Kardas is my servant and I have manipulated your every moves, join me or die as I become a true emporer of the Multiverse!" I stay defiant and attempt to rally my loyalist forces.
  12. Meanwhile on Mustafar, me and Bad Guy '06 just got finished with a duel that was a exact replica of Obi Wan and Anakins duel, with me being in Obi Wans position. On Earth a ion barrage disables Kardas again and an Acclamator fleet lands carrying the Grand Army of the Republic and the Jedi order who will hopefully end Kardas's reign of terror.
  13. As Kardas is distracted by the Horde, he is suddenly paralyzed, hackers have shut his mechanical systems down. Meanwhile, a crusader army throws chains on Kardas to restrain him. Finally, I stand before kardas ready to deliver the killing blow. I say "There are a thousand ways I can kill you right now and 941 of them hurt".
  14. The time has come Kardas is on the verge of defeat. Kardas sees me on horseback at the top of the nearby hill, he laughs to himself at this puny threat; but then a ferocious shout echoes through the air and the entire Mongol Horde appears behind me (they were safely in the various armada ships). We go on a mighty cavalry charge impressive to all who behold it. The only way this ends is with the death of Kardas!!!
  15. I was wondering if Greg Farshtey canonized new stories and media. It would be really cool if somehow my A Reflection of Terror and Hope was canonized.
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