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  1. Round 1: The entire Brotherhood of Makuta vs the Assassin Brotherhood (Assassins Creed). Battle takes place at Masyaf. This will be every assassin from the games timeline. Round 2: The entire Brotherhood of Makuta vs the Brotherhood of Steel (Fallout). Battle takes place in the Capitol Wasteland. This will be every Brotherhood of Steel member in America combined to defend the Pentagon. Round 3: The entire Brotherhood of Makuta vs the Brotherhood of Mutants (Marvel comics). Battle takes place on Genosha. Everyone who was at one time a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants will be present. Bonus round: All the Brotherhoods from rounds 1-3 will be assaulting Artidax.
  2. They could just take all the sets like the Beatles, Stranger Things, and all those Lego Ideas sitcom sets and put them in their own theme. I think it would be hard for lego to have a Warhammer 40k theme.
  3. The object of this game is for you to post what you think would be a hard theme for lego to pull off, then the next poster tells how they think lego could pull it off. To start it out: I think it would be hard for lego to make a theme with dragon protagonists.
  4. Now that the canon contest is over and Toa Helryx is not a noodle lets discuss what were unused story ideas that could have ruined bionicle. The worst I can think of is the main protagonist of Mask of Light being a human boy sent from our world. What do you think, what are some bad ideas you are glad they didnt go through with?
  5. People of BZPower the fandom needs us. Currently a meme is running first place to become the canon Helryx, we must try our hardest to prevent the leader of the Order of Mata Nui from becoming a noodle. We can change this dark future from becoming a reality. Vote now! Make our voices heard! If BZPower also wants Noodleryx to win then it is the will of destiny!
  6. I send my last cavalry on a last hopeless charge but they are slain. Only I face Kardas now. I raise my sword in defiance as his body towers over mine. I charge him but a sweep of his claws flings my broken form across the battlefield. Where I am dragged to safety. It is up to you my comrades. Destroy Kardas at all costs. The armies are defeated.
  7. Theme park company of your choice is making a theme park land(or whole theme park) dedicated to bionicle. What will it be like? What rides will be there? Will it have Small World but with McTorans instead of dolls? You decide!
  8. They are both talented artists so it might be interesting to see their take on what a bionicle looks like. They are the PCs but I was thinking about having Toa Jovan be a major NPC and possibly having the first quest for the mask of life be a potential campaign plot( but that might mean one of the PCs might have to sacrifice themselves). Also, what would be some good background music? I was thinking something instrumental that blended sci fi and tribal music.
  9. I dont know if this is the place for this but it seems the best to me. I am planning on running a pen and paper bionicle rpg campaign using the doronai nui system. The only problem is that none of the people I am playing with know anything about the bionicle universe (and most have little to none experience with rpgs). I was planning on having the campaign being set after the matoran civil war, and possibly having the pcs go to the northern continent on a mission for Teridax. I have toa of lightning, psionics, and fire so far in the group. Do you have any reccomendations on explaining the bionicle universe to my group or any campaign ideas to help thrust them into the world easily?
  10. The entire army of the Principality of Zeon as of halfway through the One Year War is teleported to Spherus Magna. Zeon has one Gwazine class ship as a HQ. Also everyone who was on the Red Star is teleported to the surface of Spherus Magna. The time for Bionicle is right after Sahmads Tale ended.
  11. My cavalry forces begin their charge as I hold the mask of life aloft. Do we defeat Kardas finally or do I die in a blaze of glory? You decide!
  12. The clones from Republic Commando kill this bounty hunter before giving me the mask. I then take the mask to Kardas Dragon Appears! to defeat Kardas once and for all. my mask
  13. Find out what people say behind my back. I would use a long and complicated spell that would permanently turn all the humans into dragons and attempt to assimilate them into dragon culture and society. Human problem solved. WWYDI you were one of the humans in my answer just now?
  14. End it next year as soon as possible. The wave would be a massive throwback to the 1999 ninja theme. There would be no vehicles or mechs of any kind. Then it would be replaced in 2022 with Exo-Force G2.
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