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  1. Teridax is teleported to Star Wars right after his "I am the ground you walk on speech" but before Mata Nui is expelled from his body. He is teleported into his 2003 body. Also if the other Makuta are the Grand Moffs then the imperial remnant/warlords/First Order just got lot scarier.
  2. Palpatine is teleported to the Great Spirit Robot where he is quickly killed by Tren Krom. Teridax does not have to fight him.
  3. But if the ring is placed in a vault then it could tempt individual members or even Helryx herself with all the good they could do with it. Also Teridax hasnt revealed himself so the Order isnt preparing for a war with the Brotherhood at this time to my knowledge.
  4. The One Ring is magically teleported to the Great Spirit Robot as of one year before Legends of Metru Nui. Only the Order of Mata Nui is aware of its existence but still does not know its true nature only that it is dangerous and not native to this universe and must be destroyed. Helryx send Botar and Brutaka to locate it however its whereabouts are unknown. If Brutaka and Botar do find it all named Order of Mata Nui agents will attempt to take it back to its native dimension to destroy it. Does the ring corrupt anyone? Is the Order successful? Who is the worst person that could possibly have possession of the ring? Well let me know in your comments.
  5. This pretty much sums me up. Except I didnt have any younger siblings. Most of my play was large armies fighting each other (pretty much the Shogun empire or whoever was in charge conquering my newer sets and themes or putting down rebellions).
  6. I could see myself paying to see this movie, Qui Gons one of my favorite Jedi (sadly I dont have lego Qui Gon due to the lack of affordable Ep 1 sets in recent years.)
  7. I realized as I was looking at my collection and remembering past MOCs I had built that the plot Lego Movie is some kid playing with his Legos. This begs the question if the Lego Movie was based off of story lines you had when you were younger playing with your Legos what would it be. I had a very complex and multi year plot with my Legos. It began in 2013 when Chima was released, after getting some Chima sets I played a Chima vs Ninjago scenario. However that plot soon grew the planet of Ninjago was destroyed during the war and its survivors were confined to a lone half destroyed space station ( later in the story another Ninjago space station was discovered but they were conquered by the Cylons). The Chimans quickly conquered the rest of my Legos, and eventually controlled an empire consisting of six galaxys. But after centuries the Chiman Empire decayed and rebellions and uprisings began to plague it (mostly on Earth). A group of Ninjagoan rebels with the aid of Mandalore toppled Chima and became the new rulers of the Empire. After their first leader died a fierce civil war broke out and and faction of mixed Ninjagoan-Earth people called the Shogun became the rulers and started the Shogun Empire. These were the main protagonists/antagonists of the story. They fought many wars with a variety of factions: the Galactic Empire, the Rebellion, Chima, the Covenant, Cylons, Klingons, Dragons in space, Makuta, Hero Factory, the Great Beings, you name it. They rose and fell ten times before being annihilated at the end of the universe. So what would your childhood Lego movie be?
  8. This may be against site rules, but Lenny are you religious person? If not then finding a religion may help with this depression you feel. There are plenty of inspirational figures out there like Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus who I personally believe in and worship. Please forgive me if this post violates site rules I wont do it again, just trying to give out some good advice.
  9. My personal headcanon: Disney canon but all Legends material that takes place before the Phantom Menace is canon. Also how would Teridax's Galactic Empire be and would he be able to defeat the rebellion.
  10. If I remember right a shadow hand absorbs the powers of whoever the Makuta absorbs so hypothetically all a Makuta has to do is shadow hand some random Jedi and gain force powers. He would probably tell him the Tragedy of Makuta Miserex the Wise.
  11. Would he try to turn Anakin to the dark side I wonder? How would Teridax manipulate Anakin and how would this version of Vader turn out?
  12. Makuta Teridax is teleported to Coruscant as of one year before the Phantom Menace. He is given the form of and replaces Palpatine. How does the Star Wars saga change? Does Anakin still go over to the dark side? Is the Republic still manipulated by dark forces or do the Jedi defeat this menace? Round 1: he has no knowledge of the Star Wars Universe. Round 2: he is given all of Palpatines knowledge Bonus round: same as round 2 but the rest of the Brotherhood and his servants are teleported to Pillio also
  13. Well what are some strange things you've done with your bionicles that you regret? For me it would be the time that I in my infinite 10 year old wisdom decided to set up outside stars rahkshi and a half complete Mahri Matoro as archery targets (I was going through an archery phase at the time). One arrow hit stars rahkshi in the chest and failed to penetrate, though to this date there is a huge dent on his chest; the other one hit Matoro in the hip separating the ball joint from the rest of the piece. Luckily my dad told me it was probably best if I stopped shooting my bionicles and he probably saved my collection from further damage.
  14. Keep in mind America is still going through a civil war. I could see the confederacy trying to get MU powers to assist them as a last ditch effort to win the war. Also, the MU islands could turn the attention from the West and give the Native Americans a chance to better organize (like what Tecumseh wanted to do). What does Teridax and the Brotherhood do, their not inside Mata Nui anymore, which ruins their plan.
  15. The year is 1865. Queen Victoria is ruler of England, which is at the time the most powerful country on Earth, The American Civil War is ending, the Matterhorn was first ascended, and Gregor Mendel formulated the concept of heredity. Also, all the islands of the Matoran Universe are placed in the Atlantic Ocean as of one year before the 2004 story. How does 19th century Earth react to this arrival. Is there a boom in scientific knowledge, or is there a massive war that ignites the globe? Well what do you think.
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