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  1. There shall be no surrender from me or anyone else in the multiversal armada. I transform into a blue dragon, and lead every other dragon and fighter from star wars into an attack formation. The combined ground forces do a massive charge. Doctor Strange uses the time stone to finish the paperwork, and the combined captains and cast of star trek are in a secure place trying to figure out a way to defeat Kardas using technobabble and plot devices. Also the mass of everyone is starting to cause a black hole to open up.
  2. I discovered the Bionicle teacup ride and Toa Nuva statues are still at LEGOLAND California.
  3. Stunned I lift myself to my feet, my armies are dead or dying, Constantinople is in ruins, my people died on the Death Star, there is now one thing to do. I deliberately destroy the fabric of the multiverse and bring all the forces of fiction to attack the Kardas Dragon. The Daleks, the Doctor, Sauron, Morgoth, the Federation, Klingons, First Order and much much more. Kardas prepare to be destroyed by this mighty convergence!
  4. I ride on a horse to the front of my reorganized remnant army of romans, space marines, Persians etc. and make a stirring speech to reinvigorate them about Good Guys sacrifice not being in vain. My army cheers as we charge Kardas.
  5. As I gather my surviving soldiers of my armies to make one last charge Good Guy expends all his energy and life force into a powerful destructive beam aimed at Kardas.
  6. I recently found several early Bionicle comics at 2nd and Charles, and as I was looking through them I found several mentions of Bionicle stuff at Legoland Ca. First was apparently there was a scavenger hunt to get the Trans Neon Green Miru and you had to use a map to complete it. Then there was mentions of several stage shows. Also I heard Legoland Windsor had Mask of Light fireworks does anyone have a video of this and were they good? Feel free to talk about other Bionicle stuff that was at Legoland.
  7. Now that everyone is evacuated...………. Governor Tarkin you have my permission to fire the Death Star superlaser on full power.
  8. I order an evacuation then send MCU Thanos, Doomsday, and Good Guy to assist my Kampfers and cover the evacuation.
  9. As I am doing some Darth Maul moves in my gelgoog, my dozen royal guards come to my aid, all in MS-18E Kampfers wielding shotguns.
  10. Kardas dragon believes he has beaten my forces and as he approaches the gates they open. All of the sudden "Duel of Fates" from The Phantom Menace plays from nowhere, then there I am in a Principality of Zeon MS-14A Gelgoog with my twin beam saber deployed. I have now personally entered the battle.
  11. I send out my reserve armies the Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Salamanders, and Space Wolves space marine chapters.
  12. As the Kardas Dragon is distracted by the Kraken the gates of Constantinople open and out comes the entire ancient Roman army, every legion ever, all supported by trebuchets repeating ballistae and cavalry. Also coming out on the field is the entire Persian army, the army of the Ch'in dynasty, Rameses II army at Kadesh, and Leonidas and his 300.
  13. Looking at my decimated Byzantine army from my throne in Constantinople I dramatically rise from my throne and utter my next command "REALEASE THE KRAKEN!!!!!!!!"
  14. If sending it to another dimension didn't work then I guess I will order the ENTIRE Byzantine army to attack it to the last man with trebuchets hurling greek fire as they charge. This dragon will fall before the might of Rome!
  15. Use a kanohi olmak to send it to a dimension where it is on the bottom of the food chain.
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