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  1. The time has come Kardas is on the verge of defeat. Kardas sees me on horseback at the top of the nearby hill, he laughs to himself at this puny threat; but then a ferocious shout echoes through the air and the entire Mongol Horde appears behind me (they were safely in the various armada ships). We go on a mighty cavalry charge impressive to all who behold it. The only way this ends is with the death of Kardas!!!
  2. I was wondering if Greg Farshtey canonized new stories and media. It would be really cool if somehow my A Reflection of Terror and Hope was canonized.
  3. I have now been beamed aboard the U.S.S. Reliant and beam a full payload of photon torpedoes into Kardases stomach. The armada then launches another volley at Kardas.
  4. Before Laval lands the ship my plan comes into motion, Kardas is in space right where I want him. All of the sudden a massive space armada from my multiversal army appears out of hyperspace and launches a barrage of fighters, turbolaser batteries, photon torpedoes, phaser banks, and ballistic missiles at Kardas.
  5. I launch an experimental nuclear device more powerful than the tsar bomba at Kardas, and the army of Switzerland decides to attack Kardas. Seeing these are my final soldiers I beam myself and my guards aboard Laval Master of Energy's ship to plan my next move.
  6. What were some misconceptions you had regarding the Bionicle storyline and sets. My two biggest one were from when I first got into it in 2008, I thought Vamprah was female and that the Toa Nuva/Mata, Inika/Mahri, and the Metru/Hordika were the same people.
  7. My scans reveal that the radiation is actually weakening and slowly killing Kardas. With that, I send the rest of Earths armies to attack it (except for Switzerland).
  8. I own the Quest for Makuta board game, but I heard that a lego magazine had a alternate piece in it. I cant find any pictures or references of it other than it exists. Does anyone have any pictures or info on it?
  9. I survive getting thrown into the Russian army, a few divisions were destroyed but the main army is okay. I order a Spetsnaz unit to restrain MoarBotar. Then I reveal I have been made the Supreme Emperor of Earth (except for Switzerland). The rest of the worlds nuclear arsenal is launched. Kardas looks up and sees the coming nuclear Armageddon.
  10. The multiversal army is destroyed. But I refuse to sit on the sidelines. I take my remaining guards to New York and with my eloquent rhetoric convince the UN to place crushing economic sanctions on Kardas. Meanwhile in Siberia (where this ordeal has taken place), Kardas is hit by the entire nuclear arsenal of Russia before getting attacked by the entire Russian military.
  11. I wasn't aware of that theme at the time, I was very young and just started serious collecting.
  12. For the most part no, but the lack of in depth story and longevity don't really matter. Let me share a theme I cherish that has been forgotten to the sands of time...…. Pharaoh's Quest was one of my favorite themes when it came out. I was (an still am) into ancient cultures and civilizations at the time and had recently watched the Mummy(1999) for the first time. I collected the Playmobil romans and Egyptians but there was no legos for these subjects...….until Pharaohs Quest. I collected nearly every set except for the sphinx and the pyramid. Sadly the theme was overshadowed by the ninjago juggernaut of that year and was sadly canceled. So there are probably some kids who cherish G2 like how I cherish Pharaohs Quest.
  13. All of the sudden Kardas sees Picketts Charge heading towards him, he turns to face it, but its a diversion as hundreds of versions of Good Guy throw holy hand grenades of Antioch towards him and I open a black hole where his neck is.
  14. I charge Kardas with a javelin, but he closes his jaws around my torso, rather than scream in agony I calmly say, "Computer terminate program". Around me I see the walls of the holodeck. I calmly walk out of the Holodeck, but before I do I say "Computer delete program". I then walk to the Enterprise bridge.
  15. There are many what if in history, what if Rome had not fallen, Hitler had been killed in WW1, and if Indiana Jones 4 did not feature aliens. We are here to discuss if Ninjago had stayed cancelled. Overall I believe this might have been beneficial to Lego in the long run. G2 might have been more successful, Chima might still be around, and there might be more original themes rather than licensed ones. Do you agree or what are your opinions.
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