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  1. Good guy only means Something to me
  2. I think it's kulta. His big weapon is fun to use and he's the leader and most powerful out of the skulls. 2spooky4me
  3. His Backstory was more interesting than Teridax, g2 has a real reason to be evil. He gets ignored by protectors and nobody wears his masks because they think he's evil. One day he tested out his new mask and became evil . Judging by looks I agree but Teridax is more powerful and intelligent. He could just absorb g2 makuta with his shadow hand. Shadow titan makuta is my favourite combiner of all time, I like his mask belt. "After defeating the toa: Your masks will make a fine addition to my collection".
  4. lol I I'd go as umrak the hunter (again). I only have his horns if that counts
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