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  1. Anonna, she's just a disturbing dream feeder. Similar with Irnak, but more so.
  2. I'll say this sounds more like something that I'd hear on Coast to Coast. A little to outlandish for me.
  3. I'm actually an advocate of the "Genders don't exist in Bionicle" idea, the pronouns He/She are just used by the author so that new readers are not confused! I more support the theory that Bionicle Gender is more of a state of mind for the Matoran.
  4. I find your lack of Macku disturbing.
  5. I can't tell if this is Is a parody or a legitimate post.
  6. vezon was part of vezok so he countsThen those three. Or four, it seems. Lol.
  7. The Shadow Titan wins in looks, and power set, yet for how big his plan failed, G2 wins.
  8. Realistic Shadow Titan Teridax or realistic Toa Lesovik. Brutaka is too tall and I can't use stilts.
  9. so he becomes the hunter againWhich takes him down to the size of a toa, which puts Keetongu at an advantage. Also, I'd recommend Shadow Titan Teridax vs. Journey to One Makuta as the next vs. I'd do it myself, but I don't want to steal your gimmick.
  10. vezon was part of vezok so he countsThen those three.
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