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  1. The only ones I can really think of is how much Mr. Makuro bears a strong resemblance to Turaga Matau, his mask specifically. Another one is the Bohrok (I wonder what it's even called; an eyepiece?) part in the Furno bike. Does anybody know anything else, I'm really interested in hearing more about these discoveries!?
  2. 1. Hmm... either the set designs or the movie ones would be fine, though I would prefer it to be the movie designs imo. Say if your making a stopmotion scene with the sets, then that would be a scene that would use the sets, as that would been a scene that would need to use the set designs specifically. 2. Yes, just let me know which part you want to animate by messaging me. 3. At least 68% of the scene has to resemble the environment and appearance of that specific scene. I'd also be completely fine if people added their own small little easter eggs within each one.
  3. Been a while since I last used this...

  4. Hello everyone, I'm FirespitterVakama, I'm proud to announce that I'm starting my own reanimated collab project based off of the very first Bionicle film from the trilogy! I don't have much info now, however if you are curious about participating in this project, please DM me, whether it be on Reddit or Discord or whatever social media platform you can find me on. Of course, you won't get paid to animate one scene, however you do get the chance to have your own scene be featured in the full collab once when the deadline is due and everything is finished. I'm planning on uploading this reanimated collab on a seperate YouTube channel, and not my main one. Thank you for reading all of this, and I'm excited to see how this goes! - Sincerely, FirespitterVakama
  5. Wow, thanks for posting this! I wonder if there was prototype Gamecube box too... Also I wonder if anybody has a copy of the PC box. I remember seeing an image of it on one of LEGO's advertisements for the 2001 BIONICLE wave.
  6. I agree, however another issue was its advertising. BIONICLE G2 had poor advertising too. I think making the show a Netflix exclusive was a horrible idea. Why you may ask? It's because most people have cable or live television and Netflix is popular, but just not as popular on cable. If they would've aired it on CN, then that would've been a different story than what actually happened. Because of this, JTO only lasted 5 episodes!
  7. Nice storyline, great MOC too!
  8. Maybe on BIONICLE's 25th Anniversary, well I hope. Also I really wished we could've gotten the Makuta titan!
  9. I vote Jay, he is just so funny and so much like me irl! Him and Kai are tied at the moment.
  10. Overall G2 was alright in my opinion, nowhere near as good as G1 was. However, I think LEGO should've expanded G1 instead of making a lack luster reboot, but even if they did it still wouldn't work because most of the kids who grew up with G1 are already adults and kids of the modern generation have no clue of what BIONICLE is. Also the new generation doesn't even play with toys anymore, instead they play on phones and I-pads which might be why LEGO's sales have been dropping lately. I want to hear all of everyone's thoughts of what YOU think LEGO should've done with BIONICLE's revival, seeya! - FirespitterVakama
  11. I put so much liquid glue and stick glue that it works now, LOL.
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