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  1. Thanks for the advice. As soon as I get them and sort through them I'll be sure to post on here and BrickLink. I'm hoping to sell them in sets rather than individually where possible, but I'm willing to sell the larger pieces individually, and will be willing to sell the others individually if I can't manage to sell them as sets. I think unless someone requests a sale within a day or two I, and we can work something out in private, then I'll be using eBay to post sales as well. When selling privately what would be recommended procedure? I'm thinking write up a simple contract to indicate what is being sold for what price and get it signed by both parties, just to cover any possible legal issues. I'm guessing that payment should be sent before the package, and then packages should be sent recorded, with proof provided of the package having been posted?
  2. Hi all, While in Secondary School I was an avid collector of all things Bionicle. I moved away to University, and my collection was put in the loft of my parents house, but they want rid of it so I should be collecting it soon. I enjoyed them as a kid, but now I would like to sell my collection, and would appreciate some advice on the best way to do this. I believe I have a complete collection of figures up to the 2005 line, and some assorted figures from after this point. I also believe that I have all the canisters for any figure that came with one, plus some rarer items such as the Boxor, Exo-Toa and a Mask of Time. I would be selling these from the UK, but don't know how would be best to sell them; should it be in one big lot, as smaller lots, as individual items? What site should I use, should I use eBay or sell them directly through here? Also if anyone has sold from the UK to abroad before and could give an idea of shipping costs in case it comes to selling internationally, that would also be appreciated. Regards, Condar. Edit: Another thing I just thought of is in regards to the rubber bands that many figures use. If they have deteriorated would you recommend trying to replace them before selling, or leave that up to the buyer?
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