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  1. Ah, thank you for the clarification! I knew they had to be from somewhere.
  2. While doing the typical audit and appraisal of my mask collection, I stumbled across some odd mask/faces I had not seen in years. I remember finding these in a rather unusual lot from a local seller. They are made of gray plastic, almost a match for standard noble masks. However, they are made from a slightly more rubbery plastic. They fit a standard mata head, with an strange connector. They have no Lego markings or part numbers, aside from the little copyright sign in the middle, almost exactly where it would be on a noble ruru. The copyright sign has the same font as a Lego kanohi. The eye holes line up perfectly with a mata head. What do you think these are? All of the "masks": Individual pictures: Back: (Sorry about the fuzzy picture, my camera has trouble focusing on something so small)
  3. This is Kohi, an Onu-Matoran with a passion for collecting. He always goes looking for things, never wondering that he might not like what he finds. Check out more pictures here: https://bricksafe.com/pages/LightPurpleKrana/mocs/kohi
  4. I have recently acquired a blue huna with the top arch incomplete, it appears to be very similar to banana92's mismold kaukau nuva. I find it kind of strange the only reported mismolds are blue. Apparently these sorts of mismolds are one in eighteen million, and even rarer to find in sets. Here is the link to images: https://imgur.com/gallery/4jL0uq0 @Letagi: Maybe this can get on the Official Rare & Promotional Collectibles Topic?
  6. Hello, I have recently dug through my old legos, and found some strange bricks. I am new to the 3001 collecting community so I am having trouble figuring out whether I have anything of value. Maybe someone here knows more? Link to imgur album: https://imgur.com/gallery/p7zx7 Picture #1: New LEGO logo on the top, pip on top edge, "16" and "B" written on the bottom, and smeared "pat. pend". Pictures #2 and #3: Old LEGO logo on the tip, two studs on the bottom have no holes, "pat. pend" is intact, and "D24" written on the bottom. Picture #4: New logo, pip on top edge, "pat. pend" is smeared, "M" on the bottom. Picture #5: All have old logos, and all are numbered. They are numbered: F-#. Some are CA and others are ABS. They have a logo I have never seen anywhere else. Pictures #6 and #7: Logoless, strengthening bar, and waffle bottom, no writing present. I doubt this is a lego. Thanks for any help you can offer!
  7. Nice work on your project so far! I am the proud owner and moderator of a couple of Minecraft servers. I would be happy to host your project and provide you with some help, as well as WorldEdit. If you want to take up my offer, feel free to send me the world, and I will setup my server. If you are using any mods, I will need those as well. LPK
  8. I love the 2002 storyline as well! The krana were my favorite. (big surprise) The Toa Nuva were not the best sets IMO as they were too similar to the Toa Mata, and had too much silver. Boxor and Exo-Toa are some of my favorite sets because of the neat functions. I cannot judge the bahrag as I do not have it. LightPurpleKrana
  9. Thanks for the reply! I have a single extruder FDM consumer-grade 3D printer that perform decently well for the price. Most of the soft qualities come from the model itself. I have improved the model slightly, adding the "vents" on the sides and for the most part fixing asymmetry with the eyes. (Imgur) I have also been working on a glow-in-the-dark variant, but I forgot to take pictures. Still no luck on multi-color. LightPurpleKrana UPDATE: I made a tumblr, so I can keep updates flowing without double-posting here. LINK
  10. Nice build, but does this belong in the Bionicle-Based Creations section?
  11. I have printed a few more, with a couple new developments. Firstly, I believe it is possible to do a dual color krana by switching colors during the printing process. While I have not had much luck with this, I have a friend that has done it successfully. I have also painted a replica krana, allowing for a smoother and overall pleasanter feeling texture. BEHOLD ONCE AGAIN! These are pretty accurate shape-wise, not color-wise. But I have a question, are these good? Maybe good enough to sell? LightPurpleKrana
  12. I have been 3D printing for a while, and one of my overall goals has been to 3D print Kanohi and other BIONICLE components. BEHOLD! A fully 3D printed krana za. I think the detail is acceptable, and I have 2 shapes to work with. Pretty soon I will have more colors to work with, including different colors of translucent. Sometime I might be able to take requests for parts, but I am afraid it takes quite a bit of my time and I will not be able to take many requests at a time. I also have a limited capability to modify parts, therefore I might be able to put small logos or emblems in masks or krana. Feel free to send me ideas or something cool you would like to see! LightPurpleKrana
  13. Great collection! I'm quite jealous of some of those canister sets. Are they all sealed? LightPurpleKrana
  14. The bohrok and bohrok-Kal are some of my favorite sets. The faceplate variations helped even out the similarities, and the unique powers were really cool. LightPurpleKrana
  15. Personally, I just use huge plastic boxes for my parts (sorted by color), but I have been thinking about changing to an organizer for smaller and more common pieces. My advice would be to get the second organizer Rassilon recommended, and fill it with technic, pins, ccbs, and other things such as Bohrok eyes. For lager parts such as weapons, armor and other generally big pieces, I would recommend sorting by color in large bins. Hope this helps, LightPurpleKrana
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