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  1. Hello! I'm looking to form a group of Bionicle fans who know two things: Bionicle Lore and D&D Campaign building. Why? Because I'm looking to create and publish a Comprehensive BIONICLE D&D Setting Guide. And I don't mean a Google Doc that that we throw on a wiki, I mean a real guide. A guide with in depth explanations of Lore, a bestiary of Rahi with stats and abilities for each, custom Classes and Races, Feats, items, "Magic" items, expansive list of Kanohi, organizations and factions(Order of Mata Nui, Dark Hunters), deities and mythos, plants and diseases, and the geography of the universe. A COMPLETE conversion of the BIONICLE universe into the DND 5e ruleset. Complete with artwork. Here is what I need: Writers/Homebrewers Editors Proofreaders Artists(Interior art, cartography, cover art) Graphic Designers Bestarians(Sole purpose of converting Rahi to DnD 5e beasts) Please fill out this form if you are interested! I will email you if you got the position.
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