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  1. Oof never thought of that I'm dumb
  2. Toru seems way too obvious, and besides, I want that double hang. Let's get one more on Unit!
  3. That was such a nice triple hang you just had to go and ruin it didn't you
  4. I wouldn't. Turaga are creepy little people with face-feet If you could have any pet Rahi, you would...
  5. Sorry, had an idea for a character, but I want to revise it a bit first. Don't mind that post
  6. I reject your simplicity and substitute my own: "u ded" My mask
  7. If it's not too late, can I have the black Matatu? Sorry I didn't know we could pick masks, thought they were randomly assigned
  8. I drown you in Piraka-infested waters My mask
  9. Out come the Light Hunters (?) In goes a powerless Kanohi
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