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  1. Downfall


    Rebel Nature has been on his plate for a long time. Besides, there's always Bzpower.
  2. This is true. I only had one set from the older Bionicle, but from that I can say that the minifigure quality definitely improved. The figures aren't particularly... posable, or even buildable. The only CCBS part that I can ever remember breaking was the heads, and those were holdouts from 2009.
  3. As I cease my efforts at concentrating on using the mask, I consider trying to use it to speed up the aforementioned paperwork, but then decide it probably wouldn't help at all with my limited degree of control. Instead, I've decided that I'd like to try to help Valendale myself.
  4. I just wanted to eat marshmallows! I offered them to all of you, too! BUT NO, YOU JUST COULDN'T RESIST. I pull out the Mask of Time in an attempt to do something, anything really, about the current situation.
  5. You just HAD to kill the marshmallow. Everything was going perfectly FINE until you killed the marshmallow. At least the bonfire is still going. Maybe we can return to it after this situation blows over. I sigh, then stand up and grab my equipment. I think I might just need a little more than a Kualsi to help this situation. I pull out an Olmak to attempt to send all these superweapons back to where they came from. Onaku, here. Take this. I brought it over specifically for you. Maybe you can somehow fix this mess you've made. Drat, I'm out of marshmallows.
  6. https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/800/1*ydl6Qg5Z6G5Jfy3S4uS-pQ.gif
  7. I pass it some marshmallows and a roasting stick. I consider asking how, exactly, a concussive blast can light a fire, but I decide not to question it. I've also pulled out other supplies, just in case anyone else wants some.
  8. I've decided to attempt to hold a bonfire for the entire population of this topic. I pull out some logs, marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, hot dogs, buns, and several lawn chairs. Unfortunately, though, my heatstone has died, leaving me unable to light the fire. Well, if we can't find some way to light it, at least we have marshmallows.
  9. Now I feel bad... I ask the dragon how it's day has gone.
  10. Erm… Actually being around in set form when I was old enough to recognize, buy, and enjoy LEGO? The villains in Hero Factory are generally more interesting than most of the swarm villains, especially the year when the all broke out. Nearly every villain and hero was unique. I have to say, I rather enjoyed the CCBS system. It was very good for making things in armor, though the helmet selection was limited. I've seen some insane things done with the system, but I never had enough pieces, nor an idea of what I wanted to make beyond armored humanoids.
  11. I find out this information by using an Akaku, which then allows me to confront you for the murder of the previous studio owner. You deny any knowledge of the situation. "Well, then, I guess I'll be going." "Wait... I think I recognize this mask," I say, looking at the Ignika, hanging in a glass case. "Where did you get it?" You scramble for a socially appropriate answer that does not involve murder, but I stop you. "It's alright. It doesn't matter." "Shhh…" I emerge from the house, Ignika in hand. "I'll bring it back when I'm done!" I call behind me. My mask. Edit: This topic is five years old two days ago.
  12. Yes, I do remember you. Welcome back! I do wonder who the other person is, though.

  13. Ah, now I know we're back to normal operations. Welcome back! TLR is actually the only one of the Bionicle movies that I haven't seen, so I can't comment that much on the subject.
  14. I assume you're talking about this? Just as well, I forgot the BBCode anyway. I never realized there were canonical number symbols. the ones being referred to are on The BioMedia Project, right?
  15. Oh shoot, it gives my entire location now? Wow... As you walk away from the Chuck E. Cheese, you start to see the world fade around you. As it turns out, the entire world was just Lipuret's movie studio. As you stare in wonder at the miniature rendition of Lipuret's Chevrolet crashing and the Muaka den. Behind you, you see two of the stunt Rahkshi, so you make a break for it. Before you can reach the door, however, you are jump scared by the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic from the restaurant you left FrozenFlash in. I reclaim my face from your catatonic body and move on, leaving the mask for the owner of he studio. Studio Owner's mask.
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