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  1. Alright, let's blow this muffin cart! Here are your muffins. That'll be $122.50. Plus tip. If you're wondering why it costs so much, it costs 50 cents per muffin. (There are a lot of muffins. The muffin cart nearly exploded on the way here.) We also have a space-compressing muffin tin that probably should have been used earlier. Final note: Don't forget about our generous payment plans starting as low as a cent a day!
  2. I suppose that's a no on the ceasefire then. I don't know about the muffins, but they might be useful. It might be a good idea to send a pan down to Moar Botar. I'm sure he'll find some use for them. I've also got a couple boxes of muffin mix just in case it works out.
  3. I throw a muffin at the Nui-Jaga. ... It didn't do anything. But then, the muffin exploded. And there's an entire chopper full of them headed this way. My Mask.
  4. I... I think we made it out. I applaud Laval's piloting. *clap* *clap clap clap* *vigorous applause* Wow, that got awkward very fast. In any case, we should probably get back to work. Kardas is still on a rampage. Perhaps we need a tactician of Alexander's caliber to help us come up with a plan. Maybe we could have a ceasefire until we come up with a plan? The most recent volley of artillery impacts the ground to the backdrop of a song like this. I notice a figure kneeling in front of Kardas. Wondering who it could be, I move on. I can't see from here what kind of damage it did. As I stare out the window at Kardas, I notice a small figure (Is it yelling?) at Kardas. I look back at the Moar Botar's room, which is now empty. Huh. That exterior door is open. I walk inside the room to check on the occupants, and I find nothing but the Bo-Matoran, out cold. I take him in to the medical bay. I've learned two things from this room: The figure outside is most likely Moar Botar, and that Bo-Matoran is very unfortunate. As I pass the ship's status panel, I notice that one of the escape pods is missing. I'm sure it's nothing, but I haven't seen kanohi of jello anywhere on the ship. I pass by the armory on my way to the kitchen (I've been feeling a little snackish myself) and grab my personal items. I arrive in the kitchen with a pan of muffins from my personal store. Yeah... jello took all the food. We should have other stores in different locations. Well, at least we've got something. Would anyone else like any?
  5. Well, I refuse to let you die like that. Using an Olmak and some Deus Ex Machina, I pull you back to the battlefield. Don't think you're getting out that easily.
  6. *Slow clap* Now that is build up. Yeah, the popcorn was overpriced, but it was pretty good. (I also got a souvenir mug with hot chocolate, so I'm not complaining.) The reality shift leaves me dazed for several minutes before I can get up. The entire area is now a crater, whether it came from the awesomeness or the bombs, we may never know. I get out of the crater as soon as I can, then turn to see Kardas attempting to claw his way out. I decide the safest bet is to probably teleport away and attempt to regroup.
  7. Thinking quickly after the Bo-matoran is spotted, I teleport to him using my Kualsi, freeze him, then teleport back to the stands to continue watching the match. What is going on with this board game?
  8. Yeah, maybe there is something to worry about. I'm sorry I didn't notice earlier. Here, have a towel. Alas, I don't have the ability to dry you off myself.
  9. I glance across the stadium at the guy with the Piraka smile, then go back to my popcorn. I'm sure it's nothing. I also take this opportunity to welcome kanohi of jello. Hi! Popcorn is ten widgets.
  10. I grab a spot on the mobile bleachers that have been erected to watch the match. I cheer Kardas on from the stands while retrieving several small concessions. Quietly, of course, as to not interrupt the players.
  11. Downfall


    Rebel Nature has been on his plate for a long time. Besides, there's always Bzpower.
  12. This is true. I only had one set from the older Bionicle, but from that I can say that the minifigure quality definitely improved. The figures aren't particularly... posable, or even buildable. The only CCBS part that I can ever remember breaking was the heads, and those were holdouts from 2009.
  13. As I cease my efforts at concentrating on using the mask, I consider trying to use it to speed up the aforementioned paperwork, but then decide it probably wouldn't help at all with my limited degree of control. Instead, I've decided that I'd like to try to help Valendale myself.
  14. I just wanted to eat marshmallows! I offered them to all of you, too! BUT NO, YOU JUST COULDN'T RESIST. I pull out the Mask of Time in an attempt to do something, anything really, about the current situation.
  15. You just HAD to kill the marshmallow. Everything was going perfectly FINE until you killed the marshmallow. At least the bonfire is still going. Maybe we can return to it after this situation blows over. I sigh, then stand up and grab my equipment. I think I might just need a little more than a Kualsi to help this situation. I pull out an Olmak to attempt to send all these superweapons back to where they came from. Onaku, here. Take this. I brought it over specifically for you. Maybe you can somehow fix this mess you've made. Drat, I'm out of marshmallows.
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