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  1. Tahu, spirit of fire, is the oldest of the Toa, having been created when the planet was forming. This hotheaded Toa makes his home in the fiery bowels of the Mangai Volcano, using his incredible balance to surf on lava flows. With his fire sword, Tahu keeps the lava moving towards the ocean, much to the annoyance of his rival, Gali. Tahu is the fiercest of the six Toa, and is most feared by Mata Nui's inhabitants. The Tohunga have the greatest respect for his powers, knowing the incredible power of fire. They don't see him as a destructive spirit, however. He's revered as a guardian, the provider of fire by which they warm themselves at night and keep the dangers of the darkness away. More Photos My first Bionicle set was Nuhvok Kal, as such, my introduction to the Toa was the often-mocked Toa Nuva. For me this image is iconic Bionicle. The Nuva are often talked about as flawed versions of their original counterparts and yet we rarely see remakes of them. I hope to do the rest of the Nuva as the year goes on. Happy 20th anniversary Bionicle!
  2. I love this MOC. One of my favorites of the year.
  3. An upstart F-Zero pilot, Gohbo easily took the Diamond Cup with his machine The Crystal Kaleidoscope. Slim-Line Slits ain't no cakewalk...
  4. Clean it all. It must be cleaned. It is time... Inspired by the Bohrok combiner by insta user bonklesmocs. You can find instructions for the combiner in his Instragram bio.
  5. "I will do what must be done. Then I will be like Matoro. I will be a hero." ____ PHANTOKA ____ [Chirox] [Pohatu] [Kopaka] [Antroz] [Lewa] [Vamprah] [Toa Ignika] [Icarax] [Mutran and Vican] Special thanks to Buttloaf_builds for the incredible edit.
  6. Free to a good home. Answers to Henrietta. Totally harmless I promise. Pickup only.
  7. CZQ


    It's a bead from a Bionicle pen. idk if you can get them off of bricklink but I haven't really checked. Thanks, all. Glad you like it!
  8. "She was not Makuta, but she was indescribably ancient and disturbingly frail in appearance. Her mask and armor were pitted and scarred from a thousand battles." ~ Narrator, Swamp of Secrets The first Toa, former member of The Hand of Artakha, and founding member of The Order of Mata Nui. She aided in the construction of Metru Nui and informed the Toa Mata of their destinies.
  9. Surprisingly not really. she's lightweight but she can stand up fairly decently.
  10. 2066, the greatest assassin who ever lived, Aglaia Boleslava defends the motherland as a member of the Ursine Assault Squad. Her entire body is cybernetic, the result of one tragic miscalculation. more photos Once again, thanks to Grayson for helping to build this moc and letting me borrow the galidor and hockey pieces necessary to complete it.
  11. Stoic and brave, Toa Atla prefers to let his actions speak for themselves. More photos I haven't built a neo toa for quite a long time. In fact, this was initially made for the bionicastle contest as a non-toa humanoid. Once I decided to use Modalt's Art Deco Hau the MOC found it's own identity. I can't believe I posted three new MOCs in one week...
  12. Beautiful MOC. The color and texture work and presentation are top notch. They're a Knockoff part. they were pretty popular about a year or two ago but the sets they came from are discontinued now I think.
  13. For some reason it didn't quite show in the photo but they actually are the same shade of gray. I'm not sure what sets they came from but I'm glad they made them lol the Mata torsos were all Grayson's idea and I have to agree. They're rarely used in MOCs and I think they look seamless here.
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