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  1. Thanks! I like a lot of the Hero Factory sets, especially the villains, but Aquagon really needed a makeover. Funny that you should mention the legs. The legs were probably my least favorite part since they're so bland in comparison to the rest but I'm glad that you like them! Thank you! Thank you! You definitely should! Kanaishi's frame uses a lot of newer technic pieces as well, but I imagine you could make a variant with older stuff. I thought it was difficult but a fun challenge. If you're looking for more of a push to build one there's a contest on twitter for making a Mahri-themed bignicle that you may want to check out.
  2. A hair-trigger youth with a lot to prove. Skate or Die! More photos
  3. And I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision... Special thanks to BZP member Sergei Rahkmaninoff and his incredible use of the Crystal Hau (which you can see here) for inspiration and Modalt Masks for the wonderful paintjob on the Pakari.
  4. More photos The Aquagon set has such a cool head mold, but I think the rest of the set is really disappointing. Surprisingly, Aquagon is one hero factory set that I haven't seen a remake of. I hope that I did it justice. This MOC was built using the Kanaishi Frame. Building it was a challenge but I like the results. I'm definitely going to be building more bignics in the future.
  5. Mechanical pet of Leroy, and loyal to the end... together I don't think it takes a genius to see that this was inspired by Spot Mini by BostonDynamics
  6. CZQ


    A MOC inspired by the mecha builds of the one and only nobu_tary. A surprisingly quick build. Might try more system mechs like this in the future who knows...
  7. Experimental prototype SMG. Possesses state-of-the-art AI systems. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances led to the AI integrating itself to a police drone, giving itself full autonomy. Retrieving the unit will be... difficult to say the least. More photos Inspired by this piece of concept art[/size]
  8. Only the most prime of moose belong on this-here plaque. No substitutes for the best. Antler inspiration came from The Electric Moose, a moc from last year's Bio-cup competition.
  9. Built as part of a collaborative build. Check the moc out on flickr and instagram to see the rest!
  10. Thanks! I'm a big fan of Metroid myself, and I can definitely see a bit of Kraid in this guy. I was playing Other M (for some reason ) shortly before building Space Beast and I think a bit of the Gripper enemies rubbed off on me during the build process. Thank you! The zamors are supposed to look like an exposed brain, but I can see that they might look kind of tacked on. Tokusatsu monster, my biggest inspiration, tend to have very unusual and distinct heads so I wanted to try and emulate that look a bit. Glad you like it!
  11. A mysterious creature from The Outer Dimension. Can often be found selling wares (that may or may not be stolen, he refuses to answer) in Dreejal Vin... This guy was a fun experiment with my limited Galidor collection, and my first substantial moc in a long time with no ccbs.
  12. reverse shot Though ever vigilant, the threat of the Mutant Lizards was getting to be too much for Shadow, Digger, Viper, and Specs. Will the new rookie Chunk, with his experimental new Dino-fighting machine, the Magma Tanker, be enough to turn the tides of battle..? Something I've had lying around for a while now inspired by the theme fusion round of last year's Bio-cup. Kind of a mix of Dino Attack, Power Miners, and Bionicle. Special thanks to chubbybots for the brilliant leg design.
  13. looks neat. the silhouette is real nice and the shapes are nice and cool too. Very Evangelion-inspired
  14. My entry into the Brick Badge BBCC. The badge can be attached via a safety pin. It is loosely inspired by a previous MOC of mine, Aranya, which you can see here. ​
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