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  1. IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Stone Once the suva locked into position with “I Rise” in the East along the silver line, both matoran felt a tug in the backs of their minds. They suddenly felt connected to something greater than themselves, somehow able to tap into a reservoir of information up until then lost. They felt rather than heard a series of phrases in their mind, followed by; Matoran Mahrika-Vokarda registered. Element water. Maker Tuakana. Matoran Ollem registered. Element earth. Maker expunged. Their minds broadened, realizing as long as they remained within the deserts of Zakaz they could recall this space and stow or retrieve objects from it. Already hidden within the suva of stone were the following items: THE STONE SUVA CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: Mask of Speed, origin Forgemaster Dume, power of increased speed. Boots of Impact, origin unknown, power to withstand great speeds and transfer momentum to objects. Even as Ollem vanished and Mahrika cowered, they learned this information. The flickering image of the toa of water disappeared. OOC: Congratulations, @Burnmad and @Harvali on solving the puzzle of the stone suva. Both Ollem and Mahrika are now attuned to the stone suva. While within the region of the Wastes they are able to use their connection to the suva.
  2. IC: Boss | Nightmare Pits Boss smelled Barius finally succumbing to fear. He cracked a crooked grin, and wiped away a bit of the blood on his mouth from their grappling. It felt good to see Barius teeter about, without vision of the moment or the future. Barius wanted power, plain and simple. He fought in raids to grow powerful, he used an ACR to have strength, he punished those weaker than himself to feel in control, and he refused to accept his own weaknesses. It all formed the blinded, angered, afraid man slowly going deaf only a yard from falling to his death in the pit. In his single pursuit for power, Barius was losing touch with reality. Boss, for all his faults, wanted a better world. He saw power as the means, not the end. The two men were opposite sides of the same tarot card. “I had eyes once, you know that?” Boss said, his voice echoing from the walls too much for Barius to place his position. Half deaf, there was no way Barius heard the soft drawing of Boss’s knife. “But I was just as blind as you. Couldn’t see the hand in front of my face.” Boss swung his water-bladed knuckle duster, cutting through the air to tempt Barius. He took the bait. Barius lunged forward, throwing his weight into a desperate attempt to take Boss to the ground. Boss plunged his knife forward, using Barius’s own momentum against himself as they fell backwards. Boss wanted to fall. He wanted Barius to land on him and kill himself. OOC: @Burnmad
  3. Just for fun, here's a lore quiz with twenty questions about SK:E! I'll make a bigger one later, and one that also includes SK:R so you can flex what you know of the game so far too. THE QUIZ
  4. IC: Administrator | Ruins of Fire “How many of you are there?” The Admin asked after a brief pause as an even more motley crew arrived in the entry chamber with a loud announcement by Providence. “How can so many heretics exist, unless… it doesn’t matter. Only those who prove their courage and worth may attain the mantle of power within. Heretics cannot possibly be worthy.” OOC: All ya'll in the fire ruins. IC: Reliable Narrator | Coliseum, Private Floor 49 The vortixx receptionist gestured politely towards the two vahki standing by the far door. They seemed unfazed by the conversation. One of the other League warriors, a brutish looking steltian in yellow armor, sat in a comically small chair by a potted fiddle leaf fig. The steltian ruffled her half-singed magazine and tried to not make eye contact with anyone by the front desk, but her uncomfortable posture made it clear to Seybo the conversation carried throughout the whole reception room. The vortixx replied after a moment, maintaining a calm and polite demeanor despite Saybo’s threats. “We all have our orders. Mine are to schedule appointments with Barraki Pridak during times when our lord is available. He is not available this evening. I would be happy to schedule you for the earliest appointment in two weeks, and if you can provide some form of contact information I can reach out if anything becomes available sooner.” OOC: You’re not ruining anything, Kal. You just encountered Pridak’s receptionist. @Kal the Guardian, @~Xemnas~ IC: Reliable Narrator | Stone Suva As they cleared the floor around the suva and began pushing the sacred structure under the gazebo, they found the going easier. Perhaps the sand really did add a level of extra stress? The shifting of the suva clockwise forced the spires encircling to slowly grind counterclockwise. It took several long minutes, and sand clouds rose from the movement of the spires, but at last the pillar with “I live” written on it faced East. The two matoran sat there for a little while, considering how they could know if something worked. Were they supposed to feel something? Would a flag pop up with the message “great job” written on it? Nothing changed. Were they missing something? OOC: think about which pillars should go where. @Burnmad, @Harvali IC: Boss | Nightmare Pits Boss felt the tug on his leg as Barius’s hand clasped around his ankle. The half-planned kick borne from the rage of being pinned underneath the other skakdi stopped abruptly as Barius gripped it tightly. With a predatory growl, Barius swung his club. Boss realized too late what was happening even as he concentrated on Barius’s vision, swallowed it with his strange ability, and made it fade away into blind darkness. Momentum carried the weapon the rest of the way. Barius’s club came down savagely onto Boss’s left hip. Old injuries flared with pain as Boss wrenched himself away, staggering back and clutching the wound. He felt the warmth of his own blood slipping across his fingers. It took every effort to push the pain aside and concentrate on blinding Barius. Boss limped forward toward the blind warrior, his outside perspective shifting quickly to find the best angle. “The only language you speak,” Boss said while growing closer, “is pain isn’t it. So let’s have a nice conversation, you and me.” He grabbed the club in his right hand, attempting to wrench it between himself and Barius to pull the younger warrior off balance and into the powerful haymaker produced by the twisting of his upper body. The kraata of accuracy growing on his lower neck pulsed with activity. His hip hurt too much to put all of the twist into the attack. It wouldn’t kill Barius like he’d hoped. … But the pain would speak loud enough if it landed. OOC: @Burnmad, thanks for approving the blinding in PM.
  5. IC: Reliable Narrator | Coliseum, Private floor 49 "I'm sorry, but I don't remember seeing you. It's been a very busy day. I wish I could schedule an appointment for you sooner. Two weeks from today is honestly the soonest I can fit you in. If you'd like, I can place you on a cancellation list?" Ooc: @Kal the Guardian, @~Xemnas~
  6. IC: Most educated lizards new to stay away from a fight. This lizard, however, grew up on the comics of Toa JOJO. This lizard knew they needed to get closer to hurt the big almond ships in the sky. This lizard considered sticking a tongue in Knichou's audio receptors. Tasty snacks could be inside... ... but when was the right moment... ... .. .
  7. IC: Reliable Narrator | Coliseum, Floor 49 Reception area. "I'm terribly sorry but Barraki Pridak is not taking appointments at this time," said the Vortixx as they pushed a pair of reading glasses up the bridge of their mask. "Perhaps I can schedule you at the earliest available time? Does... two weeks from today in the morning work?" OOC: @Kal the Guardian @~Xemnas~
  8. IC: Boss | Nightmare Pits He thrashed his legs, trying to grapple Barius in their struggle. He could roll them to the edge and shove Barius off. He could keep pounding with his weapon until the skakdi’s ribs pierced his lungs. He could shove a hand into his face? Then Barius moved his arm to choke him out, and Boss’s plans changed. The shift in position altered Barius’s weight, and Boss leveraged the knowledge gleaned from his externalized vision, thrusting Barius off himself as he struggled out from underneath. He wanted as much distance between himself and Barius’s spiked club as quickly as possible. Boss scrambled to his feet, giving a mighty kick towards Barius’s head as he regained his balance... OOC: @Burnmad
  9. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Ice Sidra discovered by holding the light to the first tube it gave off enough heat to make the caps of ice begin to melt. She watched small droplets of water form, dangle, and then drip to the bottom of the tube. She also noticed the frosted ice wall began to melt to a mirror’s shine the longer the lantern remained near the wall. Close to the first tube (the left one), Sidra discovered the reflection of the Peace charm glowed brightest. The second tube (middle one), reflected the Destiny charm brightest. The third (right one) reflected the Willpower charm brightest. As Sidra held the lantern near each tube the ice caps began to melt. When she finished her investigation each tube was nearly filled to the first mark of four. “Be careful of how much light you shed. Too much of something good can be just as harmful as the shadows themselves,” cautioned the Administrator. OOC: @Nato the Traveler, @EmperorWhenua, @Crimson Jester
  10. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Ice Sidra discovered by attempting to turn the lantern by its handle she could easily pick it up and carry the lantern around. She noticed the light filtered through the lantern out of the charm shapes on each face. The three tubes on the back wall were about a foot in height, securely mounted to the wall, and capped on the top of each with a thick block of ice. OOC: @Crimson Jester, @EmperorWhenua, @Nato the Traveler
  11. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Ice Sidra, Leklo, and then Korrun stepped through the portal. They felt a glowing warmth as they passed through. Korruhn’s arm throbbed. Eventually, their eyes adjusted to the brightness of where they stood. They felt their heartlights flutter as they tried to take in everything they saw. The new room was just as strange as the last. It was square, and about half the distance across as the first chamber. Frosted ice covered the walls. Blurred reflections followed them as they moved around the new space. On the far wall hung three tubes, with unlabeled measuring marks scored into the tubes’ surfaces. Solid cores of ice rested at the top of each tube. A triangular lantern waited in the center of the room on a small pillar, mysteriously lit with a bright orange warmth and no internal fuel. A single charm decorated each face of the lantern. The charms were the same as the three used to open the portal: destiny, peace, and willpower. “Each path you take creates the road to your destiny. Work with the light and you cannot fail," said the Administrator. OOC: @Nato the Traveler, @EmperorWhenua, @Crimson Jester To make things easier for your visualizations, here's images of the three mentioned charms Destiny: Peace: Willpower:
  12. Hey @The Captain, Ultan is approved for play. I'd ask that you go back in and add some more specific physical limitations as you can. They can be prior injuries, range of motion, fatigue, etc. Think either Achilles heel or something Ultan just has to adapt to being. Welcome to SKR!
  13. OOC: Assume you've been tagged, missing posts in this roundup: ruins of ice and Pridak. My brain needs more time on both. IC: Reliable Narrator | Near the Aqua Sphere (9,12) Strangely, they found no hut in the woods. They did find a dank cave with a boulder turned to dust near its mouth. Weeds grew over the lip of the cave mouth, trying to hide the restful space. It seemed deserted, but something very large used it in the past if the claw marks on the walls indicated anything. OOC: This was Apex’s prison until recently. Feel free to rest. IC: Reliable Narrator | Stone Suva Mahrika brought her tool down into the sands, using it as a makeshift shovel. It didn’t take long to reach the lava rock flooring as Ollem did before turning the suva. The more they revealed together, the more things seemed to be heading in the right direction. After several minutes of digging and shifting sands, they noted a silver metal line running like a thread of a spider’s web along the floor of the gazebo towards the East… IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire Whira examined the carvings on the wall. The dark shadows in the recesses of the carvings clung to her hand as she wiped away the dust. The hieroglyphs were mainland in origin, but similar enough to the glyphs on the Kumu Islets to understand the general scope. The chamber she stood in seemed to be a wall of stories, full of the tales of wild, dangerous rahi being bested by brave matoran. It mentioned Xa, the dark primordial hunger in the heart of all. As she continued to read, her eyes found a symbol unseen on the mainland: a counterclockwise spiral with four small lines radiating outward. She knew the symbol. It covered every surface of Desecration Rock on the southernmost point of the mainland. The symbol stood for the taboo, the workings of her kind. The longer she stared the darker the symbols seemed to become, absorbing the shadows around it. She knew touching it would burn her, marking her with the same symbol of the taboo. There was something hidden in this ruin. Something unspeakable, hidden in plain. Something she could learn. Xane wrote the charms in blood on the chunks of armor, and then tossed them in the basin. The lava bubbled and hissed as it melted through each piece of metal. The bloody symbols remained at the top, turning golden at the surface of the lava in the basin. The words written on the wall turned golden as well. With the churning of stone form somewhere far away, everyone inside the chambers felt an electric tickle and realized, without a shadow of a doubt, they were free to leave at last. Whatever powers held them within lifted. The carved doorway in the wall became a glowing portal of gold and red. A voice echoed from nowhere in particular; “Wow. Three in one day. You all decided to get a life again? Oh. Oh no no no. Why do you keep bringing apostates and heretics into these hallowed chambers? I am the Administrator. Please state your names. And while I can’t make you leave, you heretics are not welcome.” IC: Ehlek | Metru-Nui, Le-Metru The Barraki inventor spent the next several hours fiddling with his friend. Mantax never approved of the experiments Ehlek conducted during their war. He said the ideas Ehlek imagined were “dishonorable” and “apathetic for the life they consumed.” Ehlek couldn’t understand Mantax’s code of honor. Mantax justified murder, but not using the raw materials created in murder’s wake? Ehlek’s people lived on the bottom of the protodermis seas for thousands of years before their uplifting. They desperately fought for survival against zyglak and other aquatic beings. You used everything in the watery depths, down to the last knuckle. To not use everything was wasteful, and, in Ehlek’s system of thought: dishonorable. In a way, remaking his friend was the honorable thing to do. Ehlek’s standards made the creation of some gorish abomination impossible. Mantax needed to still be powerful, distinguished, and awe inspiring. Luckily, hundreds of mass-produced mechanical dolls ready to accept a new host consciousness worked tirelessly around him. Earlier experiments proved partially successful. He moved personalities, not memories, and it worked. The vahki wearing masks on necklaces were nearly indistinguishable from their old forms. In a way, the matoran seemed happier now. They didn’t remember a time before the crash. But Mantax needed his memories. Ehlek just needed more time, but time came in short supply with Pridak devolving day by day from a proud and powerful ruler into an apathetic and depressed husk... IC: Boss | Nightmare Pits Boss heard his knuckle duster scrape across Barius’ cheek plate and audio processor, the thin line of drawn blood making the ivory weapon in his hands cackle. The elemental weapon found during a journey to the Kumu Islets wasn’t alive per se, but it laughed each time it tasted blood. His arm grasped around Barius’s shoulder successfully, hand finding a grip on the armor as Barius’s kick hit him in the leg. They tumbled with Barius on top. The two of them fell onto the stone ledge, snapping and grunting at each other. Boss felt one of his canteens break when he hit the ground, and the water inside spilled out. The nearly empty glass jar of spice crunched into powder. “Got nerve, I’ll give you that,” Boss said while he repeatedly slammed his knuckle dusters toward Barius’s ribs, hoping to pound through the rough protodermis plating made by the kraata powers bestowed by Parnassus, or catch Barius’s sensitive armpit. With each blow he willed the puddle of water to form an edge along his knuckle dusters, one of the perks of having a small elemental weapon clutched in his fist..
  14. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Ice Tekmo ascended the ziggurat carefully, knowing it would hurt to slip on a patch of ice and fall all the way back down to the ground. Eventually he reached the top of the seven tall stories. On the large flat top of the ziggurat Tekmo found a stone slab near the southernmost edge covered in hoarfrost, glittering in the early evening sunlight. In the center of the flat top of the ziggurat were two stone pillars, with a large bronze gong held between them on mossy chains. Small ferns grew in the cracks in the stonework, and against all odds dandelions and other small air-borne flowers made their home. Around the rim of the bronze gong were written matoran letters, spelling out a strange poem: Goodbye Hello Step forth into the darkness and prepare the gift A star’s heart still beating, still lit Two midnight horrors cry and shift Make them squirm inside the pit Bind worm and willing host Tear the yolk and spread its gold Devour knowledge and their ghost Pray for prey forever sold Hello Goodbye OOC: @Toru Nui IC: Reliable Narrator | Metru-Nui As Orieus reached the end of his journey, with the Coliseum looming ever closer, he felt the pressure in the chute becoming unsustainable. The magnetic forces keeping the liquid flowing properly began tugging on him -- pulling him off course into the semi-permeable walls and sending him on a whirlwind adventure. His arm broke through the chute, then he felt himself forcefully pulled back inside. Behind him, Orieus began to feel a great swell of liquid protodermis twisting and turning. He realized what his tampering had caused: the creation of a force sphere! OOC: @Eyru
  15. @Kal the Guardian, Viltia is approved. Vezok's Friend or myself will be in touch via DMs about Crav.
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