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  1. ic Pridak Ko-Metru Pridak stalked forward as the giant blue Turaga swept aside his forces, as the toa of sound brought down a knowledge tower onto the bridge, as the toa of gravity made his forces turn into tiny crumbled protodermis cubes, and as a particularly loud toa of air could be heard several stories down blasting into his troops. He rose a hand and his mask glowed as chains sprang to life from the nearby metal and slithered across the ground towards the Turaga and the toa of lightning. "Varxii, how dare you! I will grind you beneath my heel for this betrayal." Pridak shouted across the battlefield. The ammunition in his shoulder mounted cordak launcher fully replenished, he released a few rounds in the direction of Varxii. IC: Tuyet | Mirror "Great, awesome, drop your weapon. And don't even think of doing that weird eye thing. I really hate when that happens." Tuyet said. She nodded her head at the rhotuka launcher in Sidra's hand. Tuyet would make her sword vanish once Sidra obeyed. Until then, she kept the gleaming weapon held casually in a low guard. She turned and looked at the other three toa in the room. Her white eyes glowed softly behind her mask. "Any problems? No? Great. Ghosty, get on fixing this thing. Tell the matoran what you need. They're not like the smartest or the brightest, but they listen good enough. Firespitter, there's tools behind you if you can help. You totally look like enough of a nerd to understand this ancient machine. And you, Buddy," she looked at Atamai carefully and distrustfully then smiled dangerously. "Don't fracking touch me again."
  2. Nato's teaser for page 60: GM note: we are ahead of schedule. This game was planned to run until the 31st or until an end game condition was met. We are close to several end game conditions. If we end the game earlier, I will be starting the next game early to compensate for any time lost. For those freaking out in the back of the class: no ending involves a TPK. The Six Disks were collected, the Krom Sphere was found, and the Barraki's teleportation portal became active. All possible endings I had planned involving TPKs were successfully averted.
  3. Love the Leonn files, as always! I think Takadox is currently saying more than just "k" right now. Annnnyyyyways... Congrats to @Onaku, @Nato the Traveler and that one other player in between them for all your top page posts! We are not on page 60. How. What. Why. Okay then? Please cash in your spoilers if you want.
  4. IC: Reliable Narrator | Le-Metru Vashni revved forward, her psionic blasts blowing back attackers trying to crowd around the motorbike. Stannis’ holy hands glowed with every slap against the Ehlekians. Jabali chased after them, vahki staves turning her enemies into psychologically impaired frienemies. Jutori stayed in the thick of things as he tried to keep pace with the aged toa of stone, his hammer colliding into the green-skinned warriors of Ehlek with a sickening crunch. As they turned a corner they caught sight of the largest tower in Le-Metru. It rose high above them, and Stannis had a wandering suspicion the barraki from the sea had taken residence at the top. Maybe it was just the Great Spirit nudging him in the right direction, maybe it was the blown out holes in the lower stories indicating a violent confrontation and the soldiers stationed around said holes to ward off his little mystery gang of supposed spiritual do-gooders. A crack rang in the air and a lightstone exploded near Stannis’ feet. The light flashed, and in the immediate aftermath a strange red smoke began to fill the streets. It came from the windows nearby, and floated from the first floor up towards the second. It smelled of pepper and it stuck the eyes of everyone attempting to press on. Back in the tippy top of the tower Ehlek giggled with glee. He’d been watching the toa and matoran escape their crashed ship via several floating cameras (tied to balloons, he only had so much time to improvise). His troops would continue to harass the toa, and with luck make them negligible. The pepper gas could blind even the strongest willed for several minutes, and in the meantime His troops who’d been prepared with photoreductive goggles to block out the bright lights of their own weapons would continue to fire into the gas. Some would die, but that was a risk Ehlek was willing to take. IC: Kalmah | Coliseum Parade Grounds The shield flew from Kohara’s hands, Zataka yanked his chain, and suddenly Kalmah’s stable position turned into a head on collision with his blue opponent. Kohara’s own shield blocked her laser blast in an ironic twist of fate as it flew toward her crimson adversary. Kalmah continued using the power of his mask to create the portal in Zataka’s direction, knowing full well his crashing into her could send the two of them tumbling somewhere very different. The barraki had a new mask, and he was ready to learn its power on the fly. Literally.
  5. IC: Tuyet | Mirror “Yeah that’s the dream Sis.” Tuyet said. Knichou’s questions went ignored. Tuyet could answer the specifics when the time came, but right now she needed to get the Dark Hunter on her side or on her sword. Tuyet could be many things, but generous wasn’t usually one of them. After getting back on the high horse of life, though, she was trying. She didn’t really like trying new things.
  6. IC: Tuyet | Mirror Tuyet stared at the green finger jabbing at her. It carried with it Sidra’s confusion and adamant need to understand. She kept her eyes on that finger, not looking up. If she could keep her wits about her, maybe she didn’t have to use the sword. Tuyet spoke quietly after a long moment of silence. “Yeah no, you’re gonna have to take it on blind faith. Like, you know, when you go to sleep believing you’ll totally wake up in the morning because it’s been like that so far. Of course what you do matters. I mean like to you on a personal level. Your choices absolutely affect yourself and others. But the reality is also that all your meaningful choices are, basically, totally meaningless if this universe collapses. And I choose to keep this paradoxical cycle of time going, you know? Yeah, so, you choosing to believe I’m lying won’t stop me from doing what I need to do. If you choose to have this go, you know, the hard way then fine. But I’d prefer you getting with the saving the time continuum and all resulting paradoxes vibes and helping fix this machine.”
  7. My top recommendation is in line with Sir Keksalot: use the system your players already are comfortable with. If they like D&D 5E, use that and reskin the races and classes section to have Bionicle lore names and information. It takes minimal effort and allows for players to have easy-access to engaging with the game. The Red Star system (Doranai) is interesting, but obscenely complicated and the team working on it hasn't really decided if they're making a Pathfinder or a Dungeons & Dragons clone in the D20 RPG system space. After having spent time with it, I do not recommend using it for a one-shot. Ever. That said, definitely check them out for inspiration on how to translate your favorite table-top RPG system into a Bionicle setting and consider trying them for a longer series of adventures. Good system for easily porting Bionicle include: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition: re-skin or custom races (ahem warforged ahem), make masks custom magic items X World: great for reskinning, already open source, and designed for quick pick up and play game sessions 12 Candles: put on a coat of paint and you have a 2001 Bionicle campaign ready to go. Fate System: already made for almost any genre, easily modified for Bionicle. Note: requires special dice available at most game stores. Call of Cthulhu: requires a paint job, but a great way to run a darker toned campaign in line with some of Bionicle's more sinister themes.
  8. IC: Tuyet | Mirror "Me. I did it. I messed it all up, Firespitter."
  9. IC: Tuyet | Dume's Mirror Tuyet arrived back in the cavernous warehouse to rousing cheers from the little orange matoran. With her arrival they renewed their peltering with increased vigor. "Stop it," she yelled and they all began a loud disappointed booing. "That's enough!" Tuyet's minions fell silent. One dropped a tea kettle on the floor with a clang. Tuyet didn't know she possessed a tea kettle. When she first faced the Dark Hunter she'd noticed her species as well as her teleportation tactics. Now, as Sidra tried to get Tuyet's eye contact, the toa of water did anything but look at the Dark Hunter directly. She knew vaguely where the emerald armored mercenary stood on top of the time machine and that would be good enough for now. But Sidra didn't need her hypnosis to get an answer from Tuyet. The toa of water already planned on giving her an earful. "Look Hunter, you're wrecking the vibe. I don't know who hurt you, but whatever happened only explains your problems. It doesn't excuse you coming into my warehouse and breaking something so fracking critical to our fabric of reality. You want me to explain? I'll explain very clearly: you don't actually matter. Nothing here matters except that machine. Not even me. All of it plausibly doesn't even exist. You are floating inside an absolutely massive machine designed for space travel and it ran out of power and died. Mata-Nui is your space ship.. Problem is, your god isn't real either. Everyone and everything that's happened or will happen in this universe is just a rippling reality paradox split from a core reality when someone used that machine in their core reality. In fact, this isn't even the only paradox. There's tons of them! We have to fix it and use it or every parallel paradox spinning away from the core reality will unravel just like this one is doing now. Every version of ourselves, yes there's many of you, will crumble and disappear including our core version. If the core reality crumbles, we all crumble." Tuyet said as she stepped away from Atamai. There would be no more games of teleport the toa today. While she thought about it Knichou would be getting a stern talking to later. "You've got a couple options, Hunter. One, you can get off that time machine and stop breaking our only way of staying alive because what you're doing is a huge, like really totally fracking huge, mistake. Or two, I break you and we get on with the show. It's a really simple system. But since you seem to think you're above everyone else here, I'll make it even easier: stop or I'll kill ya." A barbed sword of an unknown glittering glass appeared in her right hand.
  10. Hi all! I forgot to post in here earlier, but I am requesting approval to extend Six Kingdoms: Escapement into its next game. The game will run 6 months, it will need at least three topics (ooc, characters, ic), and will build off the previous story in SKE. SKE achieved almost 60 pages of content in less than three months, breaking a huge hole through the roof of my expectations of player engagement. To assist in GMing and planning I am bringing in Vezok's Friend, who has agreed whole heartedly to run the game with me (and also draw memes it seems). Thanks!
  11. IC: Dume | Cortex Memories "Dead? I should hope not. I'm very much alive." said Dume. He stared at the strange creature in a bit of shock, but of horror, and a whole lot of curiosity. "I'm Dume. Where did you come from? You didn't also show up from the green grasses via a 'meat maze' now did you? He," Dume nodded toward Ostrox, "says he got lost in a meat maze and suddenly arrived here. I've gotta say it's a lot to see two visions in one hour. Or are you the same vision… Maybe I should stop drinking." IC: Vahki NU-8008S | Coliseum office Waveahk's hint at secret intelligence on the locations of Dark Hunter safe houses made the vahki hive mind in the Coliseum, as busy as it was, explode with a flurry of rising and falling dot graphs. It plotted the likelihood of needing the information on safehouses based against the likelihood of everything ending with the Barraki overtaking Metru-Nui. It plotted another couple points of interest: its own likelihood for survival and how to best serve the matoran living under the new dictatorships of the Barraki in each Metru. The silver and purple vahki with the strange new staves glittered in the evening light as it gave an answer to Waveahk's suggestion: "Please provide this information. We will find a suitable room." The orange and silver vahki companion to 8S, 9S, finished running a diagnostic of available office space in the Coliseum. "P46.636.84D is available." They chimed. 8S nodded and leaned a bit into Waveahk's personal space. "Please follow to P46.63.84D." Waveahk learned the seemingly random string of numbers and letters stood for Private Government Floor 46, section 63, team room 84, table placement D. Seated in placements A, B, and C were three truly confused matoran. The vahki quickly ushered them from their locations, making the matoran pack their iStones and necessary documents in a hurry. Bobbleheads of akalini players covered the edge of desk A, twinkly lights and a small bar cart at B, and C's choice of music went against common decency policies for a workplace. But who cares the world was ending? The vahki offered Waveahk a seat. "Please inform of Dark Hunter Safehouses and Activities. More water soon."
  12. IC: Dume | Cortex Memories “I’d imagine so,” Dume said approvingly, “but I’m not about to question my own identity. I know who I am. I’m real enough for my liking. You seem to be in quite the pickle though. If you can’t figure out how you got here, maybe you’ll have to retrace your steps? Dume closed his eyes, nodding to himself while he thought. Eventually he opened his eyes again and clapped his hands together. Then he stood up, walked to Ostrox and waved his hand through the League soldier. Their bodies passed each other like two ghost ships in the night. Dume’s eyes lit with joy at his thought process having been correct. “I’ve got it! You don’t exist here. And I don’t exist wherever you are. We’re both illusions. You are in Metru-Nui. I am in Mata-Nui. Somehow, we’ve become connected. You were supposed to follow someone, and you got lost somewhere strange. To me it sounds like you got lost in a temple. The temples here are said to have worlds inside of them, and that time and space work in different ways deep in the temple’s secret chambers. Maybe Metru-Nui’s temples are similar? If that’s the case I’m sure you can retrace your steps and think your way home.” As Dume said his last words the two stuck in a space between time heard a rumbling sound, a squishing sound, and the sound of something splattering as it was torn apart. Then Irna stumbled out of the green tropical grasses and bushes near the shore onto the sandy beach near Ostrox and Dume. Dume looked at Ostrox quizzically. “Friend of yours? IC: Grell | Archives Onu-Metru The falling stasis tube shattered Grell’s idea of maintaining cover. She threw herself outward from behind her hiding place, but the glass richoting from where the impact zone of the stasis tube crashed cut her legs and left bloody trails across the Archives floor. She winced and did her best to not look at what could only be several nasty and crooked gashes. Instead she reached into her zamor bag and pulled out the first thing her hands grasped: a green sphere of acid. She’d gotten it half off from a dealer back on Zakaz. Far as she was concerned the thing would actually do nothing, or it could release a spore plague that would infect all of Metru-Nui and lead to the League having to stay safe at home for two weeks after the war was won… Eh, who cares, Toasters gotta get toasted, Grell thought, and loaded the sphere in her zamor as she kept hobbling away before turning around in plain view of Kilo and firing. OOC: @pokemonlover360 IC: Vahki NU-8008S | Coliseum “Apologies. They just jumped out the window.” Said vahk NU-8008s. NU-8009S nodded and then added; “We apologize for the delay. A cell should be available shortly.” OOC: @Toru Nui, @Conway
  13. IC: Kalmah "Life is pain, sister. Get used to it," Kalmah replied and ripped away her shield with his chains.
  14. IC: Kalmah | Coliseum Parade Grounds Kalmah realized too late his chains were not long enough to reach his prey. She’d caught him in a good surprise attack. He dove to the right, rolling as sunspots played in his eyes. Kalmah felt a small burning sensation on his left arm where the attack grazed him. Like Mantax, Kalmah collected scars from his combats, but to the crimson warriors scars inflicted by others were dishonorable. His armor would be repaired, cleaned, and polished after Metru-Nui belonged to him. No, not after it belonged to him. Metru-Nui already belonged to him. Ta-Metru fell the moment Kalmah stepped foot on its soot covered streets. Even now the bulk of his army busied themselves with tearing the Great Furnace to the ground. Kalmah heard a stunned cry of pain from behind him as he rose to one knee. The attack he dodged killed one of his men. “How does it feel to be a murderer, little toa?” Kalmah asked as he rose back up to his full height, spinning the chains around himself. He knew she was near, and he was listening beyond the whining of his chains cutting the air for her soft footfalls. He watched for her shadow. The brightest lights cast the longest shadows. The crowd of matoran screamed and ran as their fight heightened. The vahki began firing disks and stun staves at Kalmah, but he sidestepped and twisted through them. He seemed an aquatic creature in his unworldly flexibility, moving himself through the air with a deadly grace. He kept at least one foot on the ground as much as possible, remaining in connection with the earth, and moved his chains about until the space around him blurred to a soft, semi-transparent silver. Two more toa burst through the destroyed wreckage of the Ta-Metru gate, challenging him. Both carried large swords. He remembered seeing the one armed toa disappear into an alleyway with a vortixx earlier in the battle. Now he found a new ally it seemed. It didn’t faze Kalmah. Three against one would be a good warm up for facing a warlord from the South. Toa didn’t understand with all their power just how insignificant they were compared to the unknown horrors of the unexplored regions beyond the barraki’s southernmost holdings. Besides, Kalmah wasn’t alone, and he barked a fast order to his troops in their native language. The few dozen of them who followed him to the Coliseum held their bayonets and rifles at the ready and began firing at the two toa as they advanced. Something scratched against the ground, and a thin shadow flickered in an out of existence. Ah. There. He heard the toa of light now. His feet crushed into the protodermis floor of the parade grounds as he sped forward and unleashed one of his chains to hook and snare the toa as she moved as invisibly as she thought possible. The other chain continued its defensive spinning. He knew a blast of flame or a bolt of light could strike at any moment. Before he could confirm his chain snared the toa, Zataka dropped in, literally, like a boss. Her explosive cordak rounds scattered his troops as they left small craters in the ground. Even as she landed Kalmah’s other hand lashed out toward her and the attached chain followed suit. His mask glowed as he looked to where she fell, planning his next move. If he timed it right, if he caught the toa, he could throw both of them into a pocket world away from this one and never deal with them again.
  15. IC: Kalmah | Coliseum Parade Grounds The flash of light alerted him to the location he needed to swing his chains, and even as he blinked to clear his vision the barbed protosteel links flew out to wrap around the source of the bright burst. It could be a rouse, Kalmah considered, or it could be the toa of light thought herself impervious to his chains.
  16. IC: Tuyet | That Desert “Nothing hopefully,” Tuyet said as Atamai agreed to take them back. “The best thing that could happen is the machine disappears from all timelines once I destroy it in the core timeline. Then you beat the barraki and then like you rebuild or something. Maybe get rid of the vahki. I always hated them and I always will. But even having to win a war on your own is better than doing nothing, leaving me here, and knowing you just killed off every fracking version of you that could possibly exist. Not a good vibe you know?” She paused for a moment, thinking about the situation at hand. While going back to the core reality and destroying the time machine would definitely stop the paradoxes from falling further apart into unique timelines, she didn’t want to say what destroying the machine might also do: delete the paradoxes. “So, do I rate you five stars or something for this trip or should I do that once we’re back?”
  17. Hey everyone! Congratulations @Onaku on the past 2 pages! Let me know what spoilers you're interested in for the next game. I've been on a bit of a meme making kick recently for SKE. I'd love to see any memes you all have! For Example:
  18. IC: Tuyet | Some Desert We'll See Again Monday “Buddy, your world doesn’t matter.” Tuyet said flatly. “The time machine sitting in that cave does though and I need to use it to save our homes. Your world is a little version of what could have happened in a core reality if the core versions of us weren’t so dumb. I mean, like, what Toa says “I won’t kill” but carries around a fracking broadsword to supposedly use as a lava board? Or a fracking hatchet? Or, oh, I dunno, like a laser beam gun or something? I mean, who genuinely does that? That’s like your ex-Ghost friend back there walking around with his rifle and not expecting to use it. That’s so stupid. It’s not like you’re going to just shoot your enemies in the leg and call it a fracking day, right?” Tuyet sighed, rubbed her free hand across her forehead as she tried to calm down, and then gave up. The stress got to her, the heat got to her, and she wished she could just chuck Atamai off the plateau, wipe her hands, and call it a day. No rest for the wicked and weary though. “Look it’s been a long day and this afternoon I woke up from being dead for three days. Been reading a lot of newspapers. All I can say is if we’re not back in that room in like ten seconds for me to use the only object that exists in every possible timeline at the same time then I am playing the senior time traveling dimension jumping team mom card. Do you understand me?”
  19. The remaining Barraki profiles are listed below since players are now engaging in combat with them: Name: Kalmah Gender: He/Him Faction: League Species: Titan Description: a tall warrior, though a head shorter than Mantax, with crimson armor and dark grey and black undertones. Small pop colors of yellow and cyan can be found on his armor. He has blue eyes, and a resting poker face. Silver scars and open sores cover his back from daily flagellations. Flaws: Overly religious, consistent self sacrificing for his people, bad with personal boundaries both his own and others. Powers/Equipment: Kanohi Olmak, Kanohi Huna Immune to fire Innate physical regeneration Barbed Chains, attached with cords to his wrists Name: Mantax Gender: He/Him Faction: League Species: Titan Description: Twice the height and girth of a toa, this titan lord of the barraki kingdoms wears black and silver armor covered in the scars won in both honorable duels and violent battles. Often found with either a book or a cup of tea in his hands when not on the battlefield, Mantax is a true philosopher warrior and a living example of the best of his people. His outer armor is strong, well proportioned, and painted with gold, blue, and white ocean waves. He wears spurs for riding his kikanalo mount Raja. Flaws: Mantax’s concept of honor is intense. He won many islands through individual “trial by combat”, choosing to be his people’s champion. Powers/Equipment: Mask of Clairvoyance Spear of Fusion (recent acquisition) Riding lance for when astride Raja Reinforced armor and boots Name: Ehlek Gender: He/Him Faction: League Species: Ehlekian Description: Around a turaga in height, Ehlek is the smallest and most technologically savvy of the barraki. He is a lime green and neon yellow in color, with a soft abdomen and a hard, spiny hunched spine. His blue eyes are small and beady, often barely visible behind his rebreather. He has reinforced protosteel claws of a dull silver color. He carries a satchel full of useful gadgets for tinkering wherever he might be. Flaws: ignorant of other perspectives, selfish, and incredibly steadfast beliefs formed in his own scientific research. He has a habit of talking only to “the smartest person in the room,” often being himself. Powers/Equipment: Protosteel claws Rebreather mask Toa level power over electricity Various gadgets in his satchel An incredible ability to deny facts that do not match his own perspective
  20. IC: Kalmah | Coliseum Parade Grounds The barraki knew how users of the huna fought. In fact, up until about thirty seconds ago Kalmah used a huna as his primary mask. If he truly wanted he could simply go back to being invisible. But he didn’t. He'd learned many things after taking the island of Artakha. Some of those things he learned fighting the old man in a duel to the death. If he wanted to Kalmah knew he was perfectly capable of pulling out his secret tricks. But not yet. His chains formed an impenetrable sphere around himself as he spun them rapidly. Whatever attacked him would hit the chains first. He would tangle the toa of light and then, like a fisherman, drag her into his clutches.
  21. IC: Tuyet | Some Desert We'll See On Monday "Pretended? Are you literally joking with me right now? How about I pop your heartlight out past your spine and watch you pretend to be dead," Tuyet countered. She groaned as Atamai rambled on about the concept of a time paradox. She heard enough the first time the Firespitter and then the ex-Ghost blathered on about a time paradox. The fact they were right and wrong at the same time frustrated her to no end. Tuyet knew no manner of lying, conniving, or otherwise trying to trick her way out the situation would work with these three frigid justice ice pops. "Look buddy, we need six Great Disks of Time to make that machine work properly and I have five of them. Why do you think I told Dume to fuse his disks as soon as he got them? I've died twice and watched five worlds crumble and you are absolutely, positively, totally going to take me back where we just were, and I'm going to use that time machine, and we're going to get me back to the world that actually matters or we're all gonna die. Every single version of us is gonna die. Do you get it? You're already a fracking paradox."
  22. IC: Tuyet | Some desert we’ll see again on Monday. A familiar sun-kissed plateau stretched out before Atamai in what appeared to be early afternoon judging by the single sun in the sky. An unfamiliar plateau stretched out before Tuyet. Concern spread on her face, then rage. She kicked a small pebble off the side of the cliff. It fell for a very long time. A nearby frilled lizard skittered under a larger boulder to hide from the toa standing in the desert wasteland. A soft and warm wind fluttered the needles on a plump and stocky cactus growing on the plateau’s edge. Atamai realized now on closer inspection Tuyet’s clothing had small tears in it, and little metal studs pushing out from the tears. They were dull, the same color as the leather, and so didn’t prove visible in the evening light of Metru-Nui. When Atamai spoke Tuyet whirled on him. He smelled roses, smoke, and vanilla. “Nothing personal?” Tuyet spat, her eyes squinting in the sunshine at Atamai while her hand kept a vice grip on his wrist. Wherever Atamai jumped next, Tuyet followed. “Yeah this is so not what should be happening right now. Did you even think about where you were going? The matoran are dying and you want to go maroon me in a desert? That Dark Hunter is literally destroying our chance at fixing home. Your vibe sucks man. Sucks. Alexa? Alexa play…” She paused, realizing what she was about to say wouldn’t work out here without reception. IC: Pridak | Ko-Metru Pridak’s command met Varxii’s betrayal as she turned her allegiance. He looked out at the toa of lightning in the distance joining forces with the new arrivals on the far side of the icty bridge between the knowledge towers and scowled. He thought for sure he’d kept her on a tighter leash. Letting her leave on Carapar’s errand to the islands South of Destral must have given her a chance to remember her sovereign identity. How foolish. The rage buried behind Pridak’s smiles and wine glasses full of chocolate milk began to break through. Casting his hand outward he pulled upon the powers of his mask using the components of broken vehicles and vahki remains along the sides of the wide ice bridge. In his mind’s eye Pridak imagined the construction of a banded cage around the traveler’s form as he flitted about, and metal shackles on his arms and legs with heavy chains between them, and then he released the powers of the mask of creation to do their work... IC: Takadox | Po-Metru “Never change, Leo,” Takadox said with a cheeky, malevolent grin. “We’ll get shades at the resort. Hope you packed light ‘cause this’ll be a bumpy ride. So long girls. Get married though, hypnosis or no. You’re both too weird to say apart.” He waved his open hand in a dismissive gesture and his mask glowed brightly. And then they were gone, nothing remaining of Takadox and Leonn except their footprints in the sand as the purple and orange sunset faded to a dark blue night sky. OOC: Leo ‘n Tik-Tak riding off into the sunset before this game go boom.
  23. IC: Tuyet | ??? With a startled shout Tuyet felt the breeze of something moving fast behind her and then she and Atamai vanished from the room. The waves crashed back down out of the toa's control, rising above their banks and sweeping toward the small exit where the river left the cavern on the far side of the room. The waters surged and rolled with an incredible force, the currents tearing away some of the scaffolding and raining tiny orange matoran from the sky. They screamed but were dragged under the water and drowned in the miles of underground river tunnels before, maybe an hour later, they would be deposited where the river fed into the Silver Sea. Tuyet grabbed hold tightly of the arm clutching her back. She heard Atamai program his mask, but didn't expect him to be such a novice as to eliminate a potential ally. She needed him to get back, and he needed her. Too bad he didn't know why. IC: Kalmah | Coliseum Parade Grounds Kohara saw the mass of scars and open wounds across the barraki's back and nearly hurled her noodle lunch before blasting with her lazer vision. It burned a hole in Kalmah's shoulder pauldron and he yelped from the intense heat, spun around, and laughed in Kohara's face. His chains followed his whirling, flashing forward to entrap Kohara as Kalmah's new mask began to glow. "A toa of light... How about a trip to the shadow realm?"
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